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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 8


The Sly Emperor's Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 8

From the first rank of the constitution domain to the second rank of the constitution domain- three days!

From the second rank of the constitution domain to the third rank of the constitution domain - fifteen days!

This type of shocking speed of improvement had definitely never been seen before in Ye family. Even when the former Ye family number one genius Ye Huang Yu learned that her daughter had broken through again, she had gone temporarily inane. It was most likely that her daughter - in the martial arts aspect - was really gifted. Ye Huang Yu could only use this to respond to her own inquiries.

(The exact proverb was天赋异禀 which more literally means rare god-given talent)

However once Ye Ling Yue broke through to the third rank of the constitution domain and according to the agreement made by Ye Huang Yu to her, Ye Huang Yu now had to teach her Ye family's basic martial arts.

’’Da Xia's martial arts are Nine Streams martial arts. The Bursting Thunder Fists I will be teaching you today is one of the Nine Streams martial arts skills and is also a unique fist skill created by our Ye family great ancestor. This fist skill has power like thunder and keenness like that of flashes. When this is trained to the peak, one can release six flashes of blue lightning-like light and blast stones and break jade, thus giving it its name of Bursting Thunder Fists.’’ Ye Huang Yu knew that her daughter had been yearning to learn martial arts quite a while ago, however, according to Ye family rules, only once she reached the third rank could she learn the basic martial arts.

The Nine Streams martial arts - to Ye Ling Yue - was only the first step and so she didn't place much important onto the grades.

She knew that that day when she and Ye Qing had battled, he had used the Bursting Thunder Fists, however he was only able to release two flashes of blue light. It seemed his Bursting Thunder Fists had not yet been trained to the consummate level.

’’I will first perform the Burst Thunder Fists. You should see all the moves clearly.’’ When Ye Huang Yu finished speaking, she flapped her sleeves and bent her back slightly. One could only see her stride through a series of steps. Ye Ling Yue opened her eyes wide as she immersed her full attention into watching her mother. When the skill was nearly finished, 6 streams of light flashed by as rapid as the fulmination of a meteor. Even the air around immediately became distorted.

Ye Huang Yu's speed wasn't fast, however, after the whole fist skill was finished, Ye Ling Yue only remembered half of it. Ye Huang Yu was very patient and performed the whole skill again allowing Ye Ling Yue to remember the whole fist skill.

’’Although the Bursting Thunder Fists is only a Nine Streams martial arts skill, however, once one can create 6 streams of light and form power rivaling that of lightning, it is enough to blast open a large rock. You're only beginning. Remembering the whole fist skill is really...’’ Ye Huang Yu retracted her fist pose and her words had just landed before...

She only saw Ye Ling Yue's feet glide about, her pair of eyes bright and piercing. Ye Ling Yue slowly copied Ye Huang Yu's fist skill and completed the whole process. At the end, there was only a 'shua' noise and a streak of blue light burst out from her fist. That steak of blue light was only maintained for the short period of a breath, however it was undeniable that the light was the Bursting Thunder Fists's blue light.

’’Only one streak.’’ Ye Ling Yue pursed her lips, feeling extremely displeased about herself. Even Ye Qing was able to release two streaks of light, yet she was only able to do one. Ye Huang Yu was speechless. She managed to release one streak of blue light on her first time! After her daughter became smart, she (Ye Ling Yue) had continuously amazed her (Ye Huang Yu).

’’Haste brings no success. If you practice some more, you will naturally be able to release more streaks of light.’’ Ye Huang Yu wasn't able to decide whether to laugh or cry.

Just like this, the mother and daughter pair, one practiced, while the other gave advice. Unconsciously, the sky darkened. Until it was nighttime and when Ye Ling Yue had managed to release her second streak of light, did the two enter their rooms again. Not very far away, Ye Gu watched the mother and daughter pair with a deep expression.

A sheet of white had just lit up the borders of the sky. Outside of the northern manor, the figure of a person was moving about.

The sound of wind generated by fists swirled about. Under the morning glow, 4 streaks of blue lightning fell on the trunk of an old tree. The tree trunk immediately turned charred and black.

’’I finally managed to release 4 streaks of lightning, however the distance from being able to hit out 6 streaks is still quite far.’’ Ye Ling Yue wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead.

After countless days of practicing, her Bursting Thunder Fists could finally be considered as being a small success.

After the sky lit up, Ye Yin Shuang - like always- came to walk with Ye Ling Yue to the Martial Arts Hall.

’’Ling Yue, your skin is really good. We both practice under the burning sun, yet why has your skin not darkened at all?’’ Ye Yin Shuang looked at Ye Ling Yue enviously.=

Yin Shuang was 15 years old this year. When females reach this age, they all start to care more about their appearance. Her facial features were quite good, however, because from a young age she began practicing under the sun, her skin became darker and darker. Because of this, she was often mocked by her relatives in the Ye family.

’’I normally used this type of herb solution to bathe. It must be because of this herb solution. If you like it, you can try it at home.’’ Ye Ling Yue smiled. Ye Yin Shuang was quite nice to herself. Giving her a vial of Vital Condensation Grass Solution was nothing.

Ye Yin Shuang grinned as she took the vial from Ye Ling Yue.

When they both came to the door of the Martial Arts Hall, they were suddenly blocked by Ye Qing and the people he brought over.

’’Ye Ling Yue, could it be that you at the heart of a leopard? You actually dared to come here!’’ After having his both hands being broken by Ye Huang Yu, he had to stay at home for half a month to recover from the wounds. The moment his wounds healed, the first thing he had planned was to go to the Martial Arts Hall for revenge.

’’Ling Yue meimei is auntie's daughter. She is also surnamed Ye, why isn't she allowed to go to the Martial Arts Hall?’’ Ye Yin Shuang placed a hand on her hip.

’’How could she be considered someone from the Ye family. She is only a little slut chased out from the Hong family.’’ Ye Qing laughed out loud.

Ye Yin Shuang had long thought of Ling Yue as her friend. When she heard Ye Qing's words, she furiously charged towards him.

Her body shone with a copper-colored glow, showing that she was at the third rank of the constitution domain.

Ye Qing unhurridely scoffed. His bones made clanking noises as his steel-like hands smashed towards Yin Shuang.

Hands like steel, the clanking of steel bones - that was the level of a fourth rank constitution domain cultivator. No wonder Ye Qing had no fear. It seemed that in the half a month, Ye Huang Cheng had given him quite a lot of spiritual grasses allowing him to suddenly break through from the third rank to the fourth rank.

’’The fourth rank of the constitution domain!’’

At the fourth rank, Ye Qing's strength greatly pressured Ye Yin Shuang.

Ye Yin Shuang knew the situation wasn't good, however, there wasn't even enough time for her to retreat.

Just as Ye Qing's fists smashed towards Yin Shuang, two streaks of blue lightning passed by Yin Shuang towards Ye Qing.

’’Bursting Thunder Fists.’’

The two streaks of blue lightning formed a powerful wave of strength. Ye Qing's hands became numb as he stumbled back a large step.

Ye Qing originally had the upperhand, but in a moment, the situation changed. Everyone was all shocked as they stared towards the direction in which the streaks of blue lightning came from. After taking a closer look, the person who released the lightning was actually Ye Ling Yue!

’’Ye Ling Yue, you secretly learned Ye family's martial arts. I'm going to tell grandfather.’’ The skin on Ye Qing's hand had already charred by the Bursting Thunder Fists. However, he was not angry, rather he was happy. According to Ye family rules, only once someone reached the third rank could they learned the basic martial arts of the Ye fmaily. Ye Ling Yue had even entered the Ye family Martial Arts Hall for a month. A first rank constitution cultivator being able to use the Bursting Thunder Fists could only mean that Ye Huang Yu had secretly taught her.

What a Ye Huang Yu! The previous debts hadn't been dealt with, and she had already broken Ye family rules. This time, he would definitely chase that worthless mother and daughter pair out of the Ye family.

’’Ye Qing, other than telling your grandfather and your father, what else can you do? The Bursting Thunder Fists were taught by my mother openly. She didn't break the family rules.’’ Ye Ling Yue sternly said.

’’You're lying. Unless you broke through to the third rank, you can't learn Bursting Thunder Fists.’’ Ye Qing angrily replied.

’’Since you already broke through to the fourth-rank, why can I not break through to the third-rank?’’ The corners of Ye Ling Yue's lips lifted up slightly as she looked Ye Qing like how someone would look at a moron.


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