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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 93


Chapter 93 ’’The Useless and Poor Founder’’

Towards an alchemist or martialist of Da Xia, its highly sought after for one to reach five cauldron or the equivalent as a martial artist prior to turning fifteen because this will greatly benefit them in the future.

Ling Yue herself was already thirteen this year. To jump two levels in little more than one year would be too difficult if going by normal means, thus leaving Ye Nameless a little disappointed over his finding.

Originally he had wished for a better talent to awaken him from his slumber so that one day his descendant can help him fulfill his long-cherished wish, but now, everything's become a pipe dream.

’’Founder, I admit my martial level and spirit force is very mediocre, but that's because I only just started to study them five months ago.’’ Contrary to getting discouraged by Ye Nameless's words, her eyes only got brighter with more confidence.

What, only started five months ago?

Even for someone like Ye Nameless that have seen numerous talented individuals in his life, he's never met someone breaking through to a three cauldron in five months!

Can it be he misjudged the girl here? Instead of mediocre, the girl's aptitude was instead a rarity that only appears once in a thousand years?

Apart from being shocked by those words, he also used what spirit senses he had left to verify that saying by exploring Ling Yue's body.

Based on the situation of her Dantian and vein lines, she is indeed a novice when came to the spirit force.

Re-examining Ling Yue, Ye Nameless can now see the shadow of the younger him in this child's body.

The same thirst for strength, the same curiosity about the unknown, but most importantly of all, it's that perseverance which will make this girl an outstanding alchemist in the future. That's the key factor!

Aside from Ling Yue's own characteristics, there's also another factor that Ye Nameless was very happy about and that was ’’fate’’.

Only a three cauldron and she already have a soul cauldron, meaning this child must have experienced quite the blessed encounter.

As a good alchemist, having a powerful spirit force was a must, but luck that's outside of one's control was also a very big factor. Like a gambler, if one's luck was good, their harvest will always be better than an average person's.

(wink wink, you can tell the author likes to gamble lol)

After all, whether it be concocting Dan pills or forging artifacts, a good half of the success comes from good fate.

If Ye Ling Yue were to ever learn of the reasoning why Ye Nameless approved of her was all because of her luck, then no doubt our girl here would roll her eyes in annoyance.

This Ye Nameless founder... isn't he a little too unreliable?

’’Since you are a descendant of my family, and the only person who managed to wake me up before I disappear, then it's only natural that I give you some benefits as a reward.’’ At the mention of reward, Ling Yue's ear perked up instantly with interest in her eyes.

’’Founder, is it some sort of profound Dan pill or amazing artifact?’’ The alchemist profession was without a doubt the most profitable profession in Da Xia. As a senior alchemist, his wealth can't be small.

’’Or is it an ancient recipe for a Dan pill?’’

Ye Nameless shakes his head at both her questions.

’’Or is some rare treasury herb or ingredient?’’ According to what Ling Yue learned, a martialist would always offer up some sort of rare treasure when asking an alchemist for help.


’’Then at the very least you should have some sort of gold or jewelry for me.’’ Ling Yue was starting to feel a little discourage right now. To think her own founding ancestor would be so empty handed. What number one alchemist of Da Xia, more like number one pauper (poor) of Da Xia.

Unbeknownst to Ling Yue, Ye Nameless was indeed fabulously rich prior to attending the World's Number One Forge, but in order to win in the contest, he expended all his wealth to procure the necessary ingredients for attendance. In the end he not only lost his cauldron that's connected to his soul, he also lost his name and prestige.

About all his bitterness and pain, Ye Nameless hasn't fallen so low that he needs to confide in a child not even half his age just yet.

But then again, after telling his descendant he has nothing so many times already, even a cow would feel embarrassed.

Murmuring in his mind, how did the Ye family come up with such a greedy girl in this generation. Seriously where did she inherit that trait from?

’’I have none of the things you asked me for, but I do have something you might like. I know a way to absorb the elemental sprites of nature without the need to raise your spirit force up to a senior alchemist or become a Dan Realm expert.’’ In order to save some face as the great founder of their family, he goes all in and brings out the great insight he gained after spending years as a senior alchemist.

The so-called elements of nature are divided into five differing elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Unlike the Yuan energy in a person's body, these elements are everywhere in this world. The only limited factor in utilizing this force lies in the issue of grasping its true form, or better known as spirit sprites of nature.

’’The fire spirit sprites usually gathers in places where there are a high heat source while water spirit sprites gather in areas with a high water content. As to the earth and wood spirit sprites, you can usually find them in swampy marshes or forested terrains. Last but not least, the metal spirit sprites tend be the hardest to locate because they only appear among the mountains.’’

Brimming with excitement, Ling Yue couldn't wait to get her hands on these elements now that she's became aware of their existence.

’’However, all spirit sprites of the element are alive. Understand this, even the lowest of these sprites are as powerful as a Dan Realm martialist or a nine cauldron alchemist. Considering your current strength, I say your best course of action when encountering one of these sprites are to flee in the opposite direction upon contact.’’ In her moment of great joy, Ye Nameless suddenly took a three sixty degree turn in his tone and nearly caused Ling Yue to choke herself to death.

If the guy wasn't carrying the halo status of being her ancestor, Ling Yue really wanted to scream out the word ’’Scram’’ this instant!

If she can't absorb the spirit sprites of the five elements with her current level, wouldn't all this explanation be for naught?

As resenting as Ling Yue was right now, she didn't have the courage to throw these words out because if she did, that flickering image might just disperse in a puff from being agitated.

’’But, there is a way to absorb the spirit energy of the elements without meeting the appropriate requirement. Though it's not as effective in this manner, but with accumulation, it will still amount to something. Listen now. In this world, various items, herbs or cores of a spirit beast can also sometimes carry an affinity to an element.’’ Likely noticing the dissatisfaction in Ling Yue's eye, Ye Nameless finally coughed up a plausible solution this time around.

Herbs, cores of a spirit beast, all of this was understandable to Ling Yue because it's not unheard of for a martialist to use a beast core to help replenish their energy reserve. Besides, its commonplace for alchemists to use a beast core as an ingredient in alchemy.

But then what does he mean by items that carry an affinity to the elements?


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