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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 95


Chapter 95 ’’The Might of the Phoenix Lord’’

One peep, two peep, no matter how she looked at it this little fox just doesn't seem like anything more than a cute little pet. Then suddenly, she came to a realization and pats herself on the head, ’’Ling Yue, you are so thorough! To think you would even have the bait ready for this hunt.’’


Popping his cute blue eyes, Little Squeak immediately fuzzed up and showed a ferocious appearance.

This stupid woman actually wants to use me as bait!

’’Such a shame we need to use him as bait, the little fella appears to be very smart too.’’ Just when Little Squeak could no longer keep his anger down anymore, the gentle voice of Feng Shen cuts in.

Swinging his little head around, the first image to come into Little Squeak's eye were Feng Shen coming over with that iconic and handsome smile.

(Note: this would be Little Squeak's first encounter with Feng Shen)

Envy of all, Ling Yue may have seen this face three times by now already, but even she had to admit that matchup of unparalleled wealth and handsomeness was one of a kind.

Just as the two girls were busy admiring this piece of walking art, both of them were struck with astonishment because only Feng Shen was here today. No guards, no nagging elder, no one!

’’Squeak~~’’ Turning his eyes into hearts, Little Squeak immediately wanted to pounce over.

To everyone else in the restuarant, this sound wouldn't mean much, but to Ling Yue on the other hand, this call from the fur ball can only mean one thing: Great Beauty!!

Not only is she beautiful and sweet in her voice, she's also kindhearted unlike that fierce woman over there, humph!

What a tragic situation. The completely ’’blind’’ Little Squeak could do something as embarrassing as to mistakenly take this man that's more handsome and beautiful than a girl into a real woman!

Against this misunderstanding, Ling Yue didn't know how to react because her mind seems to have short circuited there for a second.

’’Where did this dirty and smelly animal come from. Hurry and get it away before it offends his highness.’’ Coming in from the doorway were An Ming Xia and her guards.

Dangerously sharp in their eyes, these guards were all martialists of the upper celestial realm. This cannot be denied because the luster on their skin was like the sun's light, the signature physical trait of someone of that level.

To find almost a dozen upper celestial realm martialists gathered together at once inside Glass City was definitely not something you would see everyday, clearly this was evidence of how influential the Marquise was.

Acting smart, An Ming Xia took the initiative to stand in front of Feng Shen and blocked Little Squeak's path like he's some sort of plague that needs to be removed.

’’Some people are like that, willing to take just anything with them. Do you think the Demonic Ghost Marsh is a joke? Its fine if you drag yourselves down, but his highness is too important for that.’’ Carefully dressing herself up for today's occasion, An Ming Xia wore a tight dress that accentuated her curves in order to catch Feng Shen's fancy. Also, this was her form of a reminder to others that a mature girl like her would be way better than a country bumpkin like Ling Yue.

Originally she thought her carefully orchestrated makeup would be enough to draw Feng Shen's attention, but who would've guessed her overly pungent perfume powders would be too strong and have the counter affect. Frowning, Feng Shen takes a step back like a reflex reaction while covering his nose and mouth with his hand.

Rolling his cute blue eyes in a victorious manner, Little Squeak proudly jumps in front of Feng Shen for carrying.

Seeing how she just got beat by a small pest, An Ming Xia was both jealous and resentful. Unable to keep herself together, she started run her mouth without any forethought.

’’Begone, filthy beast,’’ raising her hands, she immediately made an attempt to snatch Little Squeak.

Annoyed by this sudden insult, Little Squeak flexes his little small legs and jumped several feet into the air with ease.

Then following it up with a three sixty somersault, our fur ball makes a quick ’’swish’’ sound and directly lands atop of An Ming Xia's delicate face.

’’Protect the lady!’’ The upper celestial martialists that came with her all pulled out their scimitars after making the call.

Try as they may like though, these masters are no match for our amazing fox. Dodging left and right, up and down, none of them could even touch a hair on Little Squeak when he made the final swipe at An Ming Xia's face.

To make things worse, after Little Squeak completed his evil deed and leaped back onto Feng Shen's shoulder, he deliberately put on a trembling appearance like a frightened animal.

Meanwhile back on the victim's side, An Ming Xia's face was filled with several deep scratch wounds, obviously the handiwork of Little Squeak.

’’AH!! My face, my beautiful face! All of you, hurry and go mince that retched beast into mud!’’ An Ming Xia repeatedly cries out like a banshee. As the dignified daughter of Marquise An, how can she swallow this indignity.

’’Lady An, are you going to violate royal decree and make blood in front of my eyes?’’ Feng Shen's voice may be soft as usual, but for some unknown reason, An Ming Xia and her guards felt like they were being squished under an oppressive aura.

Due to the heat of the moment, they had nearly forgotten about this Phoenix Lord next to them. Out of worry for Feng Shen and his sickly body, the king of Da Xia had personally announced a decree a while ago that none are to draw their blades in front of this prince. Those that violate this decree are punishable by death.

Sneaking a peak at Feng Shen, An Ming Xia finally noticed the pale complexion slowly surfacing on that handsome face. From the looks of it, things are pointing to their blades being the source of that discomfort.

While Ling Yue and Lan Caier came empty handed today, An Ming Xia and her guards in contrast were brimming with weapons. If one didn't know better, they might mistakenly take this as an intentional provocation to the Phoenix Lord's authority.

’’I wouldn't dare your highness, please forgive me and my people's carelessness.’’ An Ming Xia immediately lowered herself into a kneel.

Forget about her that's no more than a daughter of a concubine, even her father wouldn't have the nerve to defy a royal edict.

While she continues to kneel on the floor, Feng Shen remains emotionally silent as he stood there. To raise the tension even more, unsure if its intentional or not, Feng Shen coughed a bit like he was truly startled by the act earlier.

’’Someone come, cut off a finger from the two who first drew their blades as an apology to his highness.’’ Finding no reaction despite kneeling there for a while, An Ming Xia then came up with this cruel idea to quell the situation.

The two in question had an abrupt change to their complexions. Despite knowing they are about to lose a finger, they didn't have the courage to object because if they did, what awaited them would be something far worse. In the next couple of seconds, a splash of blood and two fingers were now rolling on the ground.

Taking this in, only then did Feng Shen make a slight nod to indicate he's satisfied.

While An Ming Xia struggles to steady herself due to being numb in her legs, there were all sorts of emotions running through that face. There's definitely anger, some resentment, but most of it were overshadowed by fear and panic.

The Phoenix Lord of North Qing should be cowardly and weak according to the rumors, so why, why does the person here seem so different?

Can't stand the sheen of a blade? Then why cut off two fingers right off the bat?

Watching all of this on the sidelines, Ling Yue and Lan Caier were both feeling their hearts running wild at Feng Shen's frightfully unchanging smile.


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