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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 66


Chapter 66 ’’Dinner Banquet’’

Inside the Phoenix mansion, old elder Mu had a face full of anxiousness as he watched the young lord on the sick bed, his forehead wrinkling with worry.

’’Dammit, how are you people looking after the young lord!’’

’’Steward Mu, us maids had long advised the young lord not to keep the windows open for the wind is cold, but the young master insisted we do so for that paper crane there...’’ The servants kept kowtowing with nervousness in their voices.

On the bed, Feng Shen's hand still had the paper crane in his possession like he's afraid of someone snatching it away while he's unconscious.

’’What are you lot still kneeling here for? Hurry and go invite the president over!’’ Just as steward Mu was in the middle of lecturing the servants with more harsh words, the paper crane in Feng Shen's hand got a reaction.

Out of everyone's sight, the wisp of spirit smoke hidden inside the paper by Ling Yue injected itself into the boy's hand and worked its way into the main body.

’’Teacher, I'm all right.’’ Waking up, Feng Shen's first words were to inform the elder of his condition. Although the frost attack on his body was very severe this time, his complexion remains good despite being very weak. Just now when the second wave of frost hit him, a warm current also injected itself into his body to counteract the effects of the frost.

This was no perfect cure, but at the very least it would temporarily suppress the illness.

’’Young master, are you all right? Oh thank the ancestors for their blessing.’’ The old elder started his nagging habits again.

By this time the president of the Alchemist Association, Mr. Mo Chen, had also arrived at their call. Hurrying into the room, he didn't wait for any explanation and started to give Feng Shen a diagnostic.

(Note: the presidents full name goes like this Liao Mo Chen.)

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’’Young master Feng Shen's body is fine, he just needs a good rest for now. Strange though, compared to a few days ago when I came to see him, his body's current condition is a little bit better than before. Did the young lord take some sort of elixir during this period?’’ President Mo Chen couldn't help but marvel at the improvement.

’’Can't call it an elixir, just that... The timing is already quite late. I apologize for calling the president here so late into the night. When my body gets better I'll be sure to pay a visit to give my thanks.’’ Halfway into his sentence, Feng Shen suddenly changed the topic and dismissed the old man.

Afraid he might interrupt the young man's rest;President Mo Chen can only leave first with a face full of questions.

’’Brother Mu, will young master Feng Shen be attending tomorrow's banquet at the governor's house?’’ Out the door, the president suddenly asked Steward Mu this.

Feng Shen's identity may be special, but this Glass City was still under the jurisdiction of Governor Lan. As courtesy, he should still make a visit on such an occasion.

’’The young master originally wanted to make visit, but he's too unwell right now. When tomorrow comes around, I will have to go on his behalf.’’ Elder Mu sighs with regret in his voice.

Back inside the room while the candle continues to crackle under the burning flame, Feng Shen's gaze fell deeply onto the paper crane in his fiddling hand.

If his speculations are correct, the main reason for the ease on his sickness was more or less due to this paper crane.

Unfolding it, Feng Shen finds that on the paper was another set of lines like before.


There are no impossible tasks in this world

For I send you this blessing in the form of this lucky crane

To wish you all ills to go away


Lucky crane eh?

It's still the same paper crane from before, but it's a little different.

Unsure whether or not it's due to the shimmering candlelight, but when Feng Shen squinted his eyes, a glimmer of amber color could be seen underneath those pupils.

Next day morning.

The paper crane didn't return to Ling Yue immediately, but she's not minding it. To her, the terminally ill young lord and the paper crane was nothing more than a little interlude in her life.

Today, she had something much more important to do for it's the day of the governor's birthday. She needs to get herself ready before heading off to the banquet by herself.

For this occasion, her fifth aunt even came to wake her up long before the sun rose this morning. Knocking her awake, the woman meticulously dressed Ling Yue up from top to bottom, showering her with fine dresses and jewelry.

Spending a full hour, Ling Yue eventually changed into a pale blue brocade dress with a circlet like trinket across her forehead.

Fortunately, her fifth aunt weren't blind to Ling Yue's good skin foundation and kept the cosmetic makeup powders away. Only doing her eyebrows, by the time Ling Yue appeared before everyone in the family again, she's already a beautiful maiden worthy of being courted.

Ling Yue herself didn't think too much of it about the occasion, but everyone else in the family took it extremely seriously like they are about to head to war.

On the surface, it's Ling Yue who's representing the Ye family during this event, plus the invitation only stated her name, therefore the rest of the family wasn't in a position to accompany her.

But if Ling Yue can rely on this opportunity to make a connection with the governor's house, then it would be equivalent to creating the foundation for the Ye family's business to take hold inside the city.

The only issue was, Ye Huang Yun and everyone else felt that Ling Yue's age was simply too young. Out of worry, they kept reminding her not be careless in her words and to offend anyone. Keep a low profile and spend more time listening like a good girl.

After being repeatedly bothered by these words, Ling Yue finally boarded her carriage and headed for the governor's manor.

Before leaving, Ling Yue also obtained a bit of information from her fifth uncle pertaining to this Lan Ying Wu.

According to the words on the street, Lan Ying Wu was a general before taking up the post of governor for this prefecture two years ago. It wasn't out of his own volition, it was due to a leg injury that he incurred during battle.

Although his time in Glass City remains short, but his reputation was very high for good reasons too.

Prior to his arrival, this area was infested with pirates along the rivers banks that caused havoc among the traveling caravans. This issue gave the former governor's quite the headache for years already. Therefore, as soon as Lan Ying Wu arrived at this place, he personally led a dozen or so personal guards to wipe out the various gangs of pirates in the near vicinity of Glass City.

From rumors, it was said that the fighting on that night was so bloody and brutal that even the river was dyed red, refusing to disperse even after a few days later.

Since then, not a spec of pirating incident has occurred near the city and thus came the era of Lan Ying Wu in Glass City as the head of all the various powers like the Alchemist Association, Profit House, and the Mountain Sea Gang.

As for Lan Ying Wu's daughter, Lan Caier, she's also a girl of great martial skill that lives up to his father's name. According to the words about this girl, she took tenth place in the royal competition of the capital, gaining her a reputation as a renowned master in the younger generation of Da Xia.

With this pair of tigers shrouding over the governor's house, who would dare provoke them in Glass City?

’’This father and daughter pair seems to be worth getting close to.’’ After reading through the information handed to her by fifth uncle, Ling Yue started to think in order to plan out her tactics.

Although she herself never revealed it in front of her mother, but inside Ling Yue's heart, she's very determined to one day return to the capital and reclaim the insults and shame handed to her by the Hong house!

Ye Huang Yu (mother) may not have said anything in front of Ling Yue, but it's not hard to find out the ins and outs from the servants in the family. After a few persuasive silvers here and there, Ling Yue got the full story easily.

Discarding wife and abandoning the daughter, such a scum of a father deserves retribution. As long as I, Ye Ling Yue lives, will definitely one day make a visit in person to the Hong house!


The carriage that was smoothly moving along the paved road suddenly jerked to a halt, sending Ling Yue reaching out for the wall to stabilize herself.

’’Who is the blind fool to dare obstruct the Mountain Sea Gang!’’ Shielded by a window's curtain, Ling Yue can hear an arrogant voice from the outside.


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