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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 68


Chapter 68 ’’The shade is always better under a big tree’’

Lan Caier is also a princess of Da Xia?

Indeed, Lan Caier had another identity to her name. After she earned the tenth place in the royal competition, she also earned the Dowager Queen's favor when she entered the palace to receive her reward.

As such, the old queen took Lan Caier as her foster daughter and even had the king personally make a decree to announce the occasion. If not for the fact that Glass City was in such a remote place, most people would've known about this fact already.

Stunned as they watched, the crowd didn't know what to say against this scene.

After Lan Caier got physically and verbally abusive, she instantly changed face the moment she turned around to face Ling Yue, her lips giving off the sweetest smile one can imagine. One hand holding Ling Yue's hand, the two affectionately entered the governor's manor like two very close sisters. Meanwhile in the back, the bunch of thugs from the Mountain Sea Gang was completely ignored like they no longer existed.

’’Just you wait... you two bitches. I will get my revenge.’’ With venomous eyes, Sha Zhen was eventually dragged away by his men like a loser.

Only after the scuffle ended did the onlooking guests come back to reality. Those that needed to head inside did so, and those that weren't invited scattered away to carry out their own business as usual.

After the crowd dispersed, an old figure finally walked out from one of the corners nearby. Old President Laio, his gaze meaningful as he watched Ling Yue's disappearing figure.

’’Good sister, what unique skill is that you just used? One finger and you can easily subdue a lower celestial martialist. It's so amazing!’’ As soon as Lan Caier entered the residence with Ling Yue, she's been asking ceaselessly for an answer.

Lan Caier can tell already after careful observation, Ling Yue's skill wasn't very high. At most eighth or ninth rank of the constitution domain. With that sort of cultivation, it's no different from throwing an egg at a rock.

’’Nothing special, it's just a pressure point hitting technique passed down through the family. Earlier what I shot out was a hidden weapon to hit the guy's numbing pressure point. If big sister wants to learn then I can teach you. However, this technique requires the use of the spirit force to work.’’ Knowing her small little tricks can't fool Lan Caier, she decides to be frank and explain everything.

’’So it was the spirit force, no wonder you can take on a lower celestial martialist. If the technique requires the spirit force to use then I'm out of luck, I can't use it. But then again, how long does your pressure point attack last?’’ Lan Caier wasn't asking out of concern for the guy, in fact, she's more than happy to see the boy suffer as long as possible.

’’Not too long, just three days and three nights and it will automatically release itself. But during this period, he won't be able to move at all, even speaking will be a problem. I want to make sure he learns a lesson from this encounter.’’ Ling Yue calmly states this.

She didn't have any foundation in Glass City yet so she didn't want to have any direct confrontations with the Mountain Sea Gang as a whole for now.

But after today's incident, the other side definitely won't let it slide so easily.

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Three days and three nights of being paralyzed, just thinking of Sha Zhen's image caused Lan Caier to break out into laughter.

’’Little sister, you are too good!’’

Seeing their own young mistress being so good to this Ye Ling Yue lady, the guards and soldiers inside the residence also took on a different tune and became more respectful towards her.

Once the banquet began, Lan Caier specifically arranged for Ling Yue to sit by her side. This led to a lot of eyes from various powers looking their way, speculating who this girl might be. After some inquiry, it didn't take much to find out Ling Yue hailed from the Ye household, a not so prominent family in Glass City.

This news amazed everyone for Lan Caier openly humiliated Sha Zhen in public today. If that's happening, does it mean the governor wishes to uplift the Ye family to take over the position of the Mountain Sea Gang inside Glass City?

Unknowingly, this sort of thinking quickly spread across the entire banquet, leaving none of the guests not wondering this question.

Three cups of wine down, Ling Yue's attention was suddenly drawn towards an old man sitting across from her.

That's when it hit her. This old man that's nodding at her in greeting was the very same person from the Alchemist Association!

’’That's the president of the Alchemist Association.’’ One introduction from Lan Caier instantly caused Ling Yue to flush red from embarrassment. To think the elder that she scammed the papers from would be the president of the Alchemist Association branch in Glass City...

’’Oh my young friend, you are looking quite good after not seeing for a few days.’’ President Liao had already forgotten about the wager from before and was making an amiable appearance towards her.

’’I didn't know elder is the president that day so please forgive Ling Yue if I offended you in any way.’’ Ling Yue hurries to apologize.

’’Don't worry about it. The Alchemist Association favors talented young people like you the most. May I know if little friend here made any improvements after reading the basic manual I gave you?’’ President Liao looked like he couldn't wait to hear the results.

’’Junior managed learn a little bit.’’ Ling Yue wasn't certain if this old man was a friend or a foe, so her answer was very vague.

Even so, she didn't dare attempt to conceal her skills. The president in front of her was an eight cauldron alchemist, just looking at those eyes gave her an oppressive feeling that she couldn't resist.

It's likely that is the natural aura of an eight cauldron alchemist.

’’You learned it?’’ Although President Liao suspected the girl has grasped the spirit of force, but to have it confirmed up front, he's having a little trouble accepting reality. How can someone learn it so quick without guidance?

’’Just some basics, hardly enough to control it at will.’’ Ling Yue makes a small little lie.

’’That's alright. Tell me some more, maybe I can give you some advice and guidance.’’ President Liao didn't get stingy and began talking her up.

Once the two began conversing together, Ling Yue immediately felt like she just became enlightened. She asked about a lot of things, alchemy, forging artifacts, and some tricks when using the spirit force. Likewise, President Liao answered them all without reservation and was very surprised that the girl in front of him had very little knowledge pertaining to alchemy despite her level of cultivation with the spirit force.

Eventually, the two found that their opinions matched each other quite well and soon became good friends, something you don't find often with such a large gap in their age.

’’Ling Yue, let me introduce you to my father.’’ Lan Caier came over and pulls Ling Yue away to meet Governor Lan.

’’Father, this here is Ling Yue, the little sister I keep telling you about.’’ Lan Caier intimately introduces her father to Ling Yue.

Back when Lan Ying Wu sent his steward to test Ling Yue, the phrase Wen Ce came back with was: ’’The girl will definitively be exceptional in her life.’’

To be able to get such high evaluation from Wen Ce wasn't something everyone can do. Even back in the royal capital, there was hardly any noble young lords or ladies that could make the scholarly steward praise them so well. Trusting his aid's appraisal, Lan Ying Wu had quite the good impression of Ling Yue even before their meeting today.

’’Ling Yue, my father always wanted to ask you where you got your monkey wine from. He wants to get a few jars himself and send it to some friends in the capital.’’ Though the guy says it's for gifting people, but the truth was that he couldn't bear to touch the single jar in his possession so he wanted more. The Century Monkey Wine was simply too precious and too difficult to find.

Drinking one drop would mean one drop less dammit!

’’I know how to brew the Century Monkey Wine. If Uncle likes it so much, I can send some more over in a few days.’’ Ling Yue's statement sent Lan Ying Wu giddy with excitement.

Ever since Ling Yue first found the monkey wine back in the mountain, she's been constantly using her spirit smoke to refine it and at the same time dissect it to figure out the composition. After so much time, she finally got a good idea of the makeup and was confident she can replicate the product now.

Plus, she had her dimensional space Red Mist Sky. If she's really deadest on brewing this wine, it won't be difficult with the time fast-forwarding effect.

’’Ling Yue, the truth is, your monkey wine is truly good. If you don't mind me asking, are you interested in selling it at my Drunken Immortal restaurant?’’ Hearing Ling Yue can brew the wine herself, Lan Caier immediately broke out into a smile.

’’Drunken Immortal is yours?’’ Ling Yue was shocked by this news.

To think the most expensive restaurant was owned by Lan Caier, now that's something she didn't expect.

In reality, Ling Yue also wanted to open a restaurant of similar nature after she first visited the Drunken Immortal.

After all, she had the magical Red Mist Sky that can constantly supply her with high quality spirit fruits and vegetables. Plus her monkey wine, Ling Yue's not going to believe she can't open up a path for herself.

Issue was, she's limited in her finances.

But now, the opportunity was right in front of her for the taking!


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