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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 ’’Teaching the bad one a lesson’’

’’Da Xia's Drunken Immortal is co-owned by me and a couple of my friends. If little sister can brew this amazing monkey wine, then I can discuss the matter with my friends and introduce your product to them.’’ Lan Caier pats her chest in an assuring manner.

She may be saying this casually, but to be able to befriend a princess like her, how can those friends be of common background?

Not delving deep into the subject, Ling Yue and Lan Caier happily came out of the residence together. However, as soon as Ling Yue got on the carriage, she remembered something that's been bothering her: ’’Sister Lan, is uncle's leg not well?’’ she asks this in a soft voice.

Sharp in her eyes, Ling Yue can tell that Governor Lan was facing some inconvenience when walking. Though only just a little, but to a master martialist, a little hindrance in the leg can be a great demerit in battle.

’’Ling Yue, I trust you and take you as my own so I'll tell you. Back when my father was following Marquise Wu into the battlefield, he faced ambush one day by the enemy and that's when he suffered his injury. The other side's evil alchemist used some sort of evil sorcery and inflicted a great wound on his leg.’’ As she says this, Lan Caier showed a tinge of regret in her face.

Governor Lan's life may have been saved back then, but due to the limited capability of the army healers and alchemists at the time, it was too late already by the time he was sent to the capital for help. Also, due to his limping leg, several of the generals in Da Xia hailing from noble origin collectively impeached him in front of the king, forcing Lan Ying Wu to resign and be redeployed to this Glass City as the governor.

Nominally on the surface it was transferring, but in truth it was a demotion to this city in the outskirt.

Governor Lan may not have said anything out in the open, but Lan Caier knew his father's heart better than anyone for whenever there's no one looking, her father would bring out his retired armors and wipe it over and over again.

Towards other people, this position in Glass City may be a great post, but to Lan Ying Wu who had spent most of his life in the military camps of the kingdom, this was no different from torture.

Moved by the story, Ling Yue wanted to say something but ended up swallowing it back down.

It's always better to be on alarm then not to. She may be very fond of this Lan Caier, but their relationship still wasn't at the level of sharing all her secrets.

Its true Sister Lan had a very informal personality, but the miraculous nature of her cauldron was simply too amazing. Moreover, Ling Yue's not certain with her current ability it would be enough to heal Governor Lan's injury. Maybe after some time when her spirit smoke has grown somewhat again then she will make an attempt.

By the time Ling Yue returned home that day, she was surprised to find every member of the Ye family waiting for her at the reception hall, especially big uncle and fifth uncle. Just looking at how stretched their necks were from peering out the door was enough to compare these two to a quail.

In the following days after the feast, the Ye Household suddenly found themselves swamped with nobles and wealthy individuals visiting their home, all claiming to want to befriend the Ye family.

Towards this situation, Ye Huang Xuan who have been an unknown all these years were very pleased.

But the happiest part wasn't from these guests, it's the fact that the Alchemist Association was willing to work with the Ye family.

This way around, the iron ores coming out of their business will definitely rise by a notch in terms of name branding.

Just as the Ye family was basking in their moment of glory, the people from the Mountain Sea Gang came knocking at their door.

So, what happened was that after Sha Zhen became injured by the ’’Seven Step Fall’’ attack at Ling Yue's hand, this young boss of the infamous gang couldn't get up again as expected.

When the real boss of the Mountain Sea Gang returned from his business trip, Sha Kaung became furious over his son's humiliation and injury.

He only had this one son. To watch his son fall into this decrepit state, he scoured the entire city for all the famous doctors to help. Eventually, he even went to the Alchemist Association, but that was also fruitless.

Unable to look elsewhere, Sha Kaung can only send his men to the Ye Household for help.

’’Ling Yue, when did you provoke the Mountain Sea Gang nowYe Huang Xuan had some dealings with this gang before so he knew very well how evil this factionary power can be.

’’Fifth uncle, you don't have to worry. Help me send a message to Sister Lan and inform her there's a good show waiting for us at the Mountain Sea Gang's base.’’ Ling Yue's been waiting for this moment, in fact, she was more afraid they won't show.

Without incident, Lan Caier rushed over like wind and fire after hearing this news.

At first glance when they arrived at the Mountain Sea Gang's residence, Ling Yue can already see why Lan Caier didn't like these people. Compared to the governor's mansion, this place was far superior in terms of size and luxuriousness.

’’Sister Ling Yue, once we go inside, leave everything to me and don't say anything.’’ Lan Caier rubs her knuckles together like a mobster readying for a fight.

Seeing the two girls coming in together, Boss Kaung's face turned even uglier than before.

He can easily handle one girl if it was just that Ye Ling Yue, but with this Lan Caier tagging along then that's a different story.

Not daring to be careless, Sha Kaung hurriedly orders his men to serve the tea and welcome this princess to a seat.

’’Princess Lan, please forgive me for not welcoming you at the door for I didn't know you would be gracing us with your presence.’’ Boss Kaung still had some cautionary fear of this princess, but this didn't apply to Ling Yue as he stared daggers at her.

Instead of replying, Lan Caier completely ignored the guy and silent sat there sipping tea, totally disrespecting him.

Against this level of treatment, Sha Kaung wanted to explode from anger.

Damn this Lan Caier, you got quite the ego there. In terms of age, I'm almost as old as your father and you dare ignore me so blatantly!

Just like that, the awkward scene continued for a full hour before Lan Caier opened her mouth using a smooth voice.

’’Greetings to Boss Kuang. I heard that your son Sha Zhen is sick and can't get off his bed, how is he faring now?’’

’’Princess, you need to help me get justice. That day my son went to participate in the governor's birthday banquet and met this vicious woman from the Ye Household. I don't know what evil methods she used, but once my son returned from the scuffle, he couldn't move at all for the past two days already. Even talking is difficult for him.’’ Sha Kaung's face was livid with anger as he glared at Ling Yue.

If this Lan Caier wasn't here, I will definitely have her and all of the Ye family die by severing them to pieces!

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’’Now, now, Boss Kaung, you are being unreasonable here. That day there were hundreds of eyewitnesses who saw your son provoking and attacking sister Ling Yue first. He fell on the ground due to his inability so how can you pin the blame on someone else? I say, it might even be because your son plays around with too many women in bed that his legs went soft. If you don't believe me, I can find a dozen witnesses for you to ask.’’ Lan Caier didn't even need to blink when she stumped this Boss Kaung with her words.

Turning red on one second and then white on the next, Boss Kaung popped his deadpan eyes at her in disbelief.

’’Princess is saying... it's my son's fault? Consider it a favor for me. I'm nearing fifty already and only has this one son. I've scoured the county for healers and couldn't find a single one who can help him. Please, have mercy.’’ Sha Kaung may be saying this in a lowly manner, but a class ten hurricane was wreaking havoc inside his mind.

In terms of experience and manners, Sha Kaung was far superior to his stupid son.

’’Sister Ling Yue, since Boss Kaung is so sincere in asking us, then why don't you see if you can do anything about the situation.’’ Seeing Sha Kaung was already steaming, she knew it was time.

’’Treating his son is possible, but the young master's illness is a bit tricky. Boss Kaung, I won't make it difficult for you since you are so sincere. Ready ten thousand silver coins as my treatment fee and the ingredients on this list. Once those are ready, I can begin the treatment.’’ As soon as Ling Yue's demand came out, Lan Caier instantly splurted out the tea in her mouth in shock.


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