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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 92


Chapter 92 ’’The Apparition of the Ancestors’’

From the secret compartment again, Ye Gu pulls out another parchment scroll containing the blue print to a sword shaped weapon.

’’This here is the blueprint to your great ancestor's Heaven Class weapon that he intended to forge at the World's Number One Forge: Nine Dragons Howl. At the time our ancestor was peerless in his forging ability, but due to some underhanded tampering to his cauldron, his efforts eventually led to his ultimate demise in the competition. Take this blueprint with you. If one day you can achieve the same great feat as ancestor Nameless, then for his sake and for the entire family's sake, reclaim the shame we suffered back then.’’

’’Ling Yue will definitely take grandfather's teaching to heart. One day I will certainly forge the Nine Dragons Howl.’’ Brimming with anticipation, she cautiously receives the blueprint from her grandfather's hand and urgently took her leave.

As a child that just received a huge gift from their elders, Ling Yue did what any other child would do, unwrap it and have a look!

Etched along the top of the scroll in bold were the words ’’Nine Dragons Howl’’.

According to the description, this weapon was meant to be a righteous sword used to smite evil from this world. As to why this sword was named Nine Dragons Howl, it had to do with the nine lifelike dragons etched along the blade's surface.

All of this was fine and dandy, but when it came to the materials necessary to forge this Heaven Class weapon, Ling Yue immediately screamed bullshit.

Ancient dragon's blood, phoenix tail feather, nine leaf pearl clover, meteor iron, inner core earth fire, and a five element cauldron as the instrument.

No matter which of the items on the list here, none of them could be could procured by an average person.

Heck, the reason Ling Yue can even recognize some of the items on the list had much to do with the documents left behind by Mr. Red Mist.

Just because someone's seen a pig in real life doesn't necessarily mean the person ate pork before.

For all the fuss over this supposed Heaven Class weapon, the first question remains: where is she supposed to find these ingredients? It's not like any commoner can just get up and go buy some.

Thankfully Ye Nameless mentioned in the scroll that unless one reached the senior alchemist level, no member of the Ye family are to attempt in the creation of this Nine Dragons Howl.

Just as she was about to store the scroll away, Ling Yue suddenly felt a wisp of spirit force flowing into her body from the fingertips. In the next moment, the image of a middle-aged man dressed in gray suddenly appeared before her eyes.

’’It's been three hundred years now. To think a descendant of my lineage would at long last awaken me.’’ The man's eye gave off the look of someone that has experience many hardships in life.

To think aside from the blueprint on the scroll there would be another hidden secret!

Invisible to all others, the only way to activate this remnant was that the user must carry the blood of the Ye family and be able to cultivate the spirit force.

Therefore, not a single one of the previous house masters of the family were able to detect this wisp of spirit force.

’’Are you the founder, Ye Nameless?’’ Focusing her gaze on the man's wear, Ling Yue figured it was also a alchemist robe like the one she received not long ago. Unlike hers though, this one was pale white without any form of garnish, thus giving it a plain elegance.

The only reason she even managed to tell it was also a alchemist robe was thanks to the cauldron emblem sewn to the chest area. Oddly though, there's no number on it like everyone else's, instead, there's a water droplet symbol in the middle.

’’So you're the one who woke me?’’ At first his eyes were quiet and lifeless like a stagnant water pool, but after giving Ling Yue a appraising look, his pupils shrank like he just witnessed something incredibly shocking.

’’Who are you and why are you able to manifest a real cauldron when you are obviously only a three-cauldron alchemist?’’

Real cauldron? What the heck is that? Does he mean the cauldron mark on my body?

Tensing up her hands, Ling Yue figures the man in front of her has seen through to her secret.

However, according to those words, she figured this ancestor should only be able to see the cauldron and not her dimensional space and Little Squeak.

As expected of the once number one alchemist in Da Xia. Ever since Ling Yue regained her sanity and became the new her, she has never once been caught so red handed.

’’My name is Ye Ling Yue, I am a descendant of the Ye family. Founder, I don't understand what you mean by those words.’’ Seeing Ling Yue's frank expression, Ye Nameless took another look at her again to see if she's lying.

’’That's not right, your cauldron is only a soul cauldron, still not quite the level of what a real cauldron is at. Little girl, looking at your expression, I'm guessing you still don't know what a real cauldron of a senior alchemist is right?’’ Seeing how young Ling Yue was, Ye Nameless figured the girl in front of him was at best thirteen to fourteen years old.

This sort of age, even if the person were to train while they were still in the womb, it's impossible to reach that level of cultivation and form a real cauldron.

’’Please guide me founder.’’ The origin of her black cauldron was simply too mysterious. Other than the details from Mr. Red Mist's Codex, Ling Yue knew next to nothing about it. Now that her ancestor's made an appearance, she can take this opportunity to answer a lot of her questions.

’’I should be going over everything with you one by one, but sadly this wisp of spirit force won't last very long, thus I can only give you the short story.’’ At the mention, his image began to sway left and right like a diminishing candle light that's about to blow out.

In front of this freaky scene, Ling Yue then knew for certain the man in front of her was but a remnant of a long-deceased individual.

If not for her appearance, it's likely this wisp of spirit force would've never awakened before it disappeared for good.

As the once number one alchemist of Da Xia, Ye Nameless definitely knew way more things than President Liao and everyone else for that matter.

According his words, in addition to the level one to nine of a regular alchemist that requires the aid of a material cauldron as a vessel to grow, what comes next was the stage of condensing one's spirit force until it takes on the form of a cauldron.

’’The soul cauldron on you is the foundational step of a regular alchemist breaking into the senior alchemist stage. Following the advancement of the individual's strength, the soul cauldron will also grow after absorbing the natural energy in this world and eventually take on a real tangible form. By then we would call this a ’’Elemental Cauldron’’. Speaking of this topic, those eyes of Ye Nameless showed a glimmer of longing.

(Note: its not exactly it should've been heaven and earth elemental cauldron, but that's way too long)

Despite being nothing more than a wisp of his spirit, Ye Nameless's love for his profession as an alchemist never waned in the slightest.

’’Founder, how can I get the power of the five elements?’’ Ling Yue's heart was jumping through the roof after hearing that explanation.

Ever since Ling Yue learned of the great wrong she and her mother endured, she's been desiring for revenge every single night. In her mind, the only thoughts going in and out of her head were to figure out ways to grow her strength.

If she achieves that much then she would no longer need to fear that Hong Fang and the Hong House.

Now that the thought came up again, her dark eyes were burning with fire.

’’Your strength is too weak, thirteen years old and still only a three cauldron and your martial art is pitiful to say the least. Unless you can break into the Core realm or raise your spirit force to a senior alchemist level, you can forget about sensing the elements in nature.’’ He sighs with a tinge of pity in his voice.

In short, he's saying her qualification were too common place.


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