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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 76


Chapter 76 ’’The Magical Use of Her Dimensional Space: Genetic Manipulation’’

Just as Ling Yue was ready to leave the Red Mist Sky, her eyes caught wind of Big Yellow that's currently playing with Little Squeak over on one corner.

Learning that the Yuan energy inside her dimensional space can help elevate one's cultivation, Ling Yue decided to take advantage of this fact and brought the dog in here too. This way around, Little Squeak will have a playmate while she worked during this period.

Due to her busy schedule thus far, Ling Yue's been careless and didn't notice until now. But with one look, she became astonished by Big Yellow's appearance.

It seems that under the effects of the Yuan energy inside the Red Mist Sky, the one to see the greatest benefit thus far turns out to be Big Yellow instead of her, the real owner.

Big Yellow's lineage was that of a dog and a wolf hybrid. By spending a month in here, this dog had gone through some drastic changes.

Like a bamboo shoot growing overnight, his dog features have gradually disappeared and his yellow fur carried a very healthy sheen that you simply can't find in a dog.

From what used to be a flat and withered abdomen was now a six pack and those limbs were bulging with muscles. If Big Yellow were to give a simple swipe of his claws now, a miniature whirlwind would blow out as a result, something no normal dog can do.

And unlike before where Big Yellow would always lose to Little Squeak when competing, the strength between the two have gradually evened out. Instead of a one-sided fight, it looked more like they are sparring after exchanging one blow after another when they are rummaging around in the garden.

Can it be Big Yellow has evolved into a spirit beast?

Ling Yue was pleasantly surprised towards this finding. Against the Yuan energy inside this place, not only are the plants affected, even the animals are too!

The Big Yellow now was at least equivalent to a level two or three spirit beast, more than enough to fight with a lower celestial martialist. If she continues to let the guy stay inside here, who knows what sort of amazing changes will occur.

’’Big Yellow, come, come, come, exchange a few blows with me.’’ Seeing how mighty Big Yellow has become, Ling Yue's fighting spirit became stirred and was itching for a fight.

She did fight with some wild animals back in the mountain before, but she can't say she has truly fought one on one with a spirit beast as her opponent.

At first Big Yellow showed some fear in his eyes, but after a few blows back and forth, Big Yellow's gaze gradually became serious.

From within his limbs, a burst of Yuan energy suddenly exploded and a gust of whirlwind came gushing forward from his claw swipe.

Not losing out, Ling Yue also invoked her Yuan energy and soared into the air with a leap, dodging the attack as a result. Then from her fist, a series of Lightning Burst Strike's came pouring down to counter Big Yellow's move.

Following several impacting blows, Big Yellow's raised body was eventually forced back several steps due to the seven lightning bolts that landed on him.

’’Squeak!!’’ Squirming up to Ling Yue's shoulder, Little Squeak unapprovingly calls out.

Immediately, Big Yellow lost his wits and bent his tail as he curled into a ball on the ground in a defeated manner.

’’Don't worry about it, Big Yellow is sparring with me.’’ Ling Yue was very pleased with herself right now because her Lightning Burst Fist has improved once again. Making her even happier, Ling Yue can feel the Yuan energy inside her body was stirring up with signs of wanting to make another breakthrough.

Ever since the Red Yang Ginseng incident, this would be the first time Ling Yue experienced this.

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Not daring to be careless, she immediately sat down to meditate.


’’Ninth rank of the constitution domain!’’

Other than the sweaty clothes clinging to her body, she didn't show all that much happiness in her eyes right now.

Nevertheless, this breakthrough carried an unusual meaning for her because her Lightning Burst Fist was now able to produce seven lightning streaks. If the other members of the Ye family were to learn of this, they will no doubt be shocked beyond words. After all, even the number one genius Ye Huang Yu (mother) can't do what she can.

Ever since she learned of Hong Fang's other daughter was a core realm expert, Ling Yue's been very displeased with her progress and found it way too slow.

But that's not enough to discourage her because that Hong Ming Zhu doesn't have the spirit force like herself.

During this period training, her ability to control the Dragon Saliva Needle has reached a point where she can masterfully land the ’’Seven Step Fall’’ attack without fail, making her invincible against any lower celestial martialist.

This also means that as long as she can break through to the upper celestial realm, she can stand up to a core realm martialist, or to exact, Hong Ming Zhu.

’’I wonder how effective the new monkey is. I better find a guinea pig to test it out before sending it off.’’ As soon as she thought of this, the image of her easy to come by grandfather popped up.

Ye Gu was fifty-five of age this year and ever since he broke into the lower celestial realm at thirty years of age, he's never been able to progress any further since then.

Who knows, maybe with this new wine will do some good for her grandfather's cultivation and maybe even help him make a breakthrough.

With that thought in mind, Ling Yue went straight for her grandfather's quarter with a jar in hand.

Ever since Ye Gu rekindled his relationship with Ye Huang Yu, this old master of the house has been in a great mood all this time. According to the old servants of the family, Ye Gu's appetite got better than ever before and even ate two extra bowls of rice as a result.

As soon as Ling Yue arrived at Ye Gu's residence, she could hear a series of voices from the inside.

’’The smelting conference date has been confirmed to be this month at Glass City. I heard the winner this time will not only gain the right to supply the military with Yuan Iron, they can also apply to join the Alchemist Association branch in Glass City.’’ Ye Gu was just in the middle of discussing the matter with Ye Huang Cheng on the two candidates to attend the event in Glass City.

Now that all obstructions, mainly the Song Clan's destruction and the fact that this smelting conference was organized by the Alchemist Association and Governor, Ye Gu figured the chances of their family taking the crown was very high.

’’Grandfather, what are you talking about to make you so happy?’’ Ling Yue steps in happily when she heard their conversation.

As intended, she brings the jar of monkey wine up to Ye Gu for presentation.

Sure enough, the latter widened his eyes the moment his gaze fell upon the monkey wine.

As an alcoholic for his entire lifetime, what sort of wine hasn't Ye Gu tried? However, using his drunkard's nose, he was incredibly surprised to find the smell exuding out of this wine unfamiliar to his nose, something that he honestly thought not possible.

’’I was just in the talks with your fourth uncle on who to send for the smelting conference in Glass City. Good granddaughter, hurry and tell your grandfather here, where did you get this fine wine from this time?’’ Seeing Ye Gu's drooling appearance, Ling Yue unintentionally chuckled and thought: if she brings this grandfather of hers to Glass City and introduces him to the governor, these two alcoholics will definitely become good friends.

’’This is my own brew that I came up with so I wanted grandfather to have a taste.’’ Ling Yue's statement caused Ye Gu to wonder what can't his granddaughter do.

Seeing her grandfather's happy face, Ling Yue took the opportunity to ask: ’’Grandfather, I heard the city wants to hold a smelting conference, I want to go have a look, pleasseee~.’’ Recently her spirit smoke has become more vigorous, meaning she can now produce Yuan Iron of seventy percent purity rate on a regular basis.

But of course, she will never disclose this secret to anyone for her own safety. If not for the fact that she could join the Alchemist Association by attending, she wouldn't even consider attending the smelting conference.

Last time she only had a little chat with President Liao and it was enough to enlighten herself to a lot of things. If she can join the Alchemist Association instead, Ling Yue believes she knowledge she will gain can greatly benefit her spirit force cultivation.

’’Ling Yue my sweetie, rather than being interested in the smelting conference, I say you are more interested into seeing your good friend in Glass City instead right?’’ Under her coaxing words, Ye Gu was very happy as he spoiled her.

The fact that Ling Yue and the governor's daughter became good friends was no secret. In fact, the entire Ye family knew of this even before she came home thanks to Ye Huang Xuan's letter.

Since Ye Gu wants to relocate their family to the city, he would love nothing more than for Ling Yue to spend more time with Lan Caier.

Best part of all, Ye Huang Cheng, the one that rarely ever agreed to Ling Yue's proposals actually supported the idea!

Selecting two of the best master smiths in their family's employment for the trip, Ye Huang Cheng led the group away for Glass City once again.


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