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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 84


Chapter 84 ’’Smelting Conference’’ (Part Three)

Seeing the way the rusts were peeling off the next moment, any uncertainty Ye Huang Cheng had before were instantly washed away. Even Master Lian and Song Guang Zhi were widening their eyes from this.

Silvery white in its luster, the purity of this piece was definitely higher than fifty percent.

Then a startling realization donned on everyone's mind, Sixty percent Yuan Iron Ore! Can it be, the lass's eye is that amazing?

As soon as this idea popped up, both Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian almost immediately dismissed the idea.

Unless that person has X-ray eyes, even an immortal cannot possibly see through the rust.

Well, Ling Yue didn't have X-ray eyes, but she did have her spirit smoke.

’’Master Lian, quickly think of a plan. Considering Ye Huang's Cheng's skill, he will most certainly forge a bar over seventy percent in purity with that ore.’’ Seeing the ore's fine quality, Song Guang Zhi unavoidably became frightened.

He's already fearfully shocked by the fact that the Ye family would tell the Alchemist Association about the jade vein. If he loses the smelting conference too, the Mountain Sea Gang will definitely punish him for failing and being of no value.

’’Humph, that level of skill isn't enough to threaten me just yet. Besides, Ye Huang Cheng isn't going to be able to handle that ore with his ability anyways. A sixty percent Yuan iron ore is unimaginably hard to work with already, let alone a seventy percent one. I can tell, half way through and the guy will be exhausted. So, do you think his partner, a young frail girl, would be able to complete the unfinished product by then?’’ Sneering, Master Lian then gave a poisonous glare at the guy.

It must be said, even though Master Lian had poor conducts as a human being, his eyesight was still very good.

Like the person said, the current Ye Huang Cheng wasn't performing as he would like. Due to the injury he suffered from the Mountain Sea Gang from before, his body was underperforming despite his best effort to recuperate in the past few days. If not for the importance of this contest, he would still be resting at home right now.

As the hammer in his hand got heavier and heavier with every blow, his hand movements also slowed down in coherence.

By this time, the timing until the end of the two-hour duration was drawing near with no more than half an hour left. Yet, the seventy percent Yuan iron in his possession was only half way complete.

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’’Cannot lose, we absolutely cannot lose this smelting competition.’’ The sweat on his forehead began to drip down like pouring rain and instantly evaporated into steam when landing on the flaming red ore.

Ye Huang Cheng was the fourth son of the family. Being neither the eldest nor youngest son, he was constantly out of favor due to being a male and not as talented as his older sister. Mainly Ye Huang Yu who was always doted on by their father.

Even if it was only a short period then that would be enough, but the Ye Gu back then only had his precious daughter in his eyes.

She's clearly just a woman, but in terms of talent for martial art, he found that his older sister was superior in every aspect.

Like that fateful day during their childhood. During the clan competition, he was slapped right out of the ring by his sister and became the laughingstock of his peers, which led to him living in his sister's shadow for many years there afterwards.

This continued right up to the point where Ye Huang Yu was abandoned by her husband and returned home with Ling Yue.

Only then, yes, only then did he come out of his shell and get a feeling of supremacy in his mind. These years he intentionally ignored the fact that his son and the servants were bullying the mother and daughter pair because he thought Ye Huang Yu also hated him like he does to her.

However, since the Seven Slope Mine incident, he finally woke up from his illusion.

From beginning till end, the one to be blind sighted by hatred and narrowness was himself, only him alone.

Thinking up to here, Ye Huang Cheng's hand suddenly slipped and the hammering trajectory slightly slanted to one side. As result of this, the recoiling shock knocked the hammer right out of his hand and fell to the floor.

By now the Yuan energy in his body was completely drained already. Forget about starting again, it will be difficult for him to even pick up the hammer again.

’’Are you all right?’’ President Liao hurriedly examines his body and found that other than the depleted Yuan energy, there's no other major harm besides some exhaustion.

’’My little friend, I fear his conditions won't permit him to continue the contest in his state. I'm sorry, but the Ye family is going to lose like this.’’ President Liao didn't forget to cast a glance over to Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian on the other side of the hall.

Bang after bang like a banana leaf splashing against the water surface, Master Lian's hammering skill was not to be taken lightly based on those splattering sparks from the aftershock.

Ling Yue and the president can both tell, the guy was using the spirit force along with his Yuan energy in each strike.

Under the combined efforts of both powers, the fifty percent Yuan Iron ore has already changed in its appearance following the large discharge of impurity and waste water. Sixty percent... Seventy percent, if there's no accident, the final product would definitely be a seventy percent Yuan Iron bar.

On the other hand back at the Ye family's side, although they managed to pick a raw ore as fine as sixty percent, but Ye Huang Cheng only managed to process it halfway through.

If they took this to the judges, they will no doubt lose.

’’Thank you President Liao, please take care of my uncle first. As for the remainder of the work, I will complete it in his place.’’ At that, she lifts the hammer with dignity in her posture.

A huge hammer weighing over fifty pounds was now being held by a small child half its size, this comical scene was no different from a child wearing an adult's clothing.

Taking in the picture of Ling Yue slowly hammering away at the ore, President Liao couldn't resist tensing up inside as he exhaled a regretful breath. Picking up Ye Huang Cheng, he carries the exhausted man to the sidelines for rest.

’’Haha, it's as you said Master Lian, the Ye family can't keep up anymore. Look over there, they are actually having that little bitch take over.’’ Song Guang Zhi was laughing so hard that he nearly fell backwards. Like him, Master Lian was also shaking his head with disdain in his eyes despite not slowing down a bit in his hammering.

While everyone else in the hall was working at rapid speed, only Ling Yue was slowly and steadily hammering away one smash at a time.

Unbeknownst to them all, she had mingled her spirit force, Yuan energy and her cauldron's spirit smoke into each strike.

Three kinds of energy mixed together definitely slowed her speed down, but the effectiveness also tripled what a normal hammering would incur. This was especially true after she used her spirit smoke because even the seventy percent Yuan Iron her uncle managed to forge out was slowly starting peel off little at a time.

Eventually, the innermost core of this molten rock finally reveals itself to her. Seeing the unusual color of the thing, Ling Yue became overjoyed inside. As she speculated, this piece of rusted ore wasn't just some simple rock.

Following the continuous grinding of her triple infusion hammering, another layer on the surface soon fell off again. As if being rebirthed, the rock took on a spherical shape like an iron soccer ball.

Then in no time at all, the two-hour deadline came to an end.

At President Liao's command, everyone stopped their hammering and respectively offered up their final product to the staffs.

On Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian's side, this pair of villainous characters surprisingly managed to forge an eighty percent Yuan Iron bar out of that fifty percent grade ore.

This was definitely Master Lian's most outstanding achievement this year, mostly in part due to the lava pit inside the Alchemist Association.

Extremely proud of himself, Master Lian was so cheeky right now that he completely disregarded the iron ball handed over by Ling Yue to the staffs. In his view, the brat wasn't worthy to be his opponent.


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