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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 96


Chapter 96 ’’Poison you, then make a bet’’

Despite the terrible condition An Ming Xia was in, her guards didn't have the courage to step forward to assist their lady. Instead, it was Ling Yue who came out from the side to lend a hand out of ’’pity’’.

’’Who told you to touch me you country bumpkin. Your dirty hands will soil my precious dress and don't think even once you can afford to compensate me!’’ Still angry, An Ming Xia directly pushes Ling Yue away in a rude manner.

Unbeknownst to her though, Ling Yue had taken this short period of contact to sprinkle several drops of liquid onto her body while keeping the rest of the crowd completely oblivious to her act. Supposedly anyways.

From the opposite side, Feng Shen was in the middle of stroking Little Squeak's silky-smooth hair when a flash of strange light flickered through his eyes.

Meanwhile back on Lan Caier's side, she was having trouble maintaining her calm right now after seeing all these upper celestial martialists here.

’’Lord Feng, did you not bring any guards or shadow guards with you?’’ Lan Caier originally only agreed to bring Feng Shen along because she had assumed this prince would bring his guards for the trip, but now...

’’There aren't any guards. The truth is.... I gave them the slip just now.’’ Feng Shen's complexion got a little red just now like he's embarrassed to say this.

In order to lose the people sent out by nagging Mr. Mu, Feng Shen really had to go through great efforts to rid himself of those men. Therefore, to him, this was a great achievement in itself.

While Feng Shen was having his moment, those words were like an instant K.O. for Lan Caier, giving her an illusion of falling from heaven to hell in a instantaneous fashion.

No bodyguards, no shadow guards?

You reap what you sole Caier, this thought kept reverberating in her mind with no sign of dispersing.

Originally Lan Caier had assumed she will get to be lazy on this trip because of Feng Shen's existence, but now things just took major turn for the worse. Not only will she have to drag along two.... No, three! There's still that little baby fox for bait on this trip!

Taking all of this into her eyes, An Ming Xia was blooming with joy inside over Lan Caier's worrisome face.

Towards Lan Caier's worry, Feng Shen seemed completely oblivious and continued to stroke Little Squeak in his possession. While the latter was enjoying his little massage therapy, the real owner didn't take this so kindly because Ling Yue felt a little betrayed. Unhappy over being discarded so quickly, Ling Yue went over and directly took Little Squeak off of Feng Shen's hand to showcase her ownership.

’’Lord Feng, why don't you leave with me instead, lest someone else do a poor job of protecting you.’’ As if An Ming Xia would let this opportunity to slid her by?

Not answering right away, Feng Shen first took a peek at Ling Yue to his side. Knowing she has Lan Caier to protect Ling Yue, Feng Shen eventually nodded in agreement after struggling to make his decision at first.

As for Ling Yue, she was completely indifferent about all this because in her mind, this An Ming Xia was the type to tag along regardless of anyone's refusal.

Just like that, the group left the city for the Marsh after putting aside their bickering.

Following the Glass River that stretched through this entire region, they finally arrived at the entrance to the marsh by mid noon that very same day after doing some light traveling.

Like a meandering waterway under the sun's light, this segment of the river was like a fork that splits apart when intersecting with the island making up the marsh. And due to the current season, most of the reeds growing here were fully ripe like a wheat field, making it a highly suitable nesting ground for the flocks of birds roosting here.

Passing through the reed field, what came next was the expected wood bridge leading into the island

’’Lan Caier, Ye Ling Yue, I want to make something very clear before we enter the marsh. The one I want to protect is his highness. As for you two, you can go wherever you like because I will not waste my manpower on unrelated personnel.’’ An Ming Xia had planned to take this chance to get intimate with Feng Shen, but during the trip here she's been completely ignored by everyone like the air around them.

For this reason, her hate for Ling Yue and Little Squeak grew deeper than ever and would love it if this pair would just scram.

Anyways, the meaning behind An Ming Xia's statement was that she wished to go their separate ways.

’’An Ming Xia, watch what you say. Are you implying that we are coveting your escort? Don't assume just because you got more men that you will prevail. Let me tell you, nothing is certain until someone finds a marsh spider core.’’ Lan Caier rebukes with displeasure in her voice.

’’Tsk, Lan Caier, aren't you embarrassed to be bragging so hard? Look at yourselves first. With that makeup it be a problem simply locating a marsh spider, let alone hunting one down. Fine, if you and that country bumpkin can win then I will be your slave and do whatever you want. On the contrary though, if you lose then you will become my slave and obey me.’’ Titling her head high, An Ming Xia haughtily looks down at the pair.

’’It's you who said this, don't go back on your words in three days. Whoever can get a spider core first will win.’’ Lan Caier and An Ming Xia immediately sealed the deal with a palm strike.

(Chinese version of a pinky swear)

Although Lan Caier was rash in her deal, she's not dumb. Knowing An Ming Xia had more men than themselves, she specifically stated the bet was to find a spider core first, not to see whoever can get the most. This way around, the key to victory became solely on one's luck and capability, not simply on numbers.

’’Lady An, if you won't welcome Ling Yue and Little Squeak then you are not welcoming me. We will part ways here then.’’ As nice as An Ming Xia's plans were, her entire scheme fell apart now that Feng Shen was unwilling to accept her goodwill.

’’Lord Feng, why force yourself with them. Lan Caier at most can only protect herself while this Ye Ling Yue is a deadweight.’’ While An Ming Xia does her best to retain Feng Shen, the trio had already went ahead on the forking road, leaving behind An Ming Xia and her people in the back.

Watching the disappearing figures in the distant, she couldn't resist stomping her feet out of frustration, ’’Let's go, what are you lot still standing here for!’’ Gritting her teeth, she yells at her men to follow her in the other direction.

The Dream Cloud Marsh was vast in its size with high chances of encountering swampy areas reaching several meters deep, making it very dangerous for anyone not careful in their steps. Fortunately for Ling Yue and the rest, she brought along Big Yellow for this trip. Shuffling through the swampy terrain, this faithful dog easily guided the group away from the dangerous areas.

’’Ling Yue, it's almost nightfall. The female ghost spider likes to come out for feeding in the dark so we better set up camp somewhere. I don't want to lose to that hateful woman so we better work fast.’’ Lan Caier crunches her knuckles like someone eagerly waiting for a fight.

’’Sister Lan, you can rest assured, I will see to it that you win this contest for sure. Forget about a spider core, she won't even get a chance to net a spider leg.’’ Ling Yue chuckles deviously.

Against this sneaky appearance of Ling Yue's, Lan Caier can say for certain she's very familiar with it already because this was the very same look Ling Yue had when she plotted against the Mountain Sea Gang.

’’Before I entered the marsh, I accidentally spilled some special insect water on her clothes. This water is like a drug to the wasps in the marsh and will attract everything in her close vicinity like a fatal poison.’’ Ling Yue grins with her teeth showing.

Wasps of the marsh?

Lan Caier seems to recall the marsh was infested with poisonous wasps, if not thousands then at least hundreds. Shivering at the realization, she thanks the heavens that Ling Yue became friends with her, otherwise....

As the trio scoured the landscape for a suitable camping site, Ling Yue and Lan Caier eventually found a relatively flat area that they can call for the night right before sunset.

’’Lord Feng, the night is especially dangerous so I will leave Big Yellow with you while I and sister Ling Yue go scout the marsh first.’’ Out of consideration for Feng Shen's condition, Lan Caier decides to keep the guy in the camp while they went out alone.

Despite his unwillingness, Feng Shen didn't say anything in the end and accepted the proposal.


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