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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 65


Chapter 65 ’’Special Treatment Methods’’

The place was already packed with people by the time Ling Yue arrived at the reception hall.

Among them were big uncle, fifth uncle and his family, also big cousin Ye Saint were present too. Standing there in rows, everyone looked a little uptight.

A governor in Da Xia was a third ranked official of the court, and the steward of such a person was tantamount to the governor's most trusted aid. For a representative of such a high-ranking official to visit their insignificant abode, of course the Ye family members would be on edge.

Fifth uncle and big uncle sat respectively on each side of the hall, while in the middle, the main seating, was a scholarly man in white clothes and a Confucianism hat.

From this guest's body, Ling Yue can faintly sense a fluctuation of Yuan energy flowing out towards her. When she wanted to assess the person with her own spirit force, she was surprised to find that she couldn't tell what sort of level this man was at.

At the moment the scholarly man was in the middle of sipping tea with Ye Huang Xuan when she entered. When he heard the entering footsteps, this middle-aged steward promptly raised his head to find a graceful young girl standing before him.

White clothed with an outer coat, this newly entered girl gave off a fresh and refined aura by not applying any sort of makeup powder. Most importantly, those crescent shaped eyes sparkled with light, a definite sign this girl was of exceptional intellect.

Steward Wen Ce didn't need much time to see how exceptional Ling Yue was. In his opinion, this young miss from the Ye House was no different from the noble daughters back in the royal capital.

Pleasing to the eye with the initial impression, Wen Ce began to work through some questions with the girl. Not finding it challenging, nor suspecting she's being tested, Ling Yue answers them all with ease without any form of impoliteness. Gradually, any form of doubt finally left Wen Ce's heart.

’’Big sister Lan is Governor Lan's daughter?’’ After hearing Wen Ce's explanation, Ling Yue suddenly got it and linked the two together.

It's no wonder those people at the Profit House would shy away from offending the lady, so it was due to her exceptional background.

One outing and Ling Yue manages to become friends with the governor's daughter, this news greatly shocked the members of the Ye family.

Personally handing the invitation over to Ling Yue's hand, Wen Ce knew it was time to leave and bade his farewell.

Once the guy was gone, Ling Yue was immediately swamped by both her uncles on either side.

’’Ling Yue, when did you meet Miss Lan?’’

’’Such a big thing, why didn't you tell your uncle I?’’

’’Uncles, I only encountered big sister Lan when I went to the Profit House for a stroll. She didn't state her background so I didn't ask either.’’ Ling Yue casually came up with a story to stuff her uncles' mouths before running off herself.

To be able to form a connection with the governor's household was something she herself never expected.

But she also understood that the other side only did this to thank her for sending the monkey wine over. Whether or not she can truly form a relationship with that side was another story.

The invitation letter incident didn't effect Ling Yue at all. Before the big day, Ling Yue continued as usual, training here, cultivating there, and concocting pills here.

Just that, there was a small little interlude during this period that went unnoticed by everyone else. Back when Ling Yue released that little paper crane in the small alleyway, the little guy was able to incredibly return to her.

The ’’flapping’’ sound it made quickly alarmed Ling Yue to its presence when it first arrived. Looking up, she was honestly surprised by its appearance. Aside from the glittering color of the gold paper, the paper crane was also covered with dust.

’’Little one, why is it you again? Can it be that your whiny master sent you over?’’ Ling Yue thought it was a little funny at this point. Curious, she had the crane land on her palm.

Speaking of this paper crane, this little one can technically be called the most unfortunate paper crane in history.

In general, a paper crane created by a talisman would have a certain amount of memory capacity inside its body to seek out the recipient for its owner.

But this sort of memory would often be limited to a one on one interaction, meaning it can usually only find one designated person in its entire lifetime.

Just think about it. The interaction this little guy had with Ling Yue was only a short minute in the alleyway, yet it was still able to find her. That alone was testimony to how difficult it must've been for the little thing to endure during the journey through the sky in the past few days.

If not for the fact that it was created by the president of the Alchemist Association of Glass City, a normal paper crane would've long crashed halfway through the search.

Unfolding the crane, the content on it was still the same good-looking handwriting like before, but the words have changed.


If I can't whine unless I'm sick, then how about an incurable disease?


Reading through the sentence, Ling Yue slightly shook for a second there.

Between the lines were the pitiful sadness of its writer. Now Ling Yue understands. The poem from before wasn't the pointless words of a rich kid with too much time, it's the painful words of a terminally ill patient.

Those words aren't pointless, it's a pleading cry.

What illness can it be that it can't be cured?

Ling Yue couldn't resist being a little curious. Ever since she learned of the spirit smoke's ability to cure illnesses, she's been aching to try it out on other people to test herself.

However, she's also worried about the cauldron's ability being too miraculous, causing others to figure out her secret. Back and forth, she shackled herself with the indecision.

Staring at the words on the crane, Ling Yue's mind suddenly sprouted a bold idea: Maybe, I can try it with this paper crane.

Ling Yue's idea was very simple. By infusing a part of her spirit smoke into this paper crane, the ’’mysterious patient’’ will eventually come into contact with the crane and be infused with her spirit smoke too!

It's not like she will lose anything since the spirit smoke will be endlessly replenished with a night's rest.

Acting on the spot, Ling Yue added another few lines to the paper crane as a reply. Unlike before though, she added a part of her spirit smoke into the crane for the person.

Not noticing it herself. After she infused the spirit smoke into the little guy, the lifeless paper crane also went through some subtle changes.

In order to ensure the little crane doesn't crash halfway into the journey due to exhaustion, Ling Yue kindly injected a dose of her own spirit force into the thing to revitalize it. Becoming more powerful in its wings, it didn't take long for the thing to fly into the sky and to become a golden dot in the night.

Back in the Phoenix mansion, Feng Shen was currently in his room with a fur coat draped over his shoulder. Due to a relapse of his cold sickness again, a dark bang was hanging under his eyes, making him look very sickly.

’’Young master, the wind is strong outside so let me close the window for you.’’

Not seeing the paper crane's return after so many days, Feng Shen, whose been anticipating a reply felt a trace of disappointment and loss. In his mind, he's assuming the other party likely didn't want to chat with a sickly patient like himself.


In the middle of the night, a series of pecking and flapping sounds came from outside the window.

’’Quick, open the window.’’

As soon as the window shill was opened, a small little golden paper crane flew in.

In the moment when Feng Shen wanted to reach out for the little guy, an even more violent wave of coldness came striking down at his body. Slowly, his consciousness eventually went dark and he himself fell into an unconscious state. Even while fainted, Feng Shen's hand firmly held onto the paper crane with no intent of letting go.

’’Somebody come! The young master has fainted!’’

Once again, the entire Phoenix mansion fell into chaos as lantern lights became lit.


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