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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 9


Chapter 9

Why shouldn't I also be able to break through to the third rank?

Ye Ling Yue's breezy words, when they fell into Ye Qing's ears, were like giving him a slap.

Ye Qing had learned martial arts for many years and had also grown large amounts of Vital Condensation Grass. It was only because it this that he was able to break through to the fourth rank. Even if someone were to hit him to death, he wouldn't believe that Ye Ling Yue could break through to the third rank in just a month's time. However, she could release two streaks of lightning. Why was this?

’’Ye Qing, you are obviously just jealous. Ling Yue only learned for a moth and could hit out two lightning streaks. It's much better than you being able to break through to the fourth rank through the use of money.’’ Ye Yin Shuang had early on seen that Ye Qing was in a bad mood.

’’She's just a piece of trash. If she has the ability, then she should compete with me.’’ Ye Qing's neck reddened as he held up a fist, about to pummel Ye Ling Yue.

So what are two streaks of lightning? He was already at the fourth rank, he obviously could defeat a third rank constitution cultivator.

’’What are you doing? Do you even understand the rules? You actually dared to cause trouble in the Martial Arts Hall!’’ The principal of the Martial Arts Hall separated the two when he saw the tense and imminent atmosphere. ’’If you like fighting so much, then why not compete in the family competition? I'm punishing every person with an hour of extra practice.’’ The principal glared at Ye Ling Yue, Ye Qing, and Ye Yin Shuang.

The three were all Ye family's little misses and masters, and would be the pillars of the Ye family in the future. As such, even the principal couldn't do anything to them.

Although the principal didn't put particular meaning into his words, however the listeners did.

(说者无心,听者有意 - The speaker has no particular intention in saying something, but the listener reads his own meaning into it)

Especially Ye Qing. He knew that it would be hard to harm Ye Ling Yue in the Martial Arts Hall, and, when she goes to and from the Martial Arts Hall, she normally has Ye Yin Shuang with her. The only way to harm her would be in the Ye family competition.

When the classes in the Martial Arts Hall finished, Ye Qing blocked Ye Ling Yue's path again.

’’Ye Ling Yue, if you have the ability, then let us compete in the family competition and see whose rank is higher. However, looking at your strength, if you go compete you'll only lose face.’’ Ye Qing clamored.

When Ye Yin Shuang heard, she stared at Ye Ling Yue intensely, hoping Ye Ling Yue would understand the meaning in her eyes. Although Ye Ling Yue had managed to push back Ye Qing, Ye Qing was still a fourth rank constitution cultivator. If Ye Ling Yue were to compete with Ye Qing seriously, she would definitely not be his opponent.

’’If you want to compete then let's compete. If I lose, what then?’’ Ye Ling Yue retorted back, deliberately ignoring Ye Yin Shuang's reaction.

’’If you lose, you will crawl on the ground in three circles like a dog while saying 'Ye Ling Yue is a slut. The Ye family mother and daughter pair or both sluts that no one wants.'’’When Ye Qing finished speaking, the people beside him all started guffawing.

’’What if I win?’’ Ye Ling Yue's face was currently brewing a hurricane.

’’If you win, then female pigs can even climb trees. You can choose any condition.’’ Ye Qing laughed until tears came out.

(Ye Qing is emphasizing how ridiculous he thinks the prospect of her winning is, to the point where its comparable to female pigs having the ability to climb trees)

’’Okay. Since it is so, them let's have baojie act as witness.’’Ye Ling Yue and Ye Qing both made oaths. However, this act made Ye Yin Shuang become extremely worried.

’’Ling Yue, you're too reckless. In a month's time, how can you catch up to Ye Qing? Moreover, there are quite a bit of experts in the competition. This is your first time participating in this competition. Ye Qing is purposefully wants to humiliate you and your mother.’’ Ye Yin Shuang was so anxious that her whole face turned red, making her seemed even darker.

’’Yin Shuang, you don't need to worry. I know what I'm doing.’’ Ye Ling Yue comforted Ye Yin Shuang.

Ye Ling Yue was not a presumptuous person. For her to dare to challenge the rank four Ye Qing meant that she had certainty to win.

When she had released the Bursting Thunder Fists today, she had held back and only hit out two streaks of lightning. She deeply believed that if she had hit out 4 streaks, even if Ye Qing was in the fourth rank, she could still tie with him.

After she returned to the northern manor, Ye Ling Yue didn't tell her mother about her bet with Ye Qing. She went outside to remember the Ye Qing's mood when she and Ye Qing had exchanged blows.

Compared to half a month ago, Ye Qing's strength had indeed improved a large portion. The constitution domain has 9 ranks, and each three ranks are on different levels. The first to third rank focus on practicing the skin. Once one is in the third rank, the skin is as hard as bronze, and can defend against normal punches and kicks. Fourth to sixth rank is focused on training bones to be like that of steel. Once one is in the sixth rank, they can wrestle with wild beasts. Seventh to ninth rank, refining inner organs into gold. Normal weapons cannot easily break the organs.

If Ye Ling Yue wanted to have complete grasp of victory, she would have to break into the fourth rank of the constitution domain. However, breaking into the fourth rank is not easy. Not only that, but after each breakthrough, the time needed for the next breakthrough is the multiple times that of the previous one.

Ye Ling Yue lamented as she decided to enter ’’Hong Meng Sky’’ to harvest some more Vital Condensation Grasses. The moment she entered, she froze. The original neat and orderly Vital Condensation Grass was now crooked everywhere. Just as her painfully looking at it, she suddenly found that within the grass, there was a white and velvety ball-like thing.

That thing had also detected Ye Ling Yue - this uninvited guest. It was currently sticking up its rump, engrossed in the task using it little claws to dig the soil. Under its feet was a a strand of 10 year Vital Condensation Grass.

Hong Meng Sky also has animals?

In astonishment, Ye Ling Yue carefully walked over, wanting to catch the little fellow, however before she even got close, the little white ball made a noise and - escaped in a streak of white.

Now, Ye Ling Yue could clearly see the little fellow's appearance. cute!

It was a pompom-like white fox with only the size of a tea cup. It whole body was round with short arms and legs and it eyes were a baby blue color. Dew stuck on the pure white fur, while its shiny black nose tip was splotched with a little mud.

When it saw Ye Ling Yue, the white fox's sapphire eyes flashed with a sliver of panic.

’’Little fellow, you live here?’’ Ye Ling Yue walked forward a couple of steps, however the little fellow was on heavy alert and immediately rushed back into the white mist. It's speed was extremely fast - much faster than Houtian expert, Ye Huang Yu.

’’Ah...its gone. So it actually lived in the white mist.’’ Ye Ling Yue currently had no way to get past the white mist and could only bitterly look at it.

Looking at the messy Vital Condensation Grass, Ye Ling Yue frowned, but relaxed soon after.

After a couple hours, Hong Meng Sky recovered its peacefulness.

In the white mist, the little white fox repetedly made sure that Ye Ling Yue was gone before running on its short little legs out of the white mist. The Vital Condensation Grass had been completely picked. New Vital Condensation Grass needs at least a day to grow.

Zhi yo~~

The little white fox wrinkled its nose as it cried out angrily. However, it suddenly smelled a fragrant smell. It's little head looked around and found a bowl of aromatic goat milk on the ground.

Zhi yo~~

With a little uncertainty, the little white fox stopped at the goat milk. It used it nose to smell, but immediately lifted it claws to arrogantly push away the goat milk before slinking back into the white mist.


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