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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 89


Chapter 89 ’’Battle the Evil Alchemist’’

Pausing in her footstep, Eh, why is it so dark?

When she came out of the assessment test it should only be mid noon where the sun was high in the sky. Considering the duration from when she left the Alchemist Association till now, no more than an hour should've passed, so why, why would the sky be so dark like the night.

Not only that, the street she's in right now was very unfamiliar to her. Ling Yue was certain she never came here before because all the trees were bare without life.

As the large numbers of hungering owls stood there on the branches, those scarlet-red eyes only made this situation more creepy and gloomy.

To make things weirder, there's a giant moon in the sky that's completely red!

’’Keke, damn little bitch, I will make you wish you were dead before I'm done with you for robbing me of my title today.’’

Suddenly, a puff of green smoke rose out of the ground and from within appears Master Lian in his grey robe!

Standing three feet away from where Ling Yue was, a bunch of flying daggers were floating there next to the guy. Compared to the one picked up by Ling Yue from before, these are exactly the same in terms of size and makeup.

’’It's you! You are not part of the Alchemist Association, who are you?!’’ Ling Yue shrinks her eyes back as she stared at the guy.

The environment was very wrong. Whether it be the trees or homes nearby, everything felt twisted like an illusion.

’’The Alchemist Association of Glass City is nothing. As to who I am, open your eyes and watch carefully!’’ At that, Master Lian rips his robe away and revealed the blood robe underneath. Though similar to an alchemist's robe, there are certain differences like the blood cauldron emblem with the number four on it.

’’I am Lian Be of the Immortal Alchemist Cult from the central plains. To think you are a three cauldron alchemist, I've been fooled by a damnable girl like you.’’ From that sickly yellow face of Master Lian's, a dangerous look came out.

At the command of his master, he had attempted to go undercover here in Glass City through the Alchemist Association. However, he unexpectedly encountered one of his nemesis along the way and sustained heavy injury. No other choice, he had to hide himself inside Autumn Maple Town during this period for healing.

If not for his coveting heart for Ling Yue's beauty, he wouldn't have missed the fact that the girl was also a powerful alchemist.

’’So the one to interfere with my good deeds at the banquet was you, and the one to keep interfering with my plans time and time again was also you. This time I will make sure to cripple you and then enjoy your body from top to bottom. Don't worry though, I won't kill you because I intend to spend a very long time enjoying you until you break.’’ Lifting his right hand, Master Lian's morbid complexion became coated in a layer of red like the blood moon in the sky.

Swoosh -

Sharp and deadly, a flash of red came shooting over at the command of the guy's blood red spirit force.

At the same time also, Ling Yue releases her double Lightning Burst Fist in retaliation to the flying daggers and sends them back several meters into the air.

’’Level eight of the constitution domain, seems the Mountain Sea Gang and the Song House are both wrong about you. But in front of me, this level of cultivation is of no concern, you are dead either way.’’ Suddenly from his mouth, Master Lian spits out a blob of blood that reformed into multiple arrows and shot into the flying daggers.

Upon contact, the daggers immediately began to react with heavy vibration. Then like the grass growing in the grassland, many blood tentacles seeped out of the blade and began to grow until the whole dagger took on a grotesque form.

With this new look, the repelled weapons were reenergized and returned with a second assault. This time though, even the air itself became twisted as the dagger sliced through.


Following a flash of cold gleam, three golden lights appeared in front of Ling Yue's body and smashed directly into the oncoming attack.

Like butter, the Dragon Saliva Needles easily punctured a hole in each of the three daggers that came to attack.

Taking this all in, Master Lian's face went deeply dark the next second.

Those flying blood daggers are a creation of an evil method taught by the Immortal Alchemist Cult. To create these foul blades, one must feed the daggers with the blood of living humans on a constant basis, and if damaged, the user themselves will also face the same injury on a spiritual level.

Lian Be's eye shrank at the sight of the three needles floating next to the girl, to think this little bitch would have something so precious.

Realizing this much, a burst of flaming greed ignited in those sickly eyes.

’’Keke, what a pity that I can't enjoy a pretty body like yours. Rest assured, your sweet blood and flesh will be a great addition to growing my Demonic Ghost Miasma.’’ Lian Be creepily says this aloud.

In the next second, his body once again dissolved into a mass of green smoke and headed straight for Ling Yue. This time though, even the Dragon Saliva Needle was useless.

The smoke was very strange. Just the fact that its drawing near her was enough to make Ling Yue feel like she's falling into an abyss with no hope of ever crawling back out.

If it was any other ordinary person, just getting touched by the evil aura of this green smoke would be enough to erode a person's mind until nothing was left. But not Ling Yue. Due to the Red Yang Ginseng she ingested before, her light Yang energy was very strong and was more than capable of countering the miasmic effects.

Unexpectedly in the next moment, Ling Yue's cauldron mark suddenly went wild like it just discovered a delicacy that it can't ignore. Feeling her hand's about to fall off from the intense vibration, she raises it and was shocked to find the green smoke being sucked into the cauldron like a dark hole.

’’No!’’ Lian Be cries out due to panic.

The guy didn't even get a chance to figure out what's going on when Ling Yue suddenly smashed him right in the vital spot with her Jade Flower Hand technique. Following up with a combo were the three Dragon Saliva Needles that pierced right into his upper skull.

Widening his eyes with total disbelief, he slowly slid to the floor with all life leaving his body upon contact.

Gasping for air, Ling Yue also fell backwards onto the ground right now. When the green smoke was sucked into her cauldron, the illusion that had trapped her until now also disappeared and what came into view was a lonely alleyway.

Seems the illusion just now was the creation of this Master Lian and his green smoke.

Demonic Ghost Miasma?

That's what Lian Be calls this stuff, according to her memory anyways.

This seems to be some sort of special weapon utilized by the evil cults out there. If the opponent weren't Ling Yue herself with the magical cauldron at her side, any other three cauldron alchemist would've been dead by now.

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Ling Yue decides to first searched the corpse for any valuables. From one of the pockets, she found a little parcel containing several bank notes, a blood skeleton badge, and a shabby looking jade carving which contained the method to creating the Demonic Ghost Miasma.

Although the uses of this Demonic Ghost Miasma were far and wide, but it's after all a weapon of the evil alchemists. If she uses it casually in public, she's bound to cause some misunderstanding with the Alchemist Association. First figure out a way to remove the dark Yin aura around this technique before using it.

’’It's a pity I couldn't figure out what purpose the Immortal Alchemist has in Glass City.’’ Ling Yue curls her brow as she looked down to the floor where the blood daggers are.

Taking everything with her, Ling Yue figured it's best not to waste anything because once her spirit force returns, it would be the day she tames the Demonic Ghost Miasma and the blood daggers.


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