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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 72


Chapter 72 ’’Return of The Strong and Fierce Mother’’

Looking closer at the cluster of flame in the darkness, Song Mo Shi soon saw that the newcomer was in fact a woman.

Bearing a red martial outfit with long fluttering black hair behind her, she may be only standing there, but the aura coming off from this woman was fierce and powerful.

’’Ye... Ye Huang Yu?’’

No one would've have thought, the one to suddenly appear at the Seven Slope Mine would be Ye Huang Yu, the long-forgotten person in everyone's eye.

Under the treatment of her daughter, Ye Huang Yu's body have already been fully healed by now. The most gratifying part was that after Ling Yue left for the city, she also finally made a breakthrough on the third day after her daughter's departure, propelling her back to the forefront in terms of cultivation.

This should've warranted a great celebratory banquet, but she didn't want that because she only wanted her daughter to be the first to hear of this great news.

Since the day of her breakthrough into the upper celestial realm, Ye Huang Yu's hearing and eyesight had improved exponentially. Therefore, the set of words said by her father prior to departing for the Seven Slope Mine was completely overheard by her inside her room.

The fact that the Ye family found this valuable jade vein had long been known to her from Ling Yue's mouth, but since she was injured, she didn't dare hope to make a recovery.

As such, even if she knew of the existence of the Xuan Yin Jade vein, she didn't hold any interest and decided to keep herself out of it. Moreover, after her breakthrough into the upper celestial realm, the effects of the jade vein were little to none at this point for her, making it even more pointless for her to get involved.

Just that at the wee hours of the night, her keen senses suddenly took notice to the towering blaze of flame in the direction of the Seven Slope Mine.

Figuring something bad was taking place, she hurriedly rushed over from home to be welcomed by the scene of Song Mo Shi and his goonies committing arson to the mine.

Of course, that's not going to sit well with her at all for the blood that's been lying dormant inside her veins all these years suddenly rushed up to her brain, awakening the vicious fury that she's once known for.

In the moment of her eyes landing on Wang Qiang and his son in the mix, Ye Huang Yu's look promptly turned sharp. Like a ghost, her figure slipped through the crowd and directly pounced at the pair like a wild animal hunting her prey.

’’Crunch~Crunch~Crunch.’’ From the throat of Wang Qiang and his son's, a terrible sound of bones breaking broke out.

In the next second, Ye Huang Yu slid back to her original spot like she had never left it in the first place, but the dead corpses of the freshly killed traitors were clearly there on the ground, a testimony to her actions.

’’Ye Huang Yu, you got some nerve to kill my people in front of me! Don't think you alone will be able to take on the elites of my Song House.’’ Having someone killed right under his nose enraged Song Mo Shi to no end because this was akin to a slap on his face.

’’I alone am enough in dealing with a bunch of losers like you.’’ Ye Huang Yu contained murder in her eyes as she eyed the blazing Seven Slope Mine.

These people all deserves to die for harming my family!

’’You really think you are still the same person from back then? Today I will see for myself how great the number one genius of the Ye house is!’’ Like a flying lion, Song Mo Shi unleashes his full might as a peak lower celestial martialist and takes a swing at her with a small hurricane like attack created by expelling his Yuan energy outside his body.

This was Song Mo Shi's signature martial technique, Yuan Hurricane Strike!

Showing disdain in her mouth, Ye Huang Yu jerked forward suddenly and openly crashed into the hurricane attack with her shoulder first in a brutish and savage manner.

When Song Mo Shi's attack touched the woman's shoulder, he immediately felt like he just went up against a wall, causing his hurricane to collapse in the next moment.

Feeling something flowing in his throat, Song Mo Shi hastily steps backward several paces.

This woman's strength is even stronger than the house master!

Seeing how this woman was able to dissolve his signature skill so easily, Song Mo Shi became alarmed and took on a more serious tone again the person before him.

He now knows the strength of this woman wasn't quite as the rumor says.

In terms of status and age, this Ye Huang Yu was a generation lower than himself so they never actually exchanged blows before. However, according to what he knew from the rumors, the woman in front of him was equal to Ye Gu's strength during her peak period back then.

Even so, who doesn't know the famous third miss of the Ye house had lost most of her cultivation after being discarded by her husband. Going by this logic, he figured this discard woman shouldn't be his opponent.

But...... why does this woman seem so strong today.

’’Can it be... you broke through to the upper celestial realm!’’ Suddenly coming down with this thought, Song Mo Shi exclaimed out of reflex.

He schemed and planned for all these years, but all his work ends up leaving this woman out of his equation, a mistake he now regrets.

How could he have guessed? An injured person that requires a fifth rank medicinal pill to recover would miraculously heal on her own and even broke through to the upper celestial realm. That's simply too difficult to accept!

A lower celestial martialist against an upper celestial martialist, the difference was too obvious to ignore that it's no different from a firefly incinerating itself by getting too close to a flame.

This Song Mo Shi always gets in the family's way and now he even wants to kill us, just thinking of this made Ye Huang Yu want to go on a killing spree.

Prior to marrying she was famed for her nickname Tyrant Third Lady, so with today's scene, it has fully awakened the violent factor in her cells and they want blood!

’’That's right, you can die now.’’ One step out, her Lightning Burst Fist was already in front of Song Mo Shi's face, blowing the evildoers head apart into scraps. Just like that, the once arrogant house master of the Song clan perished in a flash with no chance to retaliate.

’’Father!’’ Seeing his father dying in front of him in such a miserable fashion, Song Guang Zhi was both scared and frightened.

’’Now it's your turn.’’ Like two prickly thorns, her eyes aimed towards the hateful son and locked him in place.

If she doesn't remove the root when cutting the grass then it's only a matter of time before the plant resurfaces again.

’’Third Ye Miss, you are well deserved of your reputation.’’

Following the enigmatical voice, a plume of green smoke suddenly interjected itself between her and Song Gong Zhi. Standing there was a young man that's clearly overly lustful and had expended way too much energy on the opposite se*.

Upon getting a clearer picture of the current lively looking Ye Huang Yu, Master Lian's gaze became even more lustful like an animal in heat;however, as soon as he saw the energy fluctuation around the woman, his eyes took on a different tone.

Not willing to exchange blows with someone so dangerous, he unleashes another puff of green smoke around himself and Song Guang Zhi, disappearing into the darkness in the next moment.

This is?

Evil Alchemist?

To think the Song family colluded with an evil alchemist of the central plains. No wonder they were able to produce fifty percent Yuan Iron recently.

Seeing how this Master Lian saved the kid so easily, her forehead inexplicably tightened into a knot.

The mine had already fallen into a sea of flame and her father and relatives are still trapped underground. Out of urgency, she can only give up the pursuit and head inside to rescue her family.

Meanwhile back inside the passageway.

The trapped Ye family members all honestly thought they were going to die this time, but suddenly the wellhead cracked open after some rustling sound from above, giving the occupants hope again.

’’Everyone go up one at a time and don't panic.’’ Ye Gu don't know either who it was coming to their aid, but that didn't matter now. He only knew this was their chance and he must take it. Organizing everyone into file, he led the crowd out of the flames until they were finally back outside the mine where the fresh air of freedom welcomed them.

’’Father, look over there.’’

After calming down a little, Ye Huang Cheng then noticed the corpses of Wang Qiang and his son nearby.

This explains a lot then, so it was this pair of miserable pair of dogs ratting their secrets out.

Then looking around their vicinity, Ye Gu's expression became uglier than before as he took in the scene of the many bodies lying across the ground.

But then this only lasted until he saw Song Mo Shi's body too on the floor. Twitching in his mouth, Ye Gu couldn't believe his eyes.

Who's responsible for this?


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