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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 82


Chapter 82 ’’Smelting Conference’’ (Part One)

Against those scolding words made by the president, Sha Zhen couldn't make a peep and could only stand there in silence

Turning around after putting the kid in his place, the president's aura mildly calmed a bit after seeing Ling Yue in his sight.

’’My little friend, you are here too? I've just recently heard about what happened with your family, rest assured, that will never happen again during the smelting conference.’’ Against the polite attitude made by the president towards this brat, everyone on Sha Zhen's side became shockingly surprised.

Following President Liao's promise, they honestly didn't dare to try anything funny during the event.

’’President Liao, I happen to have something important to declare. Just a few days ago, our family in the Seven Star Mountain found a Xuan Yin Jade vein in our mine. After a long deliberation by our family head, we have decided to ask the Alchemist Association to co-develop the vein together with us.’’ Taking this opportunity, Ye Huang Cheng stepped forward and threw this out.

It wasn't only President Liao who was surprised by this news, both Sha Zhen and Song Gong Zhi were horrified by this outcome.

Damn this Ye family, to think they are willing to go this far to share the Xuan Yin Jade vein with the Alchemist Association.

Ever since the incident from a few days ago, both brothers got a wakeup call and began discussing the matter together.

For this Song Guang Zhi to be able to employ the Mountain Sea Gang into helping him, there must be a reason. Musing over the issue back and forth, the only answer they can come up with was the jade vein back at home.

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Otherwise these wicked people from the Mountain Sea Gang would never aid a ruined house like the Song Clan.

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Ye Gu already told Ye Huang Cheng this prior to his departure. If there's ever a crisis in Glass City and both brothers can't cope with it, they can then decide for the family and inform the Alchemist Association of the jade vein.

This way around, the Ye family may have to give up fifty percent of their share, but in return they will get the protection of the Alchemist Association.

After all, considering the Ye family's current strength, they are unable to protect this property even if they got the heart to do so.

’’This matter, I will send the vice president to go back with you after the smelting conference. If things are as you say, then the Alchemist Association will definitely not mistreat you guys in the future.’’ President Liao was also an old fox so how can he not see through to the Ye family's intent.

Regardless, he's not going to poke that balloon for this proposition will only bring benefits to his side with no demerits attached.

Meanwhile on the other end, those from the Mountain Sea Gang was fuming to the point of exploding. They had originally planned to send a group of assassins to Autumn Maple Town after the conference and wipe out the Ye family, but who would've thought the Alchemist Association would suddenly get involved. Now the precious jade vein can only fly away.

’’The smelting conference is about to begin. Everyone please come with me to the third floor of the building where the smelting hall is located and prepare for the contest.’’ After the president says this, Ling Yue and Ye Huang Cheng steps forward to represent their Ye family.

As for the Mountain Sea Gang's side, it was Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian who will be competing.

Not missing the unfamiliar face of Master Lian's, Ye Huang Cheng knits his brow because he had expected Song Guang Zhi to employ an old smith once employed by the Song House. To think such a young man would come out was beyond him.

’’The man is an alchemist, and unlike a common alchemist, his spirit force is very good.’’ Noticing her uncle's questioning gaze, Ling Yue comes up to tell him what she knew.

She never exchanged blows with this Master Lian before, but she did have his flying dagger. After some inquiry at the association, she's been told by some of the other alchemists that the number of people capable of controlling a weapon with only their spirit force inside Glass City didn't exceed five. Among the group was President Liao himself.

But from his getup alone, this Master Lian should still be a quasi-alchemist, that's one point Ling Yue couldn't figure out.

Due to the smelting conference being semi-closed off, the rest of the non-participants can only wait on the first floor of the hall and await the results. To be certain nothing interrupts the event, even the association was taking a day off from conducting business.

Under normal circumstances, the third floor of the Alchemist Association building would remain closed off to the outside world, the only exception being in use by an alchemist to concoct patterned Dan pills or Yellow or higher-class weapons.

As soon as Ling Yue and her uncle came up to the third floor, they were welcomed by the sight of over a hundred individuals waiting inside already.

These people are all from the nearby township with no lacking of mastersmiths carrying decades of experience behind their backs.

After all, the winner of this smelting conference can enjoy a generous reward in addition to becoming the military's iron supplier. Best part of all, the winner can apply to join the Alchemist Association, not something one can easily achieve without being an alchemist themselves.

Further ahead were a two-meter-tall stone door with a clear engravement depicting a cauldron.

As soon as it swung open, a heat wave instantly came rushing out.


Bursts of gasping voices broke out one after another.

How surprising, to think the third floor of the Alchemist Association would be an open sized hall with access passages to various rooms.

The inside was divided into two segments, the north and the south. The south segment being comprised of many large forging tables with the south covered with heavy cauldrons, and right at the center of this room was a volcanic lava pit that will never extinguish throughout the year

Of course, this lava pit wasn't a natural occurrence and was made entirely by the Alchemist Association themselves. To think they are able to imitate something of this magnitude...

Compared to the natural lava pit found by the Ye family inside the mountains, this artificial version wouldn't lose out to the real deal in terms of temperature at all.

It's no wonder the Alchemist Association could produce higher quality weapons and Dan pills than the rest. They already figured the extreme temperature of lava can improve their results.

At this moment Governor Lan and President Liao also walked inside following everyone else.

When Governor Lan noticed Ling Yue's presence in the crowd, his eyes definitely showed some shock and disbelief. Nevertheless, he kept his cool and only gave a friendly nod as a greeting.

’’Everyone, for this year's smelting conference, we have the honor of inviting the governor of Glass City to personally act as the judge alongside me today. For the competition, there is only one task today and that is to smelt Yuan Iron. Each group will consist of two people and whoever can produce the highest quality end product in two hours will be the champion.’’

At that, the crowds all got into their respective teams and took to a spot of their choosing.

Not wanting to lose out, Ling Yue and her uncle Ye Huang Cheng picked a spot closer to the artificial lava pit for ease of access.

’’Ling Yue, I and Ye Qing have wronged you and your mother in the past, for that, I'm sorry. This time the smelting conference is key to our family's rise to glory again, I hope you can cooperate with fourth uncle and follow my command.’’ Before the official start of the contest, Ye Huang Cheng suddenly opens his mouth.

’’I won't forgive you.’’ He expected his genuine apology would be accepted, yet Ling Yue did the polar opposite and refused him bluntly.

’’I remember them all, the things you've done to me and my mother. I'm no saint, and the only reason I'm working with you is because the blood flowing in our veins is the same, that is all.’’

Ling Yue's coldness left Ye Huang Cheng both angry and embarrassed because he knew she's right.

This damn girl, to think she wouldn't show the tiniest bit of face to me. At the very least I'm still her elder.

But under the gazes of all these eyes, he can't even throw a tantrum.

Witnessing this scene not far away, both Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian were snickering inside over their bickering.


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