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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 91


Chapter 91 ’’Da Xia's Number One Alchemist, Ye Nameless’’

Ye Huang Yu did in fact plan to exact vengeance against that dreadful pair in the capital after waiting for her daughter's cultivation to stabilize.

If her injury didn't get fully restored then maybe she wouldn't have ever considered this idea in her entire lifetime, but now that she's recovered, the thought simply won't leave her whenever the memories of all those painful things surfaces.

’’Did you know that just a few days ago Hong Fang has broken through to the Reincarnation Realm? With the you now, forget about revenge, you won't even be able to get near him.’’ Ye Gu sighs with frustration in his voice.

Whether it be the Ye Clan or Ye Huang Yu herself, none of them are a match for Hong Fang or the massive power behind him.

’’Father, please wait until we see Ling Yue before we continue discussing this. I don't want her attention to be drawn away and disturb her cultivation.’’

Next Day.

As a resolute person that always see through to his words, Ye Gu didn't delay and directly ordered the entire family to pack their bags the very next morning for moving.

For this big event, every member of the main house and the elites of the branch families were called upon to join the transport team.

While they were busy moving away, the Alchemist Association weren't sitting idle either because in the very same day, people from the association were already here to help the Ye family move to Glass City and to organize the matter of developing the mine in the Seven Star Mountain.

At the same time over on Ye Huang Cheng's side, he and his younger brother Ye Huang Xuan were joyously spending the day visiting various estates for a suitable location to settle their expected family members that's due to arrive soon.

With all of these mattes out of the way, the Ye family, and their dozens of fully loaded carts of luggage's, have finally moved out of Autumn Maple Town after settling in that small little place for hundreds of years.

Meanwhile back at the Mountain Sea Gang's base, things weren't going so well for Song Guang Zhi and his sullen face.

’’Young boss, are we just going to let things end like this? Master Lian's dead and the Ye family became the only iron supplier for Glass City's military, why does all the good things only happen to the Ye family.’’

’’You still have the face to say that to me? I've checked already, that Master Lian is an evil alchemist from the central plains. Who knows what sort of bad intentions the guy had in mind for sneaking into Da Xia. If I didn't cut my relationship with that person in time, who knows what sort of consequences would've befallen the Mountain Sea Gang if the governor finds out.’’ Sha Zhen's been feeling very down under lately. Not only did he have to watch the Xuan Yin Jade vein fly away, they also lost in the smelting conference. Worst of all, his father's been giving him the cold shoulders these past few days.

’’All of this is that Ye Ling Yue's fault. That little bitch is freaky as f*k, where did a girl like that find the skill to forge a Moon Iron anyways?’’ Song Guang Zhi didn't dare dwell on the subject regarding Master Lian, instead, he pins all the blame onto Ling Yue.

’’Humph, just let the Ye family get complacent for a while. Just wait, I will soon let them know what it means to offend the Mountain Sea Gang. Don't think they can get cheeky just because they managed to cling onto the military. This time I'll see to it their entire family ends up on the chopping block!’’ A flash of cunning flickered in Sha Zhen's eye.

Regarding the Ye family's relocation to Glass City, the efforts lasted nearly half a month in total before completion. If not for the full support of Lan Caier and the Alchemist Association during this period, things wouldn't have gone so smoothly as it were.

For the new mansion that's supposed to be their new home, it was located in the La Wu alleyway of Glass City. Compared to the old Ye residence in the city, this new mansion was well over four times the size.

’’Greetings to the house master!’’

On the first day of their moving in, Ye Gu intentionally summoned every child of the family in the main reception hall for a meeting.

Watching all of the kneeling children of the family and their chorus voices in front of him, Ye Gu definitely had some pride in his eyes.

’’I've heard everything about the smelting conference already and the great merit Ling Yue did for the family. Ling Yue, you are to follow me into the ancestral hall afterwards, I have something to say to you.’’ After a bit of encouraging words to the rest of the family, Ye Gu led Ling Yue to the back where all of the ancestral plaques were located.

The new ancestral hall for the family was nearly identical to the old one, the only exception being the giant cauldron that used to be at the center.

’’Ling Yue, kneel.’’ As usual, Ye Gu first lit an incense stick for the family ancestors and then waited for it to finish burning before continuing.

Unlike how a normal conversation should have went, Ye Gu not only didn't say another word, he instead turned his back towards the kneeling Ling Yue and then reached for a certain spot behind the ancestral cabinet table.

Making a mechanical sound, a secret compartment soon revealed itself to the two with another plaque placed inside.

Different from all the other plaques in here, this one was unmarked and very old.

’’This plaque belongs to your great ancestor, also the founding father of the Ye line in Autumn Maple Town. It was thanks to him that our family was able to prosper all these years.’’ As Ye Gu states this, his hand gently stroked the plaque with deep emotional feelings running through his eyes, ’’Ling Yue, do you know why I've brought you here to see this plaque?’’

At the question, Ling Yue can only shake her head in confusion. To her eyes, the grandfather today was very strange.

’’Because, like you, he's also an alchemist. In the past three hundred years, he's the only alchemist to come out of our family line.’’

The master of this plaque was called Ye Nameless because even Ye Gu didn't know the real name of this founder of their family. What this old man does know though was that like Ling Yue, this founder was also a powerful cultivator of the spirit force.

As to the reasoning why he never divulged the existence of Ye Nameless to the rest of the family was because of the dying wish of this ancestor: unless there appears a cultivator of the spirit force in the family, his existence must be kept a secret.

Then from her grandfather's mouth, Ling Yue became informed of the guy's past.

Ye Nameless was once a Senior Alchemist, also one of the most outstanding alchemist in the history of Da Xia.

But at the age of thirty-four where he attended the ’’World's Number One Forge’’, he suffered a miserable failure in his attempt to forge a ’’Heaven Class Weapon’’ and ended up having his cauldron destroyed by his rival.

Without his signature cauldron, his family eventually collapsed and he himself became a laughingstock of Da Xia. Worst of all, he was delisted from the Alchemist Association.

Depressed from all the tragedy, he endured the ridicule and henceforth took on a new alias. With his name changed to Ye Nameless, he lived the rest of his life in seclusion and became an ordinary ore merchant in Autumn Maple Town.

But even so, Ye Nameless didn't want to concede and hoped that among his children's there might be one skillful enough with the spirit force to reclaim his humiliation by forging a Heaven Class Weapon in the World's Number One Forge.

Sadly, even till the moment of his last breath, Ye Nameless couldn't fulfill this wish of his.

Then in the following centuries, every Ye house master would adhere to the founder's teaching and be on the lookout for a possible candidate to fulfill this role.

’’It wasn't until this smelting conference that you forged a Moon Iron did I see hope.’’ From the corner of Ye Gu's eye, drops of tears were leaking out.

Regarding everything, even Ling Yue's mother didn't know any of this because Ye Gu knew, unless one can cultivate the spirit force they can never become an alchemist.

But with Ling Yue's rise came the hope that followed her.


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