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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 67


Chapter 67 ’’Trouble on the Road’’

In order to arrive at the governor's manor, every guest on today's list must travel through the only accessible road leading up to the residence. This street was busy even on a regular day, so one can imagine how bustling it must've been with the extra influential figures moving through here for this occasion.

As coincidence would have it, Ling Yue's carriage ended up bumping into someone that's not on good terms with her: The Mountain Sea Gang's carriage that's also heading to the same location.

Sitting on top of the enemy's carriage was the young gang boss, Sha Zhan.

This road should've been able to allow two carriages to move along at the same time, but to emphasize his importance, this Sha Zhan intentionally brought along a super-sized carriage drawn by four horses.

As such, Ling Yue's own carriage became trapped in the middle of the road, unable to move forward or backward.

’’And here I was wondering whose carriage it might be, so it's the Ye household's. What, you people also want to come flatter the governor? Let me tell you, the door to the governor's manor isn't that easy cross. Unless you got some decent gift in your possession then I suggest you return from where you came before you humiliate yourselves.’’ Recognizing who the carriage belonged to, Sha Zhan says this with a peculiar tone to his voice.

Unlike back at home, the Ye house wasn't some big factionary power to be feared at in Glass City. Therefore, Sha Zhan assumed the Ye house came without an invitation and was trying to make a futile attempt at flattering the city governor.

Due to his loud voice and unkept attitude, it didn't take long for the passing crowds on the street to be drawn towards the scuffle.

’’Miss, should we yield or not to yield?’’ The coachman from the Ye family was also making an apprehensive face at the situation.

’’Yield? Why should we yield.’’ Ling Yue coldly grunts.

Raising the front curtain, she directly grabs the whip out of the coachman's hand and rushes out from the carriage like a swallow peeking out of their nest.

Though the girl's stature wasn't very high, but the necessary features to make a fine beauty when she loses her baby fat was already clear as day. It didn't take much, only one look and it was enough to lit the crowds ablaze with praises.

Moreover, the way she moved was valiant and crisp, giving her an unusual beauty that can't be found on an average lady.

One lash down, the horse drawing the Ye family's carriage went forward as commanded.

’’Ignorant fool, you dare rob my path!’’ On the other side, Sha Zhan originally thought the one riding inside the carriage would be Ye Huang Xuan, so he never expected the one to come out would be a little maiden.

Taking a second look at the girl's appearance, he realizes it was Ye Ling Yue, the person entrusted to him by Song Guang Zhi to deal with.

Just thinking of this girl, Sha Zhen's temper came fuming out immediately.

He had thought that the other side was nothing more than a fifth rank martialist that can be easily squashed. To deal with the problem, he sent Tyrant Three Fist to carry out the mission and to clean up the mess afterwards.

But who would've thought, not only did the mission fail, there's not a single news from Tyrant Three Fist like he just disappeared without a trace.

He's long suspected it was the Ye family's doing, but without a body or a witness, he can't just go knocking at their door and demand his people back.

Now that he's being ignored and robbed of his road, Sha Zhan's temper can't be suppressed anymore.

If the one sitting inside the carriage were the lower celestial brothers of the Ye family then he can still endure somewhat, but it's not, its Ye Ling Yue, a nobody!

Relying on the fact that he himself was a lower celestial rank expert too, this Sha Zhen never even considered this girl to be his opponent.

Spreading his arms out, he jumps straight into the air like a vulture and swooped down at the Ye family's carriage with a flying kick attack!

Instantly, that leg shot transformed into multiple afterimages like a machine gun, causing the crowd to exclaim in fright. If a giant boulder were to be placed in front of this kick, it's likely it would be smashed into smithereens.

Sha Zhen was a notorious bully in Glass City, well known for his cruel deeds. However, he had the strength to back it up so none dared to oppose him thus far. Using that kick carrying over two hundred kilograms in force, it looked like the maiden down below would be stomped into mush.

Even in this urgent moment, none in the crowd dared to step forward to intervene, for if they did, the Mountain Sea Gang will no doubt take revenge like a raging storm.

Just as everyone was still dripping with sweat over the girl's safety...

Knowing the attacker intends to kill her, Ling Yue unleashes the whip in her hand and sends it flying out to tangle around Sha Zhen's leg.

’’What an idiot. You think a little broken whip can stop me!’’ Sha Zhen's arrogance knew no bounds. One sweep with his leg and the whip coming his way instantly got torn to shreds.

But at the same time as the whip was ripped away, Sha Zhen suddenly found his lower half going numb like he just got hit with something sharp. In a loud thud, he crashes down onto the ground after losing his momentum.

Not missing the opportunity, Ling Yue slaps her horse on the butt and made it run right over Sha Zhen's entire body like a car running over a person.

’’Young boss!’’

The members of the Mountain Sea Gang were all shocked beyond words at the sight. Running over, they huddled around their young leader.

’’You... che... cheated.’’ After being ran over by the carriage, a clear wheel mark had imprinted itself onto Sha Zhen's face, making him look like a total mess and an absolute embarrassment.

The most depressing thing was that, he didn't even know what happened to him just now.

He's a lower celestial martialist, so this little injury can't harm him. However, the main problem was his body.

When Sha Zhen first landed on the ground, he had already noticed his body going numb. Now that he's up again after a moment of rest, the numbing sensation only got worse until he could barely say a single word without slurring.

’’What a joke. Sha Zhen, there are hundreds of eyewitnesses today, how can a weak little girl like I hurt a lower celestial martialist like you. Besides, it was you who first disturbed my carriage.’’ By now Ling Yue had steered her carriage up to the doorway of the governor's residence.

What made Sha Zhen even more depressed was that the moment this girl arrived at the entrance, she actually pulled out an invitation letter to the doorman!

’’This, I... must find... the governor to... get justice.’’ At this point, Sha Zhen's whole body was nearly paralyzed, forcing him to rely on his subordinates to carry him.

Right now, those forceful eyes were so strong that if he could materialize his hate, it's a certainty that Sha Zhen can poke a hole through anything.

’’Isn't this young boss Sha Zhen. I believe my father didn't invite you to the banquet, did he?’’ From inside the governor's residence, an impressive looking Lan Caier came out to greet the guests.

Due to the commotion of the two vehicles vying for passage, Lan Caier became alarmed to the conflict by a servant and came out to see. Out of her expectations, it was her good friend Ling Yue fighting with the young boss from the Mountain Sea Gang.

At first Lan Caier was worried over Ling Yue not being a match for this thug, but then that scene occurred and squashed any of her worries.

In the middle of the fight, Sha Zhen only had his attentions focused to Ling Yue's whip, causing him to oblivious to everything else. But who was Lan Caier? Unlike the foolish man, she's more attentive and saw it clearly, the whip was a distraction. The real attack was the mysterious thing that shot towards Sha Zhen from under Ling Yue's sleeve.

Naturally, Lan Caier wouldn't reveal this discovery to this Sha Zhen for she had long disliked the members of the Mountain Sea Gang.

’’I... came at... my father's... stead.’’ Sha Zhen still wanted to explain.

The real boss of the Mountain Sea Gang, Sha Kaung, was away on business these past few days. As Sha Kaung's son, its to be expected that he would come in his father's stead as the representative of the Mountain Sea Gang.

’’Hoho, then I'm sorry, but our governor's manor isn't some place just anyone can enter. Someone come and escort these people back to where they came from.’’ Lan Caier openly sneered at the guy and his goonies.

’’Lan Caier... You dare!’’ Being openly shunned away, Sha Zhen nearly fainted from being overly aggravated.



Instantly, Sha Zhen's sloppy looking face became swollen with two slap marks imprinted on each side.

In the next moment Lan Caier was already back at her spot like the one responsible for the attack wasn't her doing.

’’Impudent! You think my name is suitable for someone like you to call? I am a princess of Da Xia, personally titled by the Empress Dowager herself! If you dare use my name in public without my permission again then don't blame me if I turn you into a meatball that even your father can't recognize!’’

(Empress Dowager - the mother of the current king. Also, she's more of a title princess without any royal blood and can't demand any sort of special authority like a real princess)


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