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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 63


Chapter 63 ’’The Governor's Manor’’

It can divide into three?

This discovery greatly startled Ling Yue for she thought her efforts only yielded one needle after going through so much trouble, causing her to be depressed for a moment there.

Unlike a general-purpose needle made of common alloy, this Dragon Saliva Needle was the byproduct of Yuan Iron and the saliva of dragons from ancient times, making it a Yellow class weapon.

As Ling Yue's spirit continues to grow with time, the uses will also increase with her. Like changing its size at her whim and splitting into multiple needles.

According to Lady Jade Poison Hand's manual, there are a total of thirteen moves in her technique. With each stage moving up, she can utilize an extra thirteen needle above of what she can already use.

Going by that number, once Ling Yue masters the entire technique, she will be able wield a total of a hundred and sixty-nine needles at once. It's no wonder the Lady Jade Poison Hand can wipe out a hundred martialists in one move.

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Just that, considering her current power, the most she can materialize out of this Dragon Saliva Needle was at most three, meaning she's limited only by her spirit force. Nevertheless, this was still a major breakthrough for the current her.

Under normal circumstances, one would immediately get down to business and start playing with their newfound toy, but not Ling Yue. Instead of running off to test the weapon, she pulls out the basic spirit cultivation manual given to her by the elder in the Alchemist Association.

One read through, she was shocked to find out her understanding of the spirit force had been seriously flawed due to the Codex left behind by Mr. Red Mist. Sure, the guy was a peerless individual when it came to the healing arts, but that's the thing, he's more of a healer than an alchemist. From the records and manuals he left behind, most of the content only pertained to medicine and healing techniques. As to the parts relating to alchemy and the spirit force, Mr. Red Mist only scribbled various information's without fully explaining it in full, causing Ling Yue to stumble onto mistake after mistake.

If not for Ling Yue's only inherent talent for the spirit force, it's likely she would've achieved next to nothing thus far.

Combining her original cultivation method with the one from the Alchemist Association, Ling Yue instantly saw the effects taking hold in her body after her spirit pool increased by a small margin without doing any training. Knowing this, Ling Yue decides its time she made a visit to the association on another date to see if she's qualified to become a quasi-alchemist.

Once that's done and completed, Ling Yue can finally delve right into what she wanted to try the most: The Seven Step Fall move.

This Seven Step Fall attack was the first in the set of needle techniques left behind by Lady Jade Poison Hand and was mainly meant to attack a person's numbing pressure points. Once hit, the victim will definitely become paralyzed after taking seven steps out. This effect will last for seven days and seven nights. Unless a healer can perform a special type of acupuncturing technique on the victim, or Ling Yue herself willingly released the pressure points, the victim will be destined to face the fate of being a cripple for seven days.

To ensure she doesn't miss during the attack, Ling Yue constructed her own set of dummy scarecrows for training. On each of the important areas that she must hit, Ling Yue marked each spot with small circles across the body.

Just like that after several days of constant training, Ling Yue can accurately land on each numbing point necessary for the attack to work. It's not to the point where she can claim to have mastered the skill, but it's the first step in the long road ahead of her.

Her efforts didn't go unnoticed of course. Through her closed-door training and the occasional strange sounds coming out of Ling Yue's courtyard, everyone in the family thought she was training hard during this period and decided to not disturb her.

At the beginning, Ye Saint was still playing around in Glass City to his heart's content, but after seeing his little cousin working so hard, he felt a little embarrassed and eventually succumb to the pressure and started his own training routine.

Watching this scene, both Ye Huang Yun (big uncle) and Ye Huang Xuan (fifth uncle) were both very gratified over the kids' diligent efforts. Now that their family can produce Yuan Iron of sixty percent quality, it's only a matter of time before their Ye Household rose back to glory like in the old days.

Due to Ling Yue being too engrossed in cultivating her skills, she even missed the moment when Lan Caier came to visit her for the monkey wine.

On that day, the servants had done per instructed and delivered the monkey wine to Lan Caier's home. However, what Ling Yue didn't expect was that Lan Caier's home was in fact the governor's manor!

’’My lady, the wine has been fetched as per your instructions. But your servant here couldn't meet with Miss Ye for she's in the middle of reclusive training.’’ Lan Caier originally wanted to invite Ling Yue over for a meeting and to reveal her identity. It's just that, she never expected Ling Yue to be so busy and not have time.

Earlier when Ling Yue said her family had the century monkey wine in possession, Lan Caier had her doubts at first. But following her first whiff of the wine after opening the jar, she couldn't believe how potent the aroma was. In mere seconds, the entire yard became engrossed in a fruity wine aroma.

’’Is this really the century monkey wine?’’ This was the first for Lan Caier to smell something so fragrant.

Trying a small sip herself, Lan Caier immediately felt her body brimming with strength like her blood itself was boiling with energy. Unable to resist, she showed off a set of martial technique to release some of this pent up energy. Instantly after she's through, her body became unbelievably comfortable.

’’Dear daughter, what sort of good stuff are you hiding from your good old pa here?’’ In the middle of Lan Caier's delight, a rough yet heroic voice came from behind.

Lan Caier couldn't resist smiling at this point for this monkey wine actually lured over this alcoholic father of hers.

Walking in big strides, a middle aged martialist was hurrying over with a smile. Though this man was already coming in on his age, those bulging muscles didn't lose out to any youngster at all.

With a pair of sharp eyes that's comparable to a tiger's, the only regretful part about this masculine man was the way he walked, there's a slight limp to his posture. The newcomer was Lan Caier's father and the current governor of this prefecture, Lan Ying Wu.

Although Lan Ying Wu was the governor of a prefecture, his waist had a nondescript broadsword hanging there, making him look unbefitting for that image.

Just to be clear, don't assume this man was a scholarly individual just because he's in civil service. In terms of poetry and music, this man had none of that. Even so, he's quite the famous individual in Da Xia.

Lan Ying Wu hailed from the military in his younger years. From an ordinary soldier, he climbed the ranks and eventually became the first civil born general in Da Xia. With a history like that, it's no wonder he's such a legendary figure in these lands.

But all things came at a cost. Due to an old injury suffered from battle, Lan Ying Wu had no choice but to eventually retire from his original post and become a civil official in Glass City.

Due to a late marriage, Lan Ying Wu didn't take his current wife until he was thirty years of age. Nevertheless, the pair loved each other well and eventually gave birth to their beloved daughter Lan Caier.

Like her father, Lan Caier also had exceptional talent in martial art. Through diligent work and her father's tutelage, Lan Caier was already an upper celestial expert. Regarding all of this, Ling Yue was totally ignorant on these facts.

Then looking to Governor Lan's side, a man dressed as a scribe was standing there in a beautifully adorned robe like that of a scholar's. Compared to Lan Ying Wu, this scribe was more befitting the image of a civil servant.

The man's name was Wen Ce, the number one counselor and steward in the governor's manor. Back when Lan Ying Wu was still in the military, this Wen Ce also served as the main strategist for the general.

’’Father, mother is right about you having a wine nose. I can't hide a single drop of wine from you.’’ Lan Caier originally intended to keep this wine a secret until the auspicious day and then bring it out as a surprise.

Yet who would've guessed the fragrant aroma of the monkey wine would be so intense that she couldn't hide it even if she wanted to.

Seeing her daughter bringing out a wine jar, Lan Ying Mu couldn't wait to pull out his wine cups from within his sleeves

Seeing her father even had had the cups ready beforehand, Lan Caier wanted to both laugh and get angry at her father's demeanor.

Smooth down the throat, then burning in the belly like an ignited flame, both men can only think of one phrase: Great wine!

These two elders have been soldiers for many years, what good wine have they not tried? One sip down and they can tell the intensity and taste of this brew was of the finest quality.

’’Daughter, hurry and tell your papa where you found this wine.’’ Lan Ying Mu couldn't keep his beaming eyes from the wine jar. If he could, he would instantly gobble the entire thing down without pause.


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