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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 90


Chapter 90 ’’Yellow Class Weapon: Demon Ghost Miasma’’

Following the end of Master Lian and his evil deeds, it didn't take long for Ling Yue to return home where her fifth uncle Ye Huang Xuan was waiting for her. Through his mouth, she learns that according to the governor's command, their family has another three months before the first batch of Yuan Iron must be delivered.

Now that their family was officially relocating to Glass City, it mean's Ling Yue no longer had to travel back and forth between both places for her mother's sake because Ye Huang Yu will be living here with her from now on.

Though most of her childhood was spent in that small little town, but compared to the flashy lifestyle of Glass City, this place fits her the best. Sure, there are some dangers still lurking in the shadows that needs to be dealt with like the Mountain Sea Gang, but with time, the Ye family will most certainly create a place of their own in this city.

Returning to her room after conversing with everyone, the first thing Ling Yue did was to inspect that mysterious green miasma sucked into her cauldron.

To her surprise, after going over the jade carving pertaining to the smoke, Ling Yue realizes this strange stuff was in fact a high-class Yellow grade weapon that could only be created by a five cauldron blood alchemist.

According to the jade carving, it's very easy to send an enemy into an illusion by enshrouding the foe in the miasma, and in some cases, it's possible to have this green smoke suck away a person's flesh and blood with the right conditions.

For someone like Lian Be that's only a four cauldron blood alchemist, it's unlikely he's the one who created his Demonic Ghost Miasma, hence the reason why he's unable to release the full potential of this weapon.

Now that she's got her hands on this thing, the first thing Ling Yue needs to do was refine the miasma in her cauldron and put it to her own use.

Invoking her will, she was immediately transported into the dimensional space Red Mist Sky.

By this time the outside world was already drawing close to nighttime, but in this place, the sky was bright as day with an overflowing aroma of fruit and flower fragrance.

First sitting down to meditate for a while to restore her energy, Ling Yue then dived right into refining the Demonic Ghost Miasma inside her cauldron.

With everything set, she flips her hand out and spews the constantly struggling smoke out.

Likely knowing the girl in front of it wasn't its true owner, the green smoke issued out a ferocious beast-like roar and transformed into a giant black skull in an attempt to devour Ling Yue.

In reaction to this, the string sized spirit smoke inside her cauldron promptly shot out and wrapped itself around the skull, tying it into a deadlock.

One black and one white, two opposing forces vying for control in the air. At first it was the Demonic Ghost Miasma that held an advantage, but gradually, the tide began to change with Ling Yue's constant infusion of her spirit force.

In the end, the entirety of the dark Yin energy powering the giant skull was swallowed up by Ling Yue's spirit smoke. Reverting back to its raw the yellow light floating in the air was no different from any Yellow class weapon that you would find.

’’Come!’’ With one wave of her hand, the remnant core of the Demonic Ghost Miasma obediently flew into her sleeve.

By doing it this way, even if the evil alchemist who created this weapon in the first place shows up, they will find it hard pressed to figure out this was in fact the very same Demonic Ghost Miasma they created.

Originally Ling Yue also wanted to refine the three blood daggers she snatched up, but after careful consideration, she ended up leaving them alone for now.

Two days after the end of the smelting conference, the grandiose news of the Ye family taking the crown finally reached the main house back in Autumn Maple Town.

’’House master, third miss, good news! Fourth master and the little miss took first place in the smelting conference.’’ The old housekeeper gasps heavily for air as he ran into the main hall where all of the core members of the house were waiting.

During this past few days, none of them could get any rest as they anxiously awaited the results of the smelting conference.

Though the family already sent their most experienced metalsmiths and Ye Huang Cheng for the event, but Ye Gu simply couldn't rest at ease.

Now that the news of their family taking first prize has come back, Ye Gu and everyone else here presently could finally loosen up those wrinkled foreheads.

’’Good, it's good that we've won. Do you know what percentage Huang Cheng managed to forge?’’ Ye Gu already knew, the likelihood of his son forging a sixty percent iron bar was very high.

’’House master, I hear we forged a Moon Iron. It was little miss and fourth master who participated in the contest together. I hear during the last part of the competition, fourth master had to drop out due to exhaustion and it was little miss who stepped in at the end to help forge the Moon Iron. For this reason, little miss was also recruited by the Alchemist Association in Glass City and became an alchemist herself!’’

Moon Iron?!

At that mutter, Ye Gu reflexively stood up.

Ling Yue can forge Moon Iron and she also joined the Alchemist Association, which means.....

’’Third sister, congratulations! Ling Yue that lass, haha, to think the girl would become an alchemist so suddenly, this is truly your glory, a glory for our family! The other two Ye brothers were both happy and envious for their sister.

Can't blame these two, after all, they watched Ling Yue grow from a baby to the present her.

To think that child would achieve something so great and even learn to control the spirit force after regaining her sanity.

’’No need to say more, Huang Yun (big uncle), go buy some firecrackers and hang them at our doorway for celebration. Huang Shun (second uncle), you go and get the red envelops ready and hand them out to everyone in town. This will be our farewell gift to everyone.’’ Handing down his orders, Ye Gu sounds like he's made his decision all of a sudden.

’’Father, your meaning is?’’ Both of the Ye brothers were having trouble believing their ears.

’’That's right, I've made my decision. From tomorrow onwards we will relocate to Glass City and leave Autumn Maple Town.’’ How many years have it been that their Ye clan's been forced to dwell under the Seven Star Mountain? Now the long-awaited day was here and the beginning of the Ye clan's rise to glory was at hand.

From Ye Gu's eye, a shining light of hope bursts out.

How can the brothers not know of their father's long cherished wish? As per Ye Gu's order, both of them rushes out to carry out the task, leaving behind only the father and daughter in the main hall.

’’Huang Yu, you follow me.’’ Leading Huang Yu away, Ye Gu led his daughter into the ancestral hall where the first thing he did was to lit a couple of incense sticks for their family ancestors. Following her father's lead, Huang Yu also went forward to make several kowtows.

’’Huang Yu, I intend to have Ling Yue go out into the world to get some practical training.’’ Ye Gu suddenly throws this out.

She became startled by this news, have Ling Yue get some practical training? But she's only thirteen!

’’Father, don't you think it's a little too early for this? At least wait for her to break into the lower celestial realm before sending her off.’’ As a mother, Ling Yue was still a piece of her no matter how old this daughter gets. To see her daughter leaving so soon without being about to act like a proper mother, Huang Yu definitely had some guilt inside.

Moreover, Huang Yu intended to let this busy period come to pass and then spend some quality time tutoring Ling Yue.

’’Very well, but once she breaks into the lower celestial realm, she must go out into the world for practical training. I'm sure you're aware of this too, Glass City can never hold Ling Yue's amazing talent. If she doesn't go out and hone her skills, how do you expect her to face the people from the Hong House in the future. Or, do you intend to rely only on your own strength to deal with that family?’’ Ye Gu steadies his gaze on his daughter.

Trembling at the last part, Ye Huang Yu didn't expect her father to see through to her plans.


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