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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 75


Chapter 75 ’’I Swear to Get Revenge’’

Though Ling Yue herself have heard bits and pieces of rumors earlier, but to think the entire story was so much crueler and painful than what she could've imagined. If not for the fact that it was her mother telling her this in person, she would definitely have a hard time believing this could be true.

’’Ling Yue, mother understands the grievance in your heart, but the Hong Clan is a noble house of Da Xia, an entity you can't go against with your current strength. Mother also heard that after the woman married into the Hong family, she also gave birth to a pair of twins with the daughter being called Hong Ming Zhu. Due to her gifted talent, that child has already stepped into the Core realm as a martialist. In the end its mother's fault for being too useless and can't protect you.’’ Ye Huang Yu exhales heavily with sadness in her voice.

She's also a child of the Hong House, she's also a thirteen-year-old daughter of the Hong family, but the treatment between the two were day and night.

’’Mother, you just mentioned the Core realm, can it be that there is more to a martialist than just the Constitution domain and the two celestial realms?’’ Forcefully suppressing the horrible feeling inside of her, she asks this.

’’You've been staying inside Autumn Maple Town all this time so mother didn't mention it, but I'm sure you noticed something already when you visited Glass City. Aside from the nine levels of the Constitution domain, there's also the sub stages in the Lower and Upper Celestial realm known as beginning, intermediate, and peak. Once a martialist exceeds the celestial realms, what comes afterwards is the: Core Realm, Reincarnation Realm, Special Skill Realm, Void Realm, Spirit God Realm. There are also various stages in these realms, but mother isn't very clear on this so I can't say for certain.’’

(Don't bother remembering all of these levels or stages, I'll put a reminder or a note whenever they come up)

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The Ye Huang Yu from back then only wanted her daughter to live a peaceful and happy life after she somehow survived that cruel experience, but watching her daughter's growth as a martialist in the past few months, she knew things are going to change whether she wanted it or not. Moreover, she's not blind to Ling Yue's gift and the fact that her daughter's been hiding her strength from her.

At this rate, a small little Glass City can never hold her daughter back.

She wanted to rejoice over this, but at the same time she worried over her daughter's future. Considering her own daughter's temperament, how can she not tell Ling Yue will definitely seek out the Hong Clan eventually for payment.

Sure enough, Ye Huang Yu was right. Right after hearing her mother's word, Ling Yue immediately started to compared herself with that Hong Ming Zhu.

The gap between myself and that girl is a total of three whole realms, Lower Celestial, Upper Celestial, and the Dan Realm.

Even so, Ling Yue never had the slightest intention of backing off.

Considering Hong Ming Zhu's background and aristocratic lineage, its unavoidable that a lot of her cultivation is the result of ingesting Dan pills and forcibly raising it.

But I had nothing, and I also only started to practice martial art a few months ago.

The tough isn't afraid of suffering, I will definitely defeat that Hong Ming Zhu and make her miserable to no end.

The reasoning for Ye Huang Yu in telling her daughter not to step into the capital unless she advanced into the Core Realm was to protect her daughter and to let Ling Yue know when to retreat.

What she doesn't know though was that her warning only raised Ling Yue's competitive heart.

My strength may not be enough right now, but I got the spirit force and the dimension space Red Mist Sky to help enhance my training. One day, I, Ye Ling Yue, will grow strong enough to take down this Hong Ming Zhu.

Following the destruction of the Song family, the turbulence faced by the Ye family finally came to a close and calm returns to this small little town.

Unlike before though, Ye Huang Yu has returned to the old her and got involved with the family affairs again while the younger generation took this opportunity to increase their cultivation with the Xuan Yin Jade vein. Surprisingly, the one with the most time right now ends up being Ling Yue herself as she idles around every day with nothing to do other than researching the monkey wine's brewing method inside her dimensional space.

Now that she's learned of her mother's humiliation, Ling Yue understands that in order to get revenge for her and her mother, simply relying on martial art was far from enough.

In Da Xia, the stratum was clear between the nobility and the poor. This didn't just have to do with their status, it's more to do with the nobilities astonishing wealth and rich martial foundation set behind by those who came before them.

Take the Ye Clan for example. The most sophisticated skill in their collection only contained an eighth-grade martial skill, hardly a match for the Hong Clan's collection with their seventh, fifth, or even fourth grade skills passed down through the ages.

Also, the precious Xuan Yin Jade vein that's regarded as a treasure for the Ye Clan was chump change for the Hong Clan. For a simple child of that Hong family, they can receive no less than a variety of blue patterned Dan pills as their monthly share of cultivation materials.

It didn't just end there. According to the words on the street, it's said that they also employed their own alchemists for concocting Dan pills specifically for their family's use. If a child was considered a genius with amazing talent, even more resource will be employed just for that kid.

Needless say, there's still that husband stealer Zhu Ge Rou in the Hong family. If what was said about her were to be true, then as a disciple of a first rate Martial Sect, her status was exceptionally special because a first rate Martial Sect was even higher in status than the royal family.

That's right, compared to the Hong Clan, the current Ye Clan living here in Autumn Maple Town was no different from ants, the bottom feeders of the food chain.

Although Ye Huang Yu had a falling out with Ye Gu that year, but when he heard of his daughter being driven out of that house, this old man didn't think twice and directly rushed to seek out the house master of the Hong Clan for justice.

But before Ye Gu could even find the person, he was driven away by the fierce bodyguards at that place with the rods. Not willing to give up, he also went to the various yamens to seek justice from the officials. However, as soon as the Hong Clan's name was brought up, those cowardly officials instantly threw Ye Gu out the door and even gave the old man a good beating before shutting their doors.

(Yamen - a police station/judge residence kind of place)

If not for Ye Huang Shu (second uncle) secretly telling Ling Yue all this, she would've never known how much her grandfather cared for them.

There's no such thing as the so-called justice in this world, the only truth was strength and who had the biggest fist.

And in order to narrow the gap between the Ye Clan and the Hong Clan, the first think Ling Yue needs to do now was to perfect the brewing method for this monkey wine. By establishing a line with the governor of Glass City, she will then have a chance to step into the ring for a fight.

As a princess, Lan Caier's friends are either nobles or royalties. If she can somehow mingle in with that circle, this connection will greatly aid her in raising the Ye Clan up from the ground when the time comes.

Therefore, during this period she's been constantly selling the produces and Dan pills she's been making inside the dimensional space and has used this bucket of gold to procure even more seeds.

In addition, there's also the herbs she earned by extorting that pair of gangsters, that also added in a variety of precious herbs to her collection.

The more herbs there are, the more abundant the Yuan energy there are inside the Red Mist Sky.

Ordinarily, aging wine would require no less than a year for it to mature, but through the use of her dimensional space, a single day in here equals a year outside.

First placing the fruits into a jar, she then adds the wine yeast before sealing it underground for aging. That's not all though. Aside from fruit base that's required for this monkey wine, Ling Yue also added in some medicinal herbs as an experiment.

When the next day came around, Ling Yue dug the jar back out and took a sip to find the taste was nearly perfect with plenty of alcoholic flavor in there.

Then using her spirit smoke to refine the brew some more, the final taste of the product became exactly the same as the century monkey wine she's been giving away.

Now all she needs to do now was to bring this over to Lan Caier's Drunken Immortal and it should be enough to meet her demand.

With that in mind, Ling Yue got to work and refined several more jars with the intent of sending it over to the main county.


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