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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 83


Chapter 83 ’’Smelting Conference’’ (Part Two)

Since the last time where Ye Huang Yu (mother) rescued Ye Qing from the fire, Ye Huang Cheng's (fourth uncle) attitude towards this mother and daughter pair has improved somewhat.

He originally thought that by lowering his esteem as an elder would be enough to warrant forgiveness from the girl. This way around, he can command Ling Yue easier and have a higher chance of accomplishing the task.

But out of his expectations, Ling Yue didn't give a shit.

Taking this all in from another side, Song Guang Zhi and even the usually creepy Master Lian were openly snickering by this point, what are those two doing? Don't they know it's crucial to be cooperative between them if they want to smelt the finest ore?

In terms of experience, Ye Huang Cheng definitely had more than Ling Yue when it came to working with the forge. After a simple discussion, its decided that Ling Yue will be the assistance and was charged with selecting the ore and carrying out the final cooling phase.

Due to the limited time of merely two hours for the competition, everyone quickly got to it after dividing the labors among themselves. First up was the screening process of the ores.

Stacked into piles, over a thousand pieces of Yuan Iron ores were neatly placed inside the smelting hall by the staffs already. If a team can select an ore of fine quality, the benefits will be apparent in the final product.

’’To dare steal the Mountain Sea Gang's ore, you lot don't want to live eh.’’ Approaching the area with the most people, Song Guang Zhi quietly whispered this threat to those currently picking through the heaps of ores.

Out of consideration for the Mountain Sea Gang's infamy and the domineering attitude of this guy, the rest of the contestants quickly backed out from selecting due to fear of retribution.

This applied to everyone except Ling Yue who continued her goal of selecting the best ore she can find.

’’Little bitch, enjoy this while you can. Once the smelting conference ends, I will watch carefully in how you die.’’ Song Guang Zhi didn't have the energy to pay attention to Ling Yue either at this moment. Murmuring to himself, he kept wondering if he had caused some brain damage to Ye Huang Cheng. Otherwise, why would the guy send out an inexperienced girl for something as critical as picking the raw material.

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Song Guang Zhi may have been a young lord of a wealthy household, but he was raised under the roof of a mining family. One look, that's all he needed, and he could clearly figure out the fineness of the iron ore without being too far off from his judgement.

Rather it was Ling Yue who was acting amateurish right now. Aside from looking at the surface, she did what no one else would do: go and touch the ore. That sort of style was clearly that of some amateurs.

By now Song Guang Zhi have decided on his choice and brought out a Yuan Iron of fifty percent quality from the heaps of rocks.

In the vicinity of Glass City, fifty percent in raw form was already the highest grade one can find without any processing.

Seeing the bully was done with his choosing, the rest of the contestants didn't hesitate and rushes up to sift through the pile, afraid they might miss their chance to pick a good one.

In succession, others were beginning to head back to their workstations after finding an ore of appropriate quality.

Ling Yue didn't miss the fact that Song Guang Zhi chose one of the best in the pile, but she didn't care. With her cauldron and spirit smoke in hand, she patiently screened through every piece she could find.

Generally, if one used a fifty percent Yuan Iron ore and the artificial lava pit, the final result should yield a bar that's up to sixty percent in terms of quality. But Ling Yue can't accept that level of result because the flying dagger in her possession was already sixty percent purity rate after molding. Taking that into consideration, she can deduce that her uncle's skill can't compete with this Master Lian's, meaning she needs to make up for this gap with the ore she's going to pick out.

Using her thin and dainty body, she repeatedly scoured the piles for the right one, but no matter how she looked, the highest was only at fifty percent.

Seeing how half an hour had passed, Ye Huang Cheng was starting to become anxious back at the workstation because everyone else besides them were already well into the melting stage.

The reason why he would leave the choosing of the ore to Ling Yue was because on one occasion, he had overheard Ye Saint telling everyone that she had the golden touch when it came to picking out the ores.

This girl, it can't be that she's dropping the ball at this critical moment now is she?

’’The best here is only fifty percent, seems I have to use my spirit smoke to raise one of these pieces to sixty percent to aid uncle.’’ Just as she was sighing due to disappointment, her feet ended up kicking against something on the ground.

Looking down at the source, she came across a strange looking rock with a very different color from the rest. Unlike a regular ore, there's some obvious rust marks on the surface. Seems the thing's rusting due to excessive moisture.

Among all of these iron ores here, this single piece of rusted rock was particularly noticable.

She wasn't the only one to take notice of this thing. Like her, just about every other contestant had seen this rusted ore during their search and concluded its garbage at first sight.

A rusted iron ore, nine out of ten times the results would be inadequate under normal conditions, hence the reason why it's been kicked into a corner without anyone paying heed.

But things are going to change now that Ling Yue got her hands on it. From her palm, her cauldron mark was jumping around ceaselessly.

This feeling?

Not hesitating, Ling Yue reaches down to pick it up.

At the same moment when she picked up the rock from the ground, President Liao who was sitting on the sidelines also pricked his brow. From within his eyes, a flicker of meaningful light beamed through.

As for the other teams at their workstations, especially Master Lian and Song Guang Zhi, all had disdain in their eyes when she did so.

An amateur is an amateur, the Ye family is screwed now.

When Ling Yue had the rusted ore in her hand, she immediately injected her spirit smoke into it for appraisal. Several breaths later, she then hands the ore over to her uncle with confidence in her eyes.

’’What were you thinking when you picked this rusty ore.’’ He never expected this niece of his would waste more than half an hour just to pick this rusted ore.

’’Believe in me, this piece is the best in there. Besides, what does it matter if it's a little rusty. The lava will remove any rust that's grown on it.’’ Ling Yue speaks with confidence in her voice.

Although Ye Huang Cheng was still doubtful in his mind, but the confidence in his niece's words have imperceptibly infected him.

Half an hour is gone already and most of the good quality ores in the piles are taken. No way to distinguish the quality due to the rust and no time left to spare. Fine, maybe I will get an unexpected surprise at the end.

Deeply sucking in a big breath, he exposes his bulging muscles under his sleeves and orders Ling Yue to start the fire.

Pouring the molten lava into the forging stove, Ye Huang Cheng quickly places the rusted ore into the flame to perform the first part of the melting stage.

Under the intense temperature of the lava, the Yuan Iron soon became a molten red in an instant.

Seeing the ore was about ready for working, he raises a heavy hammer weighing no less than fifty pounds or more with his right hand and smashes down by infusing his Yuan energy into his wrist. Bang after bang, the impurities began to peel off one after another like shedding scales from his immense strength as a lower celestial martialist.


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