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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 73


Chapter 73 ’’A Unified Autumn Maple Town’’

After fighting Song Mo Shi his entire life, Ye Gu knew very well of the guy's strength. To be able to kill someone like that, he honestly can't think of a character inside Autumn Maple Town with that capability.

When escaping from the mine just now, the members of the Ye family were all more or less burned from the intense flames. If not for Ye Gu leading the pack by blocking off the initial burst of heat with his Yuan energy, things wouldn't have gone so smoothly.

As Ye Gu and the others went over the various corpses on the ground for clues as to who killed Song Mo Shi, Ye Huang Cheng suddenly realizes something important after searching through the crowd. He can't find his son!

Turning ghastly pale, he screams: ’’YE QING! ANYONE SEEN MY SON!’’

Due to the panic and urgency from earlier, he had somehow lost track of his son when overseeing the rest of the family.

Does it mean... He didn't have the courage to keep thinking down that path.

He may have been annoyed all this time over his son's inability to surpass Ling Yue like how he did with his sister, but no matter what, that's his only son. Just imagining the possibility of what could befall his son causes this father to want to rush back into the flames.

’’Fourth brother, what are you doing, the fire is too fierce! If you go in now you will die!’’ Ye Huang Shu (second uncle) rushes up to stop his younger brother from being rash.

’’Let me go in, my son is still inside!’’ He screams with red veins in his eye. No matter the sacrifice, he must find a way to save his son at this point.

During this brief period, the fire in the mine had grown so huge that nothing could possibly survive inside now.

’’Calm down first. If you go in now then you are just throwing your life away.’’ Ye Gu was also very worried over his grandson's safety, but he knew, unless there's an upper celestial martialist with the ability to create an energy field, none can expect to come out alive.

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Just then, a vague figure came walking out of the cave that was smelting hot.

Despite the flames being at its peak, the fire would inch away like meeting water wherever this person stepped on.

That's the light Yang energy of an upper celestial martialist......

With her cheeks a little red due to the smoke, Ye Huang Yu steps out of the scorching flames.

It was then everyone's eye retracted from their sockets due to shock, especially Ye Huang Cheng because he looked like he had just seen a ghost.

I must be hallucinating!

How can it be her?

Didn't her cultivation fall?

Isn't she holding grudge against us for harming her daughter?

These thoughts kept reverberating across his mind until a weak voice called out ’’father’’, knocking him back to his senses. Hurrying to receive his son, Ye Huang Cheng uses both hand to take Ye Qing off of his sister's hand with care.

His mood was very complicated right now with most of it being in turmoil over his past actions. Looking down at his son again, he found that other than a little fright, his son didn't succumb to a single injury or burn mark.

To think his moment of carelessness would nearly lose him his son... And the one to open the wellhead earlier should also be Huang Yu.

’’Huang Yu, your injury is healed?!’’ Looking at the light Yang energy circulating around his daughter, Ye Gu's voice sounded a little shaky as he rubbed his eye in disbelief.

Overwhelmed by this moment, he even forgot about the immense fire burning behind the background.

Fortunately, not everyone had lost their composure right now. Leading the crowd, Ye Huang Cheng organizes the rescue effort in dousing the rapidly expanding blaze.

’’I only recently got better. After I was healed, I also made a breakthrough not long afterwards.’’ Seeing everyone was safe and sound, Ye Huang Yu pats her outfit to remove some of the dust and soot clinging to her clothes.

Upper celestial, my Ye Clan finally got an upper celestial expert!

Lost for words, not a single sound could come out of Ye Gu's throat for a while.

Thankfully Ye Huang Shu (second uncle) was smart enough to break the silence,

’’Congratulations father, and congratulation to sister, our family finally has an upper celestial martialist in our ranks.’’

Towards Autumn Maple Town and the Ye Clan, the meaning of an upper celestial martialist was especially important because it's not only comparable to the Seven Slope Mine in terms of importance, it also means their family can finally break out of this small little town and take up roots in the big city.

No wonder Song Mo Shi would die on the spot without any chance of retaliating. With the scheming villain dead, the entire Autumn Maple Town now belongs to the Ye Clan as a whole!

Once the rest of the family returns, mainly Ye Huang Yun and the rest, the rise of their family was a certainty now.

’’Father, daughter is wrong.’’ Suddenly kneeling down, Ye Huang Yu respectfully makes three kowtows to her father.

Due to her early setbacks, coupled with her daughter's suffering and sudden recovery, everything thus far has finally opened her eyes to the truth of this world.

Now she understands, there are no right or wrong, only the strong doing the talking. If not for the Ye family taking care of her for all these years, she and her precious daughter would've never managed to survive to this day. The debt she owes her father for all the care and love he gave can never be repaid with a simple apology.

If she had the strength back then, or was a disciple of a big sect, the Hong Household would never have treated her so badly.

Thankfully her daughter ’’awakened’’, otherwise she would've continued to live out her life in a muddled state.

She vows to herself: from today onwards, I will live my life anew and revitalize the family's prestige.

Through this experience, the accumulated resentment between this pair of father and daughter was completely burned away by this fire set by the Song family.

’’Good, very good.’’ Despite his dignified and manly appearance, tears inexplicably dripped down the corner of his eyes.

Heaven, you opened your eyes! For all the enduring patience our Ye Clan went through, you've finally rewarded us with this day!

After the incident with the arson at the Seven Slope Mine, the situation ended up being settled by having Mayor Liu stepping forward to mediate. This also drew the curtain between the power struggle in this small little town with the Ye Clan coming out on top.

Following Song Mo Shi's death, the entire Song Clan soon fell apart like the deceased man. Afterwards, the rest of the mine belonging to the Song House was reallocated to the Ye Clan for management, giving rise to a new era where the Ye family controls over eighty percent of the Yuan Iron mines in the Seven Star Mountain.

It's to be expected after all because with the only upper celestial martialist in town, it didn't take long for their family to become the overlord of this place.

If there's a winner then there's got to a loser in this. After Master Lian saved Song Guang Zhi that night, the kid didn't dare stay inside Autumn Maple Town and can only scurry away to Glass City for help by seeking out the Mountain Sea Gang.

’’Boss Sha, you must help me in avenging my father.’’ After losing his status overnight and watching his father's death in person, Song Guang Zhi unreasonably pinned all the blame on Ye Huang Yu and Ling Yue.

He originally thought that based on his relationship with Sha Zhen, this Boss Sha would definitely lend a hand. But who would've known, this Sha Kuang was also in the middle of a foul mood.

After being scammed a bunch by Ling Yue, the supposed miracle pill he received did in fact save his son.

However, with the penny-pinching character of this pair of father and son, how can they not get revenge? Just as they sent their men out to find the hateful girl for payback, news came quickly that Ling Yue and her family had already left for Autumn Maple Town, leaving him with no way to stop the group. Without other targets left, he can only turn his sight on Ye Huang Xuan and his family. But even that was a misstep. Faster than himself, Lan Caier had stationed soldiers outside the Ye manor in Glass City like a fortress, leaving no room for his goonies to make a move.

No courage to directly confront the governor's soldier, he can only endure this humiliation when all of sudden, this Song Guang Zhi came knocking at his door with a Quasi-alchemist.


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