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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 85


Chapter 85 ’’Win’’

Once the dozens of Iron bars were collected, Governor Lan and President Liao, along with several of the other alchemists in the association convened for a meeting.

’’It seems that the skills of the various contestants are very good this time. Among them are several sixty percent, a seventy percent and an eighty percent.’’ When seeing the seventy percent, President Liao immediately took that lumpy and uneven piece as Ling Yue's.

Although the surface was uneven, but for a little girl to last long enough to finish the product after her uncle couldn't keep going was a great find in itself.

’’President, this eighty percent piece is not bad and can be used to forge weapons for the military.’’ Governor Lan's attention became drawn towards the piece forged by Master Lian using his spirit force.

’’That Master Lian seems to be an alchemist with decent cultivation, at least a three cauldron based on his level of spirit force.’’ What's bothering the president was that why would someone like that not have even a single cauldron to his name.

Looking over several pieces afterwards, President Liao and Governor Lan have pretty much unanimously agreed in their minds that the eighty percent piece was the winner of this contest.

But it was at this moment a soft gentle light caused the president to flinch backwards.

’’This is?’’ When President Liao manages to get a better look again, he blinks and blinked like he's been played by his own eyes.

At the same time when the president and the others were in the middle of assessing the ores in the back room, the teams to participate in the contest also went downstairs to the first floor.

After a little bit of resting from earlier, Ye Huang Cheng was already by his brother's side (Ye Huang Xuan). So, when they saw Ling Yue finally coming downstairs, the two immediately rushed up to ask, ’’Ling Yue, did you manage to smelt a seventy percent iron bar?’’ Ye Huang Cheng had a face full of anxiousness.

Not answering the question, Ling Yue only shook her head.

Making a long sigh, it's all my fault for not enduring to the last moment.

’’It's no use, even if you smelt a seventy percent bar, you can't beat Master Lian's skill. I'll have you all know, the bar we made is eighty percent, eighty you hear me!’’ With smug faces, the villainous pair, Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian, walks over.

Hearing this shocking news, just about every other team present here immediately shook their heard in discouragement. Among them, the best they had was a seventy percent.

By now, whether it be the other mastersmiths from the various families or the goonies of the Mountain Sea Gang, all of them have determined the winner can only be this Master Lian as they came forward to congratulate him.

Not pushing away the flattery words, Master Lian takes it all in with an ego as high as the clouds.

’’Don't mind it, our Ye family can't smelt an eighty percent Yuan Iron bar. It's our lost this time.’’ Seeing his fourth brother's remorseful expression, Ye Huang Xuan couldn't watch anymore and attempts to sooth the guy with good words.

’’The results isn't out yet, let us first wait.’’ As Ling Yue says this, Governor Lan and President Liao was already coming out of the meeting hall towards everyone.

’’President Liao, is the results of the competition out?’’ Master Lian and Song Guang Zhi hurriedly moves forward to ask.

’’You two gave me quite the unexpected surprise in there to be able to smelt an eighty percent Yuan Iron bar,’’ President Liao nods approvingly.

After hearing the president's phrase, the two of them were already ninety percent sure they are the champion. To think, once they win this competition, they will not only gain the support of the Mountain Sea Gang, they will also gain the right to join the Alchemist Association. Just the thought of their bright future would make them complacent.

’’Gentlemen, I like to announce that the results for this year's smelting conference have been decided, and the following names I'm about to say is the top three winners of this competition.’’ President Liao made a quieting gesture to calm the crowd.

Although they already knew the chances of taking the crown was beyond them already, but both of the Ye brothers still wanted to comfort themselves in the heart, even if third place, that would be enough.

’’First up is third place. Smelting a seventy percent Yuan Iron bar, I like to present this honor to the metalsmith brothers of the Zhang workshop.’’ Speaking up to here, the president pulls out a fist sized seventy percent Yuan Iron bar. The piece was semicircular in shape, and indeed, it's quite lumpy on the surface.

Overjoyed by the announcement, both brothers from the Zhang workshop happily went up to claim their prize.

Third place and its already seventy percent?

Both brothers from the Ye family can literally hear their hearts dropping into the water right now.

Then wouldn't this mean they can't even squeeze into the top three with their sixty percent Yuan Iron bar?

’’I like to see how the Ye family will survive in the city now that they can't even make it into the top three. Trash is trash, that's why they can only stay in that small little town in the middle of nowhere.’’ Song Guang Zhi deliberately raises his voice so everyone can hear him.

This villainous pair also thought the Ye family would at least take third place today, but who would've expected, these Zhang brothers would suddenly pull an underdog and snatch the third prize instead. Oh well, this only meant more good news for themselves and bad news for the Ye family.

’’Then next up is second place. Whether it be the color or shape, the eighty percent iron bar this team produced is outstanding in every aspect.’’ As the president says this, he pauses to let his words sink in.

Second place is eighty percent?

This unexpected find caused both Master Lian and Song Guang Zhi to lapse out for a second there, to think there are this many hidden tigers living inside Glass City. Wonder who here managed to forge an eighty percent Yuan Iron bar?

While those two were busy wondering who it might be, the rest of the crowd can only shake their heads over the extreme standard of this smelting conference.

Regardless of the clamoring voices, Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian was still confident that they will take the first prize in the end. But in the next second when President Liao pulls out the iron bar, both of them nearly dropped their eyes out from shock.

How can that be! Isn't that bar ours?!

’’That's, that's impossible.’’ Losing his composure, Master Lian reflexively mutters this aloud.

But there's no mistaking it, that square shaped iron bar in the president's hand was clearly his product.

Gnashing his teeth, Master Lian can only unwillingly step forward to accept this reality.

’’Useless thing.’’ The young boss of the Mountain Sea Gang, Sha Zhen, quietly whispers this insult from the back.

So be it, he also wants to see who here was so capable to take first prize.

No big deal, once things are over, he can just go kidnap that person and force the guy to supply his people with weapons.

Waiting anxiously, the crowd were deadly silent as they waited for the president to announce the final winner.

’’After some deliberation, I, Governor Lan, and the rest of the elders in the association, have unanimously agreed that the final winner of this smelting conference in Glass City is.... the Ye family of Autumn Maple Town.’’ As soon as his voice ended, both Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian widened their eyes in disbelief while the Ye brothers trembled with excitement.

What, did they hear it wrong? The Ye family is the champion?


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