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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 71


Chapter 71 ’’The Great Crisis of The Ye Family’’

In Da Xia, no big household would tolerate discarded servants like Wang Qiang and his son who has been expelled due to various reason. Song Mo Shi was no exception.

’’Song House Master, please hear me out first. I have a piece of information here that you might be interested in. I'm not asking for much, just a position in your house so I and my son can live on.’’ Wang Qiang bent his back like an underling that he was.

’’How do I know if the information is true. Say it first. If I find it of value then I will consider taking you and your son in.’’ Song Mo Shi muses over the demand.

’’The information is absolutely useful. Song House Master, do you know that the Ye family found a Xuan Yin Jade vein inside the Seven Slope mine earlier this month?’’ From the mouth of a worker he supported long ago, Wang Qiang learned of this after the worker overheard this information from Ye Huang Xuan (fifth uncle) when he mentioned the matter with his wife.

’’Is this true?’’ Song Mo Shi could no longer keep still at this point. Standing up in surprise, he rushes up to grab Wang Qiang's collar.

Xuan Yin Jade vein wasn't something you can just get because you wanted it. Compared to that, the sixty percent Yuan Iron was nothing!

’’Of course it's true. That vein is located inside a well at the Seven Slope Mine. Also, I got reliable information that Ye Gu intends to bring anyone of the fifth rank and up into the mine tomorrow night for deep training.’’ Noticing Song Mo Shi was being persuaded by his words, Wang Qiang became elated over his future prospect.

’’Father, the value of a Xuan Yin Jade vein is serious, we mustn't let the Ye house monopolize the benefits.’’ Song Guang Zhi became envy with hate after listening.

He's also an eighth rank constitution martialist. If he can stay in there for a while then he's certain he can break through to the ninth rank or even the lower celestial realm!

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But if the Ye family can successfully go through with this closed-door training, then their overall strength will greatly increase, meaning his own Song House will be in greater peril.

To think the Ye family can find a jade vein so suddenly after their own Song House has been working in there for so long. Thinking about it, maybe it's precisely because of this vein that the Alchemist Association decided to work with that family.

’’Hahaha, Guang Zhi, you are wrong. This time it's our Song House's fortune because the chance to eliminate the Ye House for good is upon us!’’ Song Mo Shi not only didn't get angry, he came ecstatic with joy.

’’Father, what do you mean by that?’’ Song Guang Zhi became puzzled by his father's remark.

’’Think about it. When Ye Gu and those people all enter the well with the jade vein, what do you think would happen if we block off their only exit and set it ablaze? By then not even that old goon can escape!’’ Song Mo Shi grimly grins with evil in his eyes.

Since Ye Huang Yun and the bunch was still on the road back to Autumn Maple Town, this would be the perfect timing to wipe out Ye Gu since there wouldn't be any strays that could come help.

And Ye Gu himself also never expected the one to cause his own demise would be a servant that he personally kicked out.

’’Song House Master is too amazing. I and my son can move fast, please allow us to aid in your great plan. With your wisdom and intellect, that old fool Ye Gu will never know what's coming.’’ Wang Qiang's flattery words were working very well against the guy because he was immediately accepted into the Song house.

The following night at the Ye family's residence, all of its occupants took to their beds early into the night right up until three in the morning. Blinking their eyes with high spirit, they all gathered at the main courtyard for instructions.

Dressed in a black training outfit, Ye Gu's face was dignified and lively as he peered at the crowd before him.

’’All of you are the best of the best among my Ye clan's descendant. I'm sure you all know why I summoned you all here tonight, it's to bring you to the Xuan Yin Jade vein in the mine for a full day of training. This opportunity is very rare to come by so remember, in addition to the people around you, not even your parents or wives and children are to be told of tonight!’’ As soon as the word Xuan Yin Jade vein came out, dozens of eyes lit up with hope.

As long as one was a practitioner, they will definitely know the value of a Xuan Yin Jade vein.

After tonight, they will all be reborn anew, that much they are certain.

’’Yes, house master!’’ Dozens of the brightest younger generation, including Ye Gu and his two sons, made their way out into the night in an orderly fashion.

At the same time when the members of the Ye house left their residence for the mine, Wang Gui who had been lying in wait outside the mansion immediately made a run for the Song manor.

It didn't take long for Song Mo Shi to act. Half an hour later, he and his people were already standing outside the Seven Slope Mine, ready to carry out their plan.

’’My lord, Ye Gu and the bunch have entered the well. As for the guards nearby, we have also dispatched them all with ease.’’ Nearly a hundred guards of the Song House were present in their dark gowns, each with a torch and a bucket of flammable substance.

’’Go and blow up the mine, and then seal up the entrance hole. Afterwards keep burning this place until it becomes hell itself. Ye Gu you bastard. I fought you for over twenty years and now you are finally within my grasp.’’ A crazed look overtook Song Mo Shi's face when he peered over to the bucket and torches.

As long as Ye Gu's dead, then the Ye clan will be decapitated. Without a leader in their ranks, the entire Autumn Maple Town will be mine, Song Mo Shi's!

Meanwhile back inside the well, Ye Gu and the others were busily training next to the jade vein with their legs crossed when their consciousness was brought back to reality by the smell of burning oil and high heat.

’’Not good father, there's a fire outside!’’ Ye Huang Cheng was the one with the most experience in the mine so he knew instantly what's going on.

In order to ensure the demise of the Ye family members inside, Song Mo Shi tasked his men to douse the entire slope with massive amounts of oil for burning.

Therefore, by the time Ye Gu and the rest became aware of this bad situation, they were already too late for the well entrance had already been sealed with mud ash when they arrived.

Must be the Song House!

Tonight's training session must have been leaked to Song Mo Shi!

’’All of you out of the way!’’ Ye Gu came forward, his eyes deep with meaning as he swung his fist infused with energy at the wellhead.

As an upper celestial martialist, Ye Gu's one punch carried no less than two hundred pounds of power, but other than a slight tremor and blood scrapes on his fist, nothing else happened.

Ambitious and evil, Song Mo Shi intentionally mixed molten iron atop of the mud ash to completely seal the wellhead, leaving the Ye family members fundamentally trapped inside with no way to open it again.

Turning dark in his complexion, Ye Gu and the rest were all looking horrible right now because with each passing moment, means less air in the passageway for its occupants. At this rate, only death awaits them.

’’Song Mo Shi, I vow to kill you even in death!’’ Breaking out into utter rage, Ye Gu's eye turned bloodshot red as he banged against the wellhead repeatedly, sending the entire place into a trembling train wreck.

Meanwhile outside of the Seven Slope Mine, Song Mo Shi and his goonies were all enjoying themselves over the raging blaze that they concocted.

’’Ye Gu is only making his last struggle. Want to kill me? Hoho, you can try when you go to the underworld.’’ Song Mo Shi laughs very arrogantly after hearing the vibrations from inside.

’’I don't see it as so.’’

In the middle of the summer night, the air around the Seven Slope Mine should be very cool and refreshing so he shouldn't be feeling cold at all. However, when this voice suddenly came from behind his back, Song Mo Shi felt a numbing chill running down his spine that he couldn't ignore.


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