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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 79


Chapter 79 ’’He Wanted to Protect Her’’

That tone of Feng Shen's.... had three points of sadness, three points of begging, and four points of throwing a tantrum?!

In cooperation with his heartbreaking face to the male se* and fluttery heart beat to a woman, the lethality can't be missed. If Ling Yue didn't have such strong self-control, she would've lost herself in a daze just by looking at him.

Too demonic. She inwardly scolds

’’Fine then, what lord or prince, I'll just call you Feng Shen and you can call me Ling Yue.’’ Graceful in her words, Ling Yue shocked Lan Caier and everyone else greatly by this.

This was especially true for An Ming Xia as she gnashed her teethes like a venomous viper with those eyes.

This shameless country bumpkin, who knows what sort of trick she used to fool the Phoenix Lord into this.

’’Ling Yue, these silver is my way of thanking you for saving my life. Please don't refuse my goodwill.’’ Feng Shen had long been eavesdropping on the group from next door.

Unsure why, but when heard the derogatory words made by An Ming Xia about Ling Yue, an uncontrollable rage stirred inside his heart like waves in a storm.

Uncharacteristically, he even openly stepped in to help Ling Yue because he wants to protect her.... and not let her suffer the slightest injustice.

This was Feng Shen's first time of wanting to take a girl under his wing and love her.

’’Feng Shen, I am very grateful that you can support me with the silver here, but I can't take what is yours without offering anything in return. The debt you owe me is already repaid with that bag of coins.’’ Its true Ling Yue lacks money right now, but her pride doesn't allow her to take advantage of someone she knows.

’’If you feel indebted then you can give me the wine in your hand as payment.’’ Exhibiting a smile, that face alone was enough to melt a person.

Meanwhile behind Feng Shen, Mr. Mu who had tagged along when his young lord entered the room had become dumbfounded over that smile.

Young master is smiling?! Oh great ancestors, the number of smiles he's making recently is more than what he showed in the past decade!

As such, Mr. Mu's attention was drawn towards the girl.

This little lass isn't all that exceptional, barely passable for a beauty and a commoner too. Honestly, I wonder why the young master is so attracted to her.

As if a jar of wine can be worth ten thousand silver. Even a fool can see the Phoenix Lord was being partial to Ling Yue.

’’If that's the case then thank you. After I brew the Five Treasure wine, I'll be sure to pay you back.’’ Not declining anymore, Ling Yue grabs the bank notes with one hand and pushes the wine jar away with the other.

’’But, I still have a request. I would like it if you would bring me along when you go gather the ingredients for the wine.’’ As Feng Shen passes the notes over, his hand ’’unintentionally’’ bumps against Ling Yue's hand.

As they made contact, Feng Shen's complexion immediately flushed red as he bounces it back in a hurry.

Can it be this Phoenix Lord wants to learn how to brew wine with me?

These royalties sure got odd preferences, while Ling Yue remains puzzled over the request, Lan Caier was nodding her head like her life depended on it.

Don't kid around, who would dare refuse the Phoenix Lord's request!

’’Young master, your body...’’ Mr. Mu on the side rushes over to add in his worry.

’’Teacher Mu, my body is fine, I am much better now. Did you forget? President Liao said that I should go out some more to get more fresh air.’’ Feng Shen naughtily says this.

Against that statement, Mr. Mu can only bitterly close his mouth.

’’That's not an issue, one more person and one less won't make a difference.’’ Not thinking much about it, Ling Yue easily agrees to this.

Therefore, under the strange eyes of the crowd, Ling Yue and An Ming Xia reached an agreement.

’’Humph, then so be it. First things first, don't blame me for not warning you. Win or lose, the wager must be covered by ourselves and not a third party.’’ An Ming Xia wasn't stupid. In her view, this country bumpkin will never be able to brew the Five Treasure wine. By then, was she supposed to ask the Phoenix Lord for money? She's not that stupid to seek her own death.

Then using Lan Caier as a witness, a wager note was written up to make sure no one can go back on their words.

’’Ling Yue, you know the Phoenix Lord?’’ Waiting until the crowd disperses, Lan Caier urgently pulls Ling Yue over for questioning.

’’We had a short encounter once. Back when I was coming to Glass City, I saved him from downing.’’ She didn't know it then, but who would've guessed the boy would be a prince of a sovereign state.

’’So that's why. No wonder the usually unpolitical Phoenix Lord would take notice of you.’’ Only after getting the ins and outs from Ling Yue did Lan Caier calm down slightly.

’’Sister Lan, just now the Phoenix Lord said he's a hostage prince from another state so why did all of you show that much respect for him?’’ She's been living a sheltered life thus far, but Ling Yue still had some knowledge about what a hostage prince was.

There are many affiliated kingdoms around Da Xia's border. In order to show their goodwill, many of the smaller kingdoms would send their princes or princesses to stay in Da Xia for educational purposes, but in actual fact, this was no different from a form of imprisonment. Clearly the way Feng Shen was being treated here was very different from a unfavored prince or princess of another state.

’’The Phoenix Lord is different from the others. Unlike a regular hostage prince, he's a prince of the North Qing kingdom and the only royalty with a different sur name from the royal house. Aside from his royal status, he also had another layer to his background, he's the house master of the infamously rich Phoenix Clan of North Qing.’’ Lan Caier was already an unimpeded individual in Da Xia, but in comparison to Feng Shen, she immediately fell short of the richest man of a state.

The North Qing Kingdom's name wasn't unfamiliar to Ling Yue.

There are many small to medium sized kingdoms around Da Xia with Da Xia falling into the medium sized class. As for North Qing, that kingdom was one of the few large and powerful kingdoms in this region with formidable military strength.

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To make a comparison. If the king of Da Xia were to meet the king of North Qing, then the former must bow to the latter like a younger brother meeting a bigger brother.

Since Feng Shen's highly favored by the king of North Qing, he's no different from being a representative of his kingdom itself.

Sadly, no matter how high and noble his status may be, it's rumored that he's been poisoned while still in his mother's womb, causing him to suffer from an incurable cold sickness since birth.

And due to exceptionally cold winters of the north, the alchemists in North Qing had advised him to travel down south to Da Xia during this season to nurse his body.

In the end it all came down to the fact that Feng Shen was no citizen of Da Xia. To avoid any complications during his travel, the king of North Qing specifically arranged for Feng Shen to be a hostage prince so that he will be treated as an emissary instead of just a simple noble of another state.

So, on the surface he's a hostage prince, but in actual fact he's only nursing in Da Xia during the winter season.

Hearing all this, Ling Yue now understands why everyone would be so afraid of Feng Shen when seeing the kid.

’’I've long heard that Feng Shen only decided to stay in Glass City due to a sudden relapse of his cold sickness. Who would've guessed he would suddenly show up in here. But then again, Ling Yue, I got to say this, you are simply too bold. Do you even know how to brew the Five Treasure wine?’’ Lan Caier made a face full of worry over the contest.

She's not so ignorant to not see how An Ming Xia's been eyeing the Phoenix Lord all this time. If not for the prince openly siding with Ling Yue, An Ming Xia likely wouldn't have deliberately provoked for this wager so hard.

Honestly, in terms of knowledge about alcohol brewing, Ling Yue really was limited to only the monkey wine.

’’Five Treasure wine is a popular brew in the royal capital. According to the rumors, it's said to be brewed by combining five different poisonous herbs and bugs together.’’

Due to the countering effects of the poisons from the herbs and insects, the wine not only didn't harm its consumer, it can in fact nourish one's health.

’’There's another thing I need to tell you, the original creator of the Five Treasure wine is An Ming Xia's mother, also owner of the number one restaurant in the capital: Fairy.’’ Seeing the ignorant face that Ling Yue's making, Lan Caier knew then the girl didn't have a clue when she made the bet.


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