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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 80


Chapter 80 ’’The Paper Crane has a Consciousness’’

The brewing process for the Five Treasure wine wasn't difficult, what's difficult was the proportions for the ingredients must be perfect.

Another key note, the most important ingredient, a nucleus of a Female Ghost Spider, can only be found in the marshes.

This type of insect was a third rank spirit beast, very dangerous and deadly. Unless a lower celestial martialist or higher tackles this opponent, anyone otherwise would be foolish to even try.

In order to make sure she succeeds in brewing the Five Treasure wine, An Ming Xia came prepared this time and brought over a dozen master martialists from the Marquise's residence.

After getting all of this in her head, it finally dawned on Ling Yue why An Ming Xia would be so confident in grasping victory.

Where am I going to find a lower or even an upper celestial martialist so quickly?

Mother is an upper celestial martialist, that's for sure, but she's all the way back at home in the Seven Slope Mine and Lan Caier is only a single person.

To make things worse, I just had to go and agree to let that Feng Shen tag along. Now what am I supposed to do....

But with another thought, she figured Feng Shen would definitely bring some guards along for the ride.

If not a hundred then at least a dozen, there's no way a prince wouldn't have some decent bodyguards.

Who knows, maybe me and Lan Caier wouldn't even need to move our hands and Feng Shen's people would've done it for us instead.

I might as well worry about brewing the Five Treasure wine instead.

Thinking up to here, Ling Yue decides to leave the Drunken Immortal entirely after leaving Lan Caier a couple of appeasing words.

Back outside the restaurant in Feng Shen's carriage, a lively looking paper crane was fluttering about in his hand.

Flapping those golden wings, the once inanimate object gently and intimately kisses Feng Shen's palm like a real bird would do.

Ever since that night when it returned to his possession, this little thing had gone through some subtle changes like it just gained a consciousness and could recognize him as its master.

Like just now for example. Earlier inside the restaurant, this little guy was hiding inside Feng Shen's sleeve and refused to calm down in front of Ling Yue's presence.

That's when Feng Shen determined the one to send him the paper crane must be this very same girl before him.

Squinting his eyes, a faint smile surfaced on his face without any effort.

’’To think it would be her.’’

Since that day when the paper crane relieved him of his cold sickness, Feng Shen's been secretly investigating the owner of the letters he received.

Pity though, that period coincided with Ling Yue's departure from Glass City, thus yielding no results. Tough as this paper crane may be, the spirit force inside it simply wasn't large enough to support its search all the way over to Autumn Maple Town.

For this reason alone, Feng Shen's been dispirited for a while now and nearly caused Mr. Mu to seek the president again for help.

Yet who would have guessed he would unexpectedly run into her today at the Drunken Immortal.

’’If you aren't sick then quit bitching you dimwit.’’ Just thinking of that phrase causes Feng Shen's eye to show a trace of naughtiness.

Due to being orphaned since young, Feng Shen's personality tended to be on the mature side whenever he dealt with anything. Therefore, this would honestly be his first time of wanting to play a trick on someone else.

If she were to find out I'm that ’’bitching’’ guy, I wonder what sort of expression she will make?

He clearly only just separated from her yet he's already looking forward to their reunion in a couple of days.

At the same time during Ling Yue's scuffle in the restaurant, Ye Huang Cheng (fourth uncle) and two of the Ye family's master smiths were just finishing up their participation documents in the Alchemist Association branch for the smelting conference.

This event was held once a year in Glass City, but unlike the previous times, the smelting conference this year included the right to supply the military with Yuan Iron, thus making it particularly lively for those interested.

Without incident, just about every town nearby had sent their own representatives for this occasion.

Fortunately, this time the Alchemist Association was responsible for hosting the event and couldn't bring out their own members for the contest, giving the Ye family a very high chance of taking the crown this year.

After signing their names on the roster, Ye Huang Cheng (fourth uncle) and the two mastersmiths were just about to depart for home when he encountered Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian at the entrance.

Seeing this hateful pair, Ye Huang Cheng can't possibly look any darker right now.

’’Song Guang Zhi, you got some nerve to appear in front of me.’’ Just remembering that blaze which nearly took his family's life was enough to make him want to rush up and kill the bastards.

For that incident, over one-third of the Seven Slope Mine was destroyed and many more injured.

Song Mo Shi may have died that night, but this Song Guang Zhi's been unaccounted for since then. To think he's been hiding in Glass City all this time.

’’Ye Huang Cheng, what do you take this place for. This is Glass City, not your backyard where you can do whatever you want.’’ Without a spec of fear in his voice, Song Guang Zhi signals the followers behind him to step forward.

It was already night time when Ling Yue returned home that day after separating from Lan Caier.

As soon as she entered the door, she could already sense something's not right.

’’Ling Yue, you are finally back! Things are not good, someone injured your fourth uncle and the mastersmiths that came with him.’’ While her fifth aunt rushes out to tell her this, Ling Yue didn't miss the physician that followed soon after her.

Regarding Ye Huang Cheng's cultivation, Ling Yue did have some knowledge about it. Before her mother's recovery, this fourth uncle was only second to Ye Gu and Ye Huang Shu in terms of martial ability.

There's no doubt there are some rivalry between them, but she honestly can't say this father and son pair did anything to provoke her lately. Besides, family was family. If she didn't go have a look now then it will make her seem insensible.

Like that, Ling Yue entered the mansion by following the physician.

Aside from some physical wounds suffered by Ye Huang Cheng, the ones that needed the most attention were the two mastersmiths that came along for the contest.

None of the occupants inside looked any good right, especially this fourth uncle where his intense gloominess can literally manifest itself after the physician made a prescription.

’’Sir Huang Xuan, I've done my best, but the tendons for both masters here have been severed. Even if cured, it will be difficult for them to continue their jobs in the forge.’’ The doctor shakes his head with regret in his voice.

Hearing the doctor's statement, Ye Huang Cheng's body shivered so intensely that he nearly lost his footing and fell backwards.

Like everyone else, the two mastersmiths could no longer hold back their tears at this point.

Now that the smelting conference was around the corner, plus they already signed up for it, this news would be the worst possible thing the Ye family can ask for.

Both of these mastersmiths are Ye Huang Cheng's long-time subordinates and have worked for more than a decade in the Ye family. Seeing how his men became cripples like this, he can't stop himself from being remorseful.

’’Song Guang Zhi, I will never let you get away with this.’’ Just as Ye Huang Cheng wanted to dash out for revenge like a furious lion, his brother Huang Xuan made it in time and tightly held him back on the waist.

’’Fourth brother, you must stay calm. If Song Guang Zhi colluded with the Mountain Sea Gang then you alone will not be their opponent.’’

Asking around for the story, Ling Yue then learns that during her uncle's trip to the Alchemist Association, they somehow ended up encountering Song Guang Zhi and the goonies from the Mountain Sea Gang and ended up in a fight.

Due to the opposition sending out several lower celestial martialists for the fight, her uncle and the two mastersmiths were easily subdued in the brawl. If not for the Alchemist Association stepping in at the critical moment, its likely Ye Huang Cheng himself would be in the same state as the other two.

Vicious in their methods, anyone can tell these people are specialists in how accurate they managed to severe one's tendons.

’’Fourth brother, it's all my fault for not staying on alert against the Mountain Sea Gang.’’ Ye Huang Xuan couldn't stop blaming himself.


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