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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 81


Chapter 81 ’’On Behalf of the Ye Family in the Contest’’

’’No, this matter isn't fifth uncle's fault, its mine for getting into a conflict with the Mountain Sea Gang. Their cooperation is clearly the result of them wanting to exact revenge on me.’’ Aside from the guilt plaguing Ling Yue's heart, there were more anger than anything else when seeing the serious injuries sustained by the two mastersmiths.

They've gone too far!

Ling Yue asked Lan Caier to take care of Ye Huang Xuan and his family in Glass City, sure enough, the girl did just that by stationing people to watch over them. However, that didn't apply to Ye Huang Cheng and the rest that just came into the city, something Ling Yue overlooked and was paying dearly for it now.

This wasn't just her fault, Ye Huang Xuan and the rest too didn't expect Song Guang Zhi and his goonies to be so bold and make a move while in the vicinity of the Alchemist Association.

It's easy to dodge if the foe was out in the open but difficult in the dark. If she wants to truly protect her family right now then the only solution was to uproot the very source of that hidden danger.

’’It's useless to say this now, our chance to take the prize in the smelting conference is all but gone at this point.’’ Due to his depressed attitude, Ye Huang Cheng thoroughly lost his cool and began to mope over the situation.

His father had given him something as important as overseeing the smelting conference, but now it's all ruined under his watch.

Squatting down, Ye Huang Cheng holds his head with both hands in total defeat.

He's not blind to know that with only his strength, he can never stand up to the Mountain Sea Gang.

’’No, we haven't lost yet.’’ Ling Yue's statement slightly startled Ye Huang Cheng that's moping on the floor, it's already at this point, is there some other way?

’’We are all part of the same family so we must band together and come up with a solution. Ling Yue, if you got a plan then let us hear it. As long as its plausible, I and fourth brother here will definitely support you.’’ Both uncles unanimously looked towards Ling Yue with anticipation after Ye Huang Xuan says this.

Without anyone realizing it, these people have taken this thirteen-year-old girl as their backbone.

’’You should also have some smelting knowledge. Since both masters can no longer perform, then I and fourth uncle will participate in the smelting conference.’’ Ling Yue's word literally caused both of their jaws to drop.

’’Ling Yue, are you sure?’’ Ye Huang Xuan sounded doubtful.

’’I've seen the process in the forge before and I also attempted it myself. Here, this is a sample of what I made before.’’ As she says this, Ling Yue conveniently pulls out a piece of fifty percent Yuan Iron that she refined with her spirit smoke.

Now that Ling Yue's control over her cauldron's spirit smoke has improved, its natural that she can produce way better stuff than this. Regardless, this lowly fifty percent bar was enough to cause both these uncles to pop their eyes.

As veterans in the business, they all understand that in order to reach this stage of one's skill, it would take an average person no less than a decade or two before their skills and experience gets honed enough.

But this girl, how long did she mingle with the ores? A month? Several months? How can she be so incredible!

If she's not lying, then she would be a genius in smelting Yuan Iron.

Either way, both brothers don't have any other paths to take at this point because there are only a few days before the contest begins.

Even if they send someone to contact the family back at Autumn Maple Town, it will be too late before help arrives.

’’Fourth brother, we can only believe in Ling Yue. First you get your injuries in check and then we will make our plans when the smelting conference rolls around.’’ Ye Huang Xuan only needed a quick thought before agreeing.

A few days later, the smelting conference in Glass City finally convenes as planned.

On behalf of the Ye family, Ling Yue and Ye Huang Cheng arrives at the Alchemist Association in the predetermined hour.

Upon entry, they immediately came across Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian, as well as several of the Mountain Sea Gang's people. Among the group were the recently recovered young boss Sha Zhen.

By selling out the information of the Ye family's Xuan Yin Jade vein, Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian have now officially taken refuge in the Mountain Sea Gang.

Relying on this force as their backer, these two despicable bastards were fearless in the city and gained quite the infamy to their names in the past few days.

’’It's you again you little bitch. What, the Ye family didn't learn their lessons yet and still dare come participate in the smelting conference?’’ Since the day Sha Zhen consumed that specially concocted ’’miracle pill’’ made by Ling Yue, he's been feeling nauseated down to his very core.

Whatever he eats now, he would vomit it back out. Even now, a powerful stench of horse excrement would rush up from his stomach from time to time.

’’Isn't that right. Do the Ye family expect to attend the conference by using a little slutty bitch like you?’’ At Song Guang Zhi's disturbing statement, Master Lian also turns his sight over to the newcomer.

Finding Ling Yue's exquisite face coming into his sight, Master Lian's lustful and conniving self once again surfaced.

It wasn't until after Ye Gu's birthday feast did he learn about Ling Yue and her mother's identity was in fact the very same ’’flower sisters’’ he's been eyeing.

He's long made his decision already. If he can take the crown in this smelting conference today, he will definitely demand the gang boss to snatch this mother and daughter pair for him so he can enjoy some threesomes with them both.

’’Song Guang Zhi, don't think just because you colluded with the Mountain Sea Gang that you can do whatever you want.’’ Ye Huang Cheng states this with redness in his eyes. After several days of rest and remedying, about eighty percent of his hand's functions has been restored. If not out of consideration for the smelting conference, he would never let this Song Guang Zhi off right now.

’’You better watch your tongue now Ye Huang Cheng, this here is Glass City, not Autumn Maple Town.’’ Sha Zhen completely disregards the guy.

’’So the young boss also knows this is Glass City, then I'm sure you also know about the law too. From your looks, it seems your spirits in good health after recovering from your injury.’’ Ling Yue clicks her tongue twice in a sneering fashion.

Between his legs, a chilling sensation suddenly hit Sha Zhen in the crouch.

It been strange for him. Sha Zhen can clearly see the girl's only at the constitution domain back then, but ever since that last encounter, he's been unable to see through to her cultivation. What a freaky girl.

’’Little bitch, I still didn't pay you back for the last time. Now that Lan Caier isn't here today, I like to see who can protect you.’’ Sha Zhen may have been cured, but whenever he wanted to perform with a woman recently, his manhood just won't raise.

He's been suspecting the girl did something to him back then.

’’Sha Zhen, are you planning to start a fight while in the associations premise?’’ Behind came a cold grunt of an old man.

Coming out were President Liao and several of the alchemists of this place.

They've also heard about the incident with the Ye family and how lawless the Mountain Sea Gang's been acting.

Seeing President Liao in person, Sha Zhen's arrogant attitude promptly deflated as he hurried over to ask for forgiveness.

’’President Liao, you mustn't misunderstand, I'm only kidding around with the Ye family.’’ Compared to his Mountain Sea Gang, the Alchemist Association was way bigger.

If he screws this up and gets blacklisted from purchasing weapons and Dan pills here, it's a certainty the Mountain Sea Gang will have quite the headache on their hands.

’’If you know then act like it. Forget about you, even if your father personally came today he will still need to behave. I'm stating this now. If you try anything funny and interfere with the proceeding of the smelting conference, I will personally see to it you guys pay dearly afterwards.’’ The president hands the bomb down instantly.


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