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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 64


Chapter 64 ’’Guest in the Ye Household’’

’’I got this from a sister of mine. Speaking of it, I was about to discuss the matter with you. I intend to invite Ye Ling Yue from the Ye Household to your birthday banquet, what's your opinion on it father?’’ Lan Caier intends to introduce Ling Yue to her father through this event.

Slightly surprised by this, both Lan Ying Wu and Wen Ce didn't expect her to be so upfront about this. Ever since Lan Caier moved to Glass City, this would be the first time this girl openly invited a friend to visit, and to participate in the birthday feast on top that.

Normally this would be great news, but it's the governor's birthday banquet were talking about here. Anyone on the guest list are of exceptional background and even then, they are limited in the number of companions they can bring.

As the governor of a prefecture, Lan Ying Wu will still have some image in his memories regarding this family. According to what he knew, this Ye Household should be no more than an ordinary family that specializes in the sale of Yuan Iron. As for the head of that family, the guy should be nothing more than a peak upper celestial martialist, hardly much of an entity worthy to remember.

A upper celestial martialist may be able to dominate in a small little place like Autumn Maple Town, but here in Glass City, this level of strength could hardly be called third rate, let alone first class.

With a background like that, how much ability can a miss from a family like that have? If his guess were to be right, at most this girl would still be in the constitution domain.

Lan Ying Wu may be a man of military origin with a heavy reliant on his personal strength, but to be able to become the first common birth general in this kingdom, his intellect can't be low.

What's more, he knows his daughter's temperament the most. Unless they are of exceptional background or with amazing ability, she wouldn't even bat an eyelash at the person. Like for example the close knit of friends she had in the capital. Every single one of those friends either hailed from a Marquise lineage or are the sons and daughters of an influential Prime Minister.

With such a track record, how can Lan Ying Wu just believe his daughter would suddenly become friends with a civilian born girl in Glass City?

It should've been a good thing Lan Caier could make a friend in this place, but considering the disturbing situation lately in the region and the various powers taking up home in Glass City, Lan Ying Wu must be on alert regardless of how plain this Ye Ling Yue seems to be on the outside.

Most importantly, it's the explanation his daughter gave him. According to Lan Caier's word, she and Ye Ling Yue only had a short exchange at the Profit House and that the girl didn't even know she's the governor's daughter. With such a weak relationship, why would someone just throw out a precious monkey wine as a gift to someone that's close to being a stranger? He's not afraid of someone trying to work their way up to him to curry favors, what he's afraid of the most was his precious daughter being used by people with ulterior motives.

But seeing Lan Caier's happy face, he didn't have the heart to dash that feeling. Pondering for a little while, he can only reluctantly agree to his daughter's wish.

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’’Daughter, let's do this then. I'll have Uncle Wen here personally hand an invitation to this little sister of yours for the birthday banquet.’’ Not suspecting anything, Lan Caier gladly agrees to the proposal for she still wanted to discuss some things with Ling Yue pertaining to this monkey wine.

’’By the way, Caier, I and your uncle here still have another thing to ask you. Are you certain the Aloeswood theft incident is related to the Mountain Sea Gang?’’ Due to the monkey wine, this governor nearly forgot about the main reason he came to see his daughter today, and that was about Fatty Chen and Tyrant Three Fist.

Of the several factionary powers in Glass City, the Mountain Sea Gang had always been a cancer to this city. Aside from committing various unlawful deeds behind the background, they also demanded protection fees from the locals, making them no different from street thugs oppressing the people. And now they even stooped to committing murder...

As the governor of Glass City, Lan Ying Wu have long wanted to deal with this gang. But due to the deep history the Mountain Sea Gang had in this city, plus this organization appears to be only conducting lawful businesses on the surface, it made things very difficult for him to openly investigate and collect evidence.

Therefore, the accidental discovery this time by Lan Caier finally gave Lan Ying Wu the much-needed trail he's been waiting for.

It's just that, what they didn't expect was that after the exchange at the Profit House, Fatty Chen and Tyrant completely disappeared from the public. It's as if their very existence just evaporated from this world.

’’For the banquet this time, I also specifically invited people from the Mountain Sea Gang in order to probe them for clues.’’ After much deliberation with steward Wen Ce, Lan Ying Wu decided to first test the Mountain Sea Gang before taking more action.

’’Wen Ce, go to the Ye House and see for yourself if that side is coming at us with malicious intent or goodwill. If you find that the girl is suitable then go ahead and hand over the invitation letter;otherwise, find some way to deal with the problem at your own discretion.’’ Once out of the courtyard and away from his daughter's prying ears, Lan Ying Wu hands this order down.

While they are in Glass City and under my control, no one can think about harming my precious daughter. He swears this inside.

By now it's already been several days since Ling Yue went into closed door training. As usual, Ling Yue continues on with her needle shooting practice in the courtyard like before. It's just that, using a unmoving target like a dummy scarecrow can be a bit boring. So, it's time to have a taste of a ’’Live Target’’ for a change.

’’Little Squeak, right here is a delicious chicken leg for you.’’ Ling Yue aims the finely roasted chicken leg at Little Squeak who was gnawing happily at some melon seeds on the ground.


One look at the roasted chicken leg that's bigger than his own little head, Little Squeak immediately dropped the melon seeds without a second glance and dashed for his mistress. Unbeknownst to him, he's about to fall into his mistress's unscrupulous trap.

When his two little paws just managed to grab hold of the chicken leg, every hair on his body became erected for he sensed DANGER at that moment!

Following that reaction, a single Dragon Saliva Needle shot out from Ling Yue's sleeve.


Little squeak nearly broke out into tears due to panic.

I block I block!

Heroically blocking the needles with the roast leg, Little Squeak thought he got them all. But he's wrong. Of the three that were shot out, he got two and missed one that accurately landed on his poor little body.

Like getting strike by lightning, his whole body felt an annoying numbness running through it.

Looking at the very devilishly snickering mistress, Little Squeak refuses to give up and wanted to make a run for it on two hind legs while he firmly hugged his prize.

One step, two step... by the sixth step, he finally couldn't keep going and fell limp on the ground. Regardless of his paralyzed body, Little Squeak refuses to let the chicken leg go and clings onto it with his dear life!

’’It seems I've succeeded.’’ Ling Yue rubs her chin, thinking: If even Little Squeak can't avoid this attack, then this Thirteen Needle from the Ghost Sect is the real deal.

Just as Ling Yue was about to release Little Squeak from the paralyzing effects of the ’’Seven Step Fall’’ technique, her fifth uncle suddenly burst into the yard, his face flushed from running.

’’Ling Yue, hurry and come with me to the main hall. The steward from the Governor's house wants to see you!’’

Governor's House?

Forget about Ling Yue, even Ye Huang Xuan whose spent years in the business world would be shocked by the news.

Just minutes ago, the steward of the governor suddenly made a visit to the Ye family and directly named Ling Yue as the reason. Hearing this, Ye Huang Xuan's first thought was the possibility of his niece offending a member of the governor's house, hence the reason why he came running over.

At first, Ling Yue was quite surprised herself for she only just came to Glass City. Unlike her uncle here, she never had any dealings with anyone of influence in her entire life, let alone someone from the governor's house.

Whether it's a curse or a blessing, there's no dodging it now. Changing into a set of new clothes, she came out to the reception hall to meet the visitor.

Looking at his mistress walking away, Little Squeak was now completely forgotten by Ling Yue as he remained paralyzed on the floor with his tongue sticking out.

Right now, he can't look anymore miserable for a black cat was sitting atop of a brick wall staring down at him... But most importantly, this pesky feline was clearly drooling over his precious chicken leg!

Mistress, please hurry and come back~!


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