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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 70


Chapter 70 ’’So What If I'm Scamming You’’

Of all the places this splurge had to land on, it had to be on Sha Kaung's face. The latter wanted to wipe the water away but didn't dare. Only thing he can do at this moment was glare daggers at Ling Yue.

Ten thousand silver for treatment fee and you are calling it not difficult?

Not to mention he also secretly peeked at the ingredients list Ling Yue had in her hand. If not a hundred then at least eighty, and every single one of those herbs are extremely expensive. That's disregarding the fact that she also wants them fresh!

Wiping her mouth and recomposing herself, Lan Caier had to try really hard not to impulsively burst into laughter right now.

Didn't Ling Yue say that pressure point attack will automatically release itself after three days? If so, isn't she intentionally scamming this guy?

How can Sha Kaung not see through her little ploy, but he only had this one son. He can't just stand idly by and watch his son become a cripple.

No other choice left, he can only accept his life. Ordering his men to ready the herbs, he then personally brought over ten thousand silver for Ling Yue.

Two hours later with all the herbs gathered, Ling Yue did as promised and went off to concoct the supposed antidote.

With everything set, Ling Yue and Lan Caier finally went to meet the patient that needs their attention. Unlike the lively young boss from several days ago, Sha Zhen looked absolutely abysmal, stiffly lying there on the bed without any sign of movement.

Enemy's would of course warrant hatred. Sha Zhen's forehead looked like he had an earthworm squirming through his skin because a lot of veins were popping up.

Not minding it, Ling Yue cheerfully pulled out a bottle of medicine and tossed it over to Sha Kaung.

’’Have him take this miracle pill. One night of sleep and he will be as lively as a lion tomorrow morning.’’

Hearing this, he instantly puffed up like a wild cat getting his tail stomped on. He just spent ten thousand silver and a ton of precious herbs, and all he got was a bottle of pills?

But seeing his half-dead son on the bed, Sha Kaung can only doubtfully open the medicine bottle.

As soon as the cork was popped, a putrid foul-smelling odor came wafting out. Against this smell, Sha Kaung nearly threw up everything in his stomach, including the meal he had the night before.

’’What is this thing!’’ Holding his breath, he eyes the god-awful looking dark pill inside.

’’Miracle pill, eat it or not is up to you.’’ Ling Yue shrugs.

’’How dare you mess with me.’’ Infuriated, Sha Kaung turned his fingers into an eagle talon and grabs for Ling Yue's neck.

’’You got some nerve there Sha Kaung.’’ Lan Caier was also angry now. With a whisk of her sleeve, she comes in front of Ling Yue as her safeguard against this gangster boss.

Colliding together with their palm strike, the room was hit with a fierce gust of wind due to their explosive exchange. In a ’’bang’’, both fighters were sent several steps back with Lan Caier taking two steps more.

Frowning, Lan Caier now knows the rumor of this Sha Kaung being strong was well-deserved.

’’Princess, that little bitch is obviously toying with us. Step aside, I don't want to go against the governor.’’ Sha Kaung's been forced into the edge now. He's not afraid of this Lan Caier, but behind her was the governor and the Dowager of Da Xia, people he can't provoke.

’’What if I don't step aside? Boss Kaung, we've already gave you the antidote. If tomorrow comes around and you don't see its effect than you can come to the governor's mansion and find me. However, don't expect to land a single finger on my sister here today.’’ Turning cold in her eyes, Lan Caier's gaze carried a majestic aura that others would find difficult to ignore.

’’Good, very good. I will remember both of your doings today. Someone come, see our guests out!’’ Grunting heavily, he turns away.

Once both girls were out of the Mountain Sea Gang's base, Lan Caier immediately sighed a breath of relief.

’’Sister Ling Yue, isn't your medicine too smelly? That odor, it can't be...’’ Lan Caier had a strange color to her complexion.

’’That was never any medicine. That fake pill was something I used horse urine and dung to mix with mud. Whether Sha Zhen take that thing or not won't matter, he will still recover by tomorrow. Just that, after this incident, the guy won't ever be able to have kids again, ending Boss Kaung's lineage for good.’’ Ling Yue sticks her tongue out like a criminal.

Those who are hit with the ’’Seven Step Fall’’ needle will definitely be stuck with a sequela condition if they aren't cured by a special form of acupuncture. As luck would have it, the needle Ling Yue shot out ’’coincidentally’’ landed on Sha Zhen's little brother, killing any chance for him to raise his manhood again.

Now that's some shocking news for Lan Caier. When she first met Ling Yue, she only took this little sister as a young maiden who's immature to the world still. But the closer she gets to this girl, the more Lan Caier discovered that Ling Yue shouldn't to be underestimated.

She's three points sly, four points two faced, and three points vicious. Lan Caier really had to wonder what sort of family could raise such a daughter.

’’Sister Lan, I've troubled you this time. I'll be returning to Autumn Maple Town tomorrow so I've already ordered some servants to send the remaining monkey wine in my possession to your home. I hope that if possible, can you help look after my fifth uncle and his family while I'm away?’’ The people Ling Yue's most worried about was her fifth uncle and his family here, otherwise there's nothing left holding her back.

’’Don't worry, you can leave the safety of the Ye house to me. I guarantee the next time you come to Glass City again, you will find every member of your household well and dandy like you found them.’’ Lan Caier happily promised her.

Solving the problem with the Mountain Sea Gang, Ling Yue and everyone set off for home the next morning.

At the same time back in Autumn Maple Town, Song House.

Song Mo Shi and his son just received news of Ye Huang Yun (big uncle) and the others coming back from the city.

’’What, is the information true? How can the Ye family establish a cooperative relationship with the Alchemist Association?’’ Song Mo Shi nearly popped his eyes out of his sockets from anger.

How is that possible?

Song Guang Zhi's (son) information was sent to him by the Mountain Sea Gang.

The cooperative relationship between the Ye family and the Alchemist Association was done very secretively, but the Mountain Sea Gang still managed to catch wind of this news.

According to rumors, that stupid girl from the Ye family also formed a friendship with the governor's daughter.

Song Mo Shi originally thought that the matter with the Ice Freezing Grass would be enough to topple the Ye family, but it's clear now that was nothing but a pipe dream.

Unable to make heads or tails of this situation, Song Guang Zhi simply can't understand how the Ye family managed to smelt those sixty percent Yuan Iron.

’’House master, outside there is a person claiming to be a former steward of the Ye house. He wants to meet you.’’ Just as Song Mo Shi and his son was fidgeting over what to do, a man claiming to be Steward Wang says he knows a big secret of the Ye family.

’’Song House Master, I am an old steward of the Ye family, Wang Qiang. I'm here to tell you a huge secret the Ye family's been hiding.’’ Due to the incident with Ling Yue, this black hearted servant's been driven out of the Ye family, leaving him and his son, Wang Gui, roaming the streets as beggars during this period.

’’Wang Qiang, didn't you get driven out by the Ye family? Why is a dog like you coming to my Song House for?’’ Song Mo Shi both mocks and ridicules the man.


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