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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 74


Chapter 74 ’’What A Despicable Father’’

’’Young Master Song, it's not that I don't want to help you, but Autumn Maple Town isn't within my territory. As you said, the Ye family now has an upper celestial martialist in their ranks. If we were to aid you on this task then the sacrifice our Mountain Sea Gang needs to pay is quite high. Considering how you lost everything already, I fear you wouldn't be able to afford the price we are asking.’’ Sha Kaung coldly snickers a laugh.

The Mountain Sea Gang had always done business in an underhanded fashion. Aside from being bandits on the road, they also took on assassination missions from customers if they can pay the price.

If Song Guang Zhi was still the same prestigious young master from back then, Sha Kaung would've been more than willing to accept this client.

However, with the current circumstance, he's not going to do something so stupid as to aid someone without wealth or power and offend someone indirectly backed by the governor.

’’Boss Sha, you must not know this yet but the Ye family have discovered a Xuan Yin Jade vein inside the Seven Slope Mine. As long as you help me retake what is mine then that vein is yours for the taking.’’ Knowing this Boss Sha was a greedy individual, Master Lian threw out his bait at this moment.

Sure enough, Sha Kaung's expression abruptly changed upon hearing this piece of information.

’’Is this true? Haha, a Xuan Yin Jade vein isn't something some low-class family can wield. Who are you exactly and why do you know something this secretive?’’ In his moment of joy, Sha Kaung also noticed the peculiarity of this Master Lian standing there next to the kid.

The young man may be emaciated, but his whole body exuded a strange force that caused even Sha Kaung to feel uncomfortable.

’’The name's Lian Bi, I was once the house guest of the Song House and a quasi-alchemist aiding Master Song before his passing. If Boss Sha is willing, I can also assist you from now on.’’

As soon as he heard the person was but a quasi-alchemist, Sha Kaung made a heavy grunt and wanted to dismiss the fella.

It was at this time Master Lian's fist flipped open, and from his palm came flying out several paper cranes. Unlike the ones from the Alchemist Association, these are black in color and are very useful for penetrating into the enemy camp at night without being detected.

A few days later when Ling Yu and her group returned home, they then learned about the close encounter with death at the Seven Slope Mine. This news was so shocking that all of them inexplicably broke out in a cold sweat.

If not for Ye Huang Yu, it would've been impossible for the Ye family to make it past this calamity.

So, after learning of her mother's recovery and that she even made a breakthrough, the one to be the happiest here would of course be Ling Yue herself.

’’Mother, daughter has question that I've always wanted to ask you. Years ago, why did the Hong House kick us out?’’ Seeing her mother's refreshed face, Ling Yue directly brings out the question she's been suppressing all this time.

According to the law of Da Xia, a husband can only divorce his wife if she committed the seven sins of wifehood.

Based on the fact that her mother only married into the Hong House for one year, and she just gave birth to a child, all of this shouldn't yield a punishment as harsh as divorce.

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Today, she must get a clear and precise answer.

Seeing her daughter's anticipating eyes, Ye Huang Yu knew then she couldn't keep concealing the truth from her.

Sighing, she went over everything that happened fourteen years ago.

After Ye Huang Yu had a falling out with her father Ye Gu that year, she immediately married into the Hong House by following her heart.

But because of her background as a merchant's daughter, she couldn't enter the Hong's residence through the front gate, forcing her to step in from the side door with the small sedan arranged for her marriage ceremony.

(explanation time: back in ancient china, its highly looked down upon if you were a merchant descent. Official and nobles being the highest, commoners middle, and merchants and slaves being the lowest. Also, a sedan is like a carriage but carried by four people instead of an animal.)

Such treatment should've been a great humiliation for someone with such pride as Ye Huang Yu, but due to her stubbornness and lovestruck mindset back then, she accepted her fate and stuck with it. However, after marrying into the Hong House, she quickly discovered none of the people there had actually accepted her as a part of the family, let alone a mistress of the house.

The elders in that family all thought: although Hong Fang may be a bastard child, but he's still a child of the Hong House while Huang Yu herself was but a daughter of a lowly merchant family. If she didn't use some foxy seductive means and tricks, then how can she possibly confuse someone like Hong Fang into taking her as a wife despite not being of noble birth.

These gossips should've enraged anyone under normal circumstances, but Huang Yu didn't care, she only had her husband Hong Fang in her eyes. As long as this man that she chose can be good to her and her daughter then that's all she needed.

But fate was cruel and the most unexpected thing happened. While Hong Fang was away on business, this despicable man met a beautiful woman of a big sect by the name of Zhu Ge Rou.

Two timing on his wife, Hong Fang was truly a fortunate man and impregnated both woman at the same time. Soon enough, it didn't take long for this matter to be discovered by the entire Hong House.

Sending the word out, the house master of that family ordered Hong Fang to take that Zhu Ge Rou woman as his main wife while Ye Huang Yu can only be his concubine if she wished to stay in the family. To make things worse, if the child born from Huang Yu were to be a girl, the child will only be a servant without the prestige of a young lady of their house.

In order to gain power in his family, Hong Fang readily accepted the conditions placed by his father and took in Zhu Ge Rou.

’’Hong Fang's marriage date is also the day of my childbirth. In order to have that man give you a name, I dragged my postpartum body to their bridal chamber and kneeled there for the whole night just so he will have a look at you.’’ When it came to this part of the story, Ye Huang Yu's voice got much weaker like all energy had left her throat.

This humiliated part of her past has hurt this prideful woman so much that even her backbone could no longer be raised when mentioning it.

Like a poisonous snake, this matter has coiled itself around her heart for all these years, hurting her, weakening her, and reminding her of all those pain.

’’But then that Zhu Ge Rou used your baby crying voice as an excuse and claimed its too noisy. Sending out some old granny, she had those people rip you from me and ruthlessly threw you to the ground. That's why your mental state wasn't well for all these years, it was all their doing.’’

Like her daughter, when Ye Huang Yu went to confront those old granny's, those villainous servants also injured her greatly in the process.

To make the matter more chilling to the heart, that Hong Fang never once stepped out of the bridal chamber to stop the event. Once morning came around that day, he immediately wrote a divorce letter and expelled Ye Huang Yu from the Hong House.

From top to bottom, not a single member of the Hong House stepped in to help, rather, they were more than pleased to give her another kick with the insults.

Carrying her newly born daughter out of that place, Ye Huang Yu eventually fainted away alone on the streets after succumbing to her own injury. If not for a kind-hearted passerby that day in rescuing them, the pair would've perished right then and there.

Fortunately, the heavens didn't turn a blind eye to this misfortunate pair. When Ye Huang Yun (big uncle) learned of this event, this brother of hers immediately headed off for the capital in secret and brought his sister and niece back home for caring.

As for that despicable man Hong Fang, due to the support of his current wife Zhu Ge Rou, he's been succeeding one step after another in the Hong House. According to the word on the street, it's said that aside from the eldest son from the main wife of the house master, he's the one with the highest influence there.

As for Zhu Ge Rou, she later also gave birth to two daughters and one son for Hong Fang.

’’Mother, rest assured. Whether it be that despicable husband stealer or that despicable man Hong Fang, daughter will never let them get away with it. Whatever wrong the both of us endured all these years, they will experience it tenfold and more.’’ As Ling Yue makes this vow under the crackling sound of her tightly knit knuckles, her eyes revealed a dread of gloom unbefitting the eyes of a child of her age.

If one must describe the way Ling Yue looks right now, it would be a wild and dangerous animal ready to shred its prey apart while giving it the most painful death.

This appearance was something Ye Huang Yu never seen in her daughter. Against those eyes, even she was very surprised and got an instinctive urge to fear that gaze coming her way.

This child...


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