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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 78


Chapter 78 ’’He is the Phoenix Lord?’’

Speechless against that sort of questioning, An Ming Xia shuts her mouth.

The truth was, the taste of the monkey wine was fantastic, a first-rate product, something even this An Ming Xia can't find a wrong with it.

Turning her focus away for a second, An Ming Xia then came up with a scheme after seeing through to Ling Yue's low cultivation level.

’’A country bumpkin is a country bumpkin. Let me tell you, a good wine isn't just about the taste. It just so happens that my visit to Glass City this time is to find certain ingredients for brewing a type of wine called the 'Five Treasure Brew'. If you can brew a fine wine like the Five Treasure then I will recognize your skill and allow your wine to be sold at the Drunken Immortal.’’ As soon as An Ming Xia's voice ended, Lan Caier immediately wanted to refute the proposal after wrinkling her forehead into a knot.

’’Alright, we'll compete on who can brew this Five Treasure wine first.’’ Not letting Lan Caier to speak first, Ling Yue agrees before anyone else can say otherwise.

’’Hold on, I'm not finished yet. Even if you can make the Five Treasure wine, you must first pay a thousand gold pieces as entry fee to sell your wine here.’’ The second her words left her mouth, the unreasonable request astounded all of the occupants in the room.

A thousand gold coin entry fee?

Back when An Ming Xia relied on her elder brother to collaborate with Lan Caier for this restaurant, the initial investment she made was also a thousand gold coins.

Now that the Drunken Immortal was prospering in its business operations, An Ming Xia can at the very least earn a thousand silver per month for her portion.

If not for the sake of money, she wouldn't have kept up the relationship with Lan Caier till now.

’’An Ming Xia, what's the meaning of this. Back when you invested you only paid a thousand gold coins, but now you want a thousand gold pieces just for consigning a wine?’’ Lan Caier became very displeased with this demand.

’’True, originally I only spent a thousand gold for my share. However, the Drunken Immortal is no longer the same and is now earning gold by the buckets per day. Country bumpkin, do you know the meaning of buckets per day? I bet you've never even seen a bucket of gold in your life let alone know what I'm talking about. If you can't bring out that amount for entry then you are in no position to bargain with me.’’ She says this with disdain in her voice.

After seeing Ling Yue's getup, An Ming Xia figured the girl can never come up with a thousand gold pieces because that amount was equivalent to ten thousand silver!

’’An Ming Xia, what do you mean by that! If you want then fine, I will give you the ten thousand gold pieces!’’ Feeling the blood rushing up to her brain, Lan Caier splurged this out without thinking.

’’Sister Lan, this is my bet with Lady An so you mustn't meddle with this.’’ Thinking it over again, she honestly can't come up with a thousand gold coins right away.

But if she sold the Aloeswood and the blue patterned pills in her possession....

’’I'm willing to bet that amount for Miss Ye here, that she's able to brew the Five Treasure wine. May I know if Lady An is willing to take this gamble with me?’’ Gentle as the summer breeze, a voice interjected itself upon the group from outside the door.

Due to their commotion being too loud, it has alarmed the guests in the neighboring rooms.

Upon seeing the newcomer, the arrogant An Ming Xia immediately closed her mouth like her eyes about to drop out due to shock.

The person was about sixteen to seventeen years of age with a large chiffon robe and an emerald jade crown of very fine craftsmanship. Based on his luxurious wardrobe, this man definitely hailed from an exceptional background.

Walking in slowly, the person may have been accompanied by several of his guards, but all eyes were concentrated on him due to his breathtaking appearance. The affects were so strong that everyone practically forgot that they were still in the middle of a quarrel.

One look at the newcomer, Ling Yue immediately recognized the person to be the very same boy that nearly drowned in the river, Feng Shan.

Just as she was about to ask why he's here, Lan Caier beat her to the punch by exclaiming: ’’Hail to your highness, Phoenix Lord.’’ The crowd promptly kneeled at her words.

(Note: Feng Shan's status is more like a prince/duke kind of status, but because his real title doesn't exist in western culture, I can only use Lord and highness. If it was an empire, I would've used King instead but oh well, he's not from an empire.)

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While everyone was on their knees, only Ling Yue remains standing, dumbfounded by the situation.

This literally scared the daylights out of Lan Caier as she kept winking at Ling Yue to signal the girl to kneel.

’’Lady Lan, Lady An, no need to be so formal, I'm merely a hostage prince from another kingdom. All of you don't need to bow to me.’’ Since Feng Shen was a prince of another state, plus the highest in status here was Lan Caier being a titled princess, everyone does have to kneel and bow their heads if they went by formality.

Only now does Ling Yue know this unlucky and sickly poor boy was a genuine prince. It's no wonder he can easily give her a bag of gold as compensation.

Dammit, if I knew his wealth was so good then I should've asked for more!!Ling Yue inwardly cries with regret like a knife just took a piece of her away.

Compared to that day when she saved him, Feng Shen was still pale and sickly, but unlike before, it wasn't offending and even gave off a feeling that made others want to impulsively protect him.

Aside from Lan Caier and Ling Yue herself, pretty much every woman here was shooting love hearts at the guy as they flushed from shyness.

Taking this all in with indifference, Ling Yue can only sigh at the sight.

They all say beauty is a calamity, then Feng Shen is that calamity. How can someone be born this handsome!

Likely aware of Ling Yue's thought, Feng Shen raises a smile and nods at her in greeting. Seeing this from the back, An Ming Xia gnashes her teeth with jealousy swimming in her eyes.

North Qing's Phoenix Lord was a well-known handsome prince throughout the lands. A while back in the capital, An Ming Xia had the fortune of catching a glance of this handsome man, only one glance, and it was enough to mesmerize her to no ends.

This time also, when she heard the Phoenix Lord was staying in Glass City, An Ming Xia eagerly chased over here for a chance to see her dream man.

As a fanatical fan, she also went to visit the Phoenix manor for a chance to see Feng Shen in person. Unfortunately for her, she was denied entry and was told that due to illness, no visitors are accepted.

Feng Shen may be modest in his personality, but he would never mingle with just anyone. Even back in the capital of his kingdom, he only had a few acquaintances in his circle, let alone defending a girl in public like now. This would definitely be the first!

’’Lady An, I overheard you were talking about a wine called the Five Treasure Brew. I'm very interested and wants to join in on your gamble. Do you have any opinion on this idea?’’ As he says this, Feng Shen orders someone to bring out ten bank notes representing one thousand silver each.

Seeing those bank notes worth more than herself, Ling Yue's eye were glowing with desire.

Ten thousand silver is equivalent to one thousand gold.

This Feng Shen is either a wealthy giant or his family got too much money that he can't find a place to dump it. How can someone bring this much out just for a simple afternoon tea!

Devilishly handsome and a wealthy giant, the only demerit is his weak body. But then again, if his body is so weak, wouldn't that mean he's easy to kick the bucket? By then wouldn't all those assets be...... No wonder so many noble ladies and princesses would look at this guy with eyes of wanting to devour him in one bite.

If Feng Shen were to learn of Ling Yue's ridiculous and shameless thoughts, it would be quite the sight on the kind of expression he would make.

Although Ling Yue held a lot of interest on those bank notes, but she knew very well there's no free meal in this world. Moreover, she's not willing to take other's benefit without reason.

’’Lord Feng...’’ Just as Ling Yue was about to refuse.

’’I prefer it if Miss Ye calls me Feng Shen.’’ Those moving lips were truly hypnotic. Like the flickering candle light to a firefly, one can't help but be drawn into that voice.


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