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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 7


The Sly Emperor's Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 7

Bamboo hat

The herb shop contained numerous medicinal plants that Ye Ling Yue did not recognize. There was a superb collection of herbs, however their prices were naturally also expensive.

Seeing as the person entering wearing a bamboo hat and having a mysterious appearance, the employees in the herb shop were indifferent to them.

’’I want to sell Vital Condensation Grass.’’ Ye Ling Yue walked forward. She immediately lowered her voice making it hard for people to guess her real age.

Vital Condensation Grass can agglomerate the vital energy between the heavens and the earth making it extremely beneficial towards anyone below the third rank of the condensation domain.

In the well-off families in the Qiu Feng District, they will always plant a couple strands Vital Condensation Grass in their courtyards.

Ye Ling Yue took out about 10 strands of Vital Condensation Grass. Every strand had been picked by her before she left the northern manor in the morning.

’’This place doesn't take medicinal plants that we don't know the sources of.’’ One of the employees insipidly replied without even looking at the Vital Condensation Grass.

Ye Ling Yue saw the employee's disdainful look. She naturally wouldn't want to sell Vital Condensation Grass to people who didn't want it and prepared to leave.

’’Guest, please wait a moment.’’ The herb shop's manager hastily walked forward and took the Vital Condensation Grass from Ye Ling Yue's hands to carefully observe it.

The stem was upright, the leaves were lush. Not even a hole could be seen on it. The more the manager looked the more astonished he was. That death-deserving employee! He had almost chased away an esteemed guest. With the manager's judgement, how could he not be able to tell that these stands of Vital Condensation Grass weren't simple? Ye Ling Yue had picked that batch from 'Grand Mist Sky.' The worst were 3 year old, while some strands had even reached 5 years.

After having opened a herb shop in the Qiu Feng District for decades, he naturally was a smart person. He secretly evaluated her, however seeing that she wore a bamboo hat and was wanted to hide her identity, he didn't ask further.

’’Miss, I apologize about about the offence. We want these Vital Condensation Grasses. For the three year ones, one hundred a strand;5 years, two hundred a strand;10 years for five hundred and eight hundred for 15 years and up. If miss still has some more Vital Condensation Grasses, we will always buy using this price. The more years they have the higher the price we will pay.’’

With rough calculations, this batch of Vital Condensation Grass could be sold for a couple thousand coins. After converting to silver, it will be one silver. The monthly pension for the northern manor was only 10 silvers. When Ye Ling Yue received the silver, her heart was filled with joy. The Vital Condensation Grass could grow a small batch every couple of days in the 'Grand Mist Sky.' In a month she would be able to sell a hundred Vital Condensation Grasses. This really was a profitable trade!

’’Manager, I want to ask a question. Does your herb shop sell Wu Dan Pills?’’ Ye Ling Yue asked

’’Wu Dan Pills? Miss, you really love to tell jokes. In this small place, where would we get Wu Dan Pills? Only counties, cities, or the capital may even have the possibility of having that for sale. Just one pill is worth couple tens of thousands gold.’’ The manager shook his head.

Tens of thousands of gold?

One gold was worth 10 silvers. One silver was worth a thousand coins. How much Vital Condensation Grass would that be?! Ye Ling Yue pursed her lips. According to her knowledge the annual revenue for all of the Ye family doesn't exceed ten thousand gold. Not only that but Qiu Feng District is rather far from any cities. Ye Ling Yue could only temporarily give up her wish to buy Wu Dan Pills and left the herb shop.

’’Manager, it is only a Vital Condensation Grass. Why would you buy for such a high price?’’ One of the herb shop employees couldn't help but ask.

’’Accursed brat. What do you understand?’’ The manager knocked the employee on the head. ’’An average Vital Condensation Grass can only be grown in a garden. However, Vital Condensation Grass with three years or higher can - once they are sent to the people in the cities - be purified into a spiritual solution or even spiritual pills. Then, the price will rise by a couple tens of times.’’

The herb shop manager hurriedly ordered people to send the Vital Condensation Grasses into the cities.

After Ye Ling Yue received the silvers, she wandered around the market hoping to find new seeds for herbs, however, she was unsuccessful. When she returned to the northern manor, she let Liu-ma prepare a hot tub of water;she had sweated profusely in the Martial Arts Hall. Ye Ling Yue took out a bottle which contained the Vital Condensation Solution she had refined a while ago. Vital Condensation Grass could already aggregate the vital energy between the heavens and the earth and so the Vital Condensation Solution could be directly used to improve the body. The green solution released a unique fragrance. As it was poured into the tub, it undulated waves of green. Ye Ling Yue soaked in the tub and closed her eyes.

(As a side note, the exact words used were 锻炼 which has the most common meaning of 'exercise', however it could also be used to mean 'forge.' I improvised it to 'improve')

The effects of the medicinal pill in her body had already been used up. The vital energy in her dantian no longer had substantial growth. The refined Vital Condensation Solution could help her body better absorb the vital energy.

As the green liquid permeated into her body, an abundant amount of the invisible vital energy congregated into her body as well. Her bones and muscles all let out a pleasant noise. Her arteries and veins immediately strengthened by quite a bit. Only once all the Vital Condensation Solution was completely absorbed did she finally get up.

Half of month had passed by quickly. In these days, Ye Ling Yue had always continued to train. After she finished her exercises, she would bathe in Vital Condensation Solution. In this short half a month, her body had undergone a shocking change. Her originally thin and weak body was now like the sprouting willow leaves in spring and she had grown much taller. Her skin was now - like a peeled chicken egg - crystal clear. She now seemed like a completely different person from the bullied retarded girl. Over the course of the half of the month, the amount of Vital Condensation Solution she used per bath had increased quite a bit. In the recent couple of days, she had to use at lease a whole bottle of Vital Condensation Solution each time.

This type of consumption level must definitely have its disadvantages. The advantage was that her vital energy and increased rapidly, but the disadvantage was that the Vital Condensation Grasses in 'Grand Mist Sky' were nearly not enough to use much less selling it to a herb shop.

Her heart was in pain as she poured the whole bottle of Vital Condensation Solution into the tub. Ye Ling Yue closed her eyes. As copious amounts of Vital Condensation Solution entered her body, she felt as though a fire was being channeling through her dantian. The fire charged out of her dantian and spread over her whole body. Ye Ling Yue opened her eyes.

’’The third rank of the constitution domain!’’ Ye Ling Yue jumped up. Her dark black eyes flashed with excitement. She had broken through yet again.


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