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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 61


Chapter 61 ’’Paper Crane Love Letter’’

After figuring who's behind the scene, Ling Yue could only sneer inside for the grudge between her and the Song House are now set in stone!

Taking care of the corpses on the ground by dissolving them into pools of blood, what's left now were two parcels that once belonged to Fatty Chen and Tyrant Three Fist. Not holding back, Ling Yue opens them up.

From Tyrant Three Fist's parcel, she found two sheets of five hundred silver bills along with a badge belonging to the Mountain Sea Gang. Then moving onto Fatty Chen's parcel, there were that century old Aloeswood, a bag of seeds and a few hundred silver coins inside a pouch.

Earlier Lan Caier had mentioned this to Ling Yue. Due to the thing being stained with blood, this century years old Aloeswood couldn't be used anymore.

But that's no issue for our little demoness here.

Controlling her spirit smoke, she pours it into the Aloeswood and orders the smoke to absorb every drop of blood from the inside. In no time at all, the surface of this thing became bristling clean and emitted an even stronger aroma than when it was showcased in the auction house.

Turning her attention to the seeds, Ling Yue was pleasantly surprised to find what was inside this pouch.

’’Aloeswood?’’ She didn't need to think hard to recognize the origins of these seeds.

The reasoning behind Aloeswood's precious value was because it's a special type of crystal resin that only grows out of the Aloes Tree under certain extreme conditions.

Back when Fatty Chen and Tyrant Three Fist robbed the merchant caravan during its transport, they also managed to loot these seeds. However, due to the climate of the terrain near Glass City, they weren't able to plant them.

As such, Fatty Chen can only keep it on himself during this period for safe keeping.

But regardless of all these restrictions, it means nothing in front of Ling Yue who has the dimensional space Red Mist Sky. Give her a few months and she will have no less than a few dozens of the finest century's years old Aloeswood.

Tens of thousands of silvers worth of Aloeswood, plus more than a thousand silver coins, this time she really hit it rich.

In her momentary loss for happiness, Ling Yue's ear suddenly picked up some odd rustling sound nearby. Thinking she's been caught, Ling Yue flings her head around in haste and finds a golden colored birdy trapped along some branches in the alleyway.

Moving in to get a closer look, Ling Yue was a little surprised to find this ’’bird’’ was in fact a paper crane.

The Alchemist association's paper crane?

As she thought this, Ling Yue tipped her feet and leaped several meters into the air to snatch the crane.

Looking at the material used here, she can tell the owner of this paper crane had to be from a wealthy family. Unwrapping it, she begins to the read the contents written on it.

Based on the person's handwriting, it had to be from a man and a very well educated one at that because the words are absolutely beautiful.


I force a smile when I'm awake.

Because the world of dreams is where I'm free.

No wind can be without the sky.

Nor can the beauty of a flower withstand the fate of winter's fall.

Shame my life is but a fleeting moment.

For I have too many regrets left undone in this life.


This translation is only hosted:

Note: Just a fair warning, the poem is not exactly right but it's better than nothing.

After reading this poem, Ling Yue couldn't help but pinch her mouth to one side because she can already guess the author was one of those rich young lords with too much time on their hands. Just look at the material for this paper crane! How can someone waste such valuable material on a silly poem. Against people like that, Ling Yue hates them the most because she finds them seriously annoying.

Living off of good rice and good water, why do people like to write such stupid poems like they are about to die?

Rummaging through Fatty Chen's things again, Ling Yue manages to find some ink and a feather pen. Using these, she added in another sentence to overlap the existing words.

Once she's done with her deed, she refolds the crane back together and releases it.

Flapping a few times, the paper crane swoops over the alley wall and enters the manor next to Ling Yue. Taking this in, she didn't think much of it and quickly took her leave for home.

Unbeknownst to her, Ling Yue had in fact inadvertently entered the alleyway belonging to the Phoenix manor, home to the drowning boy called Feng Shan. Also, the golden colored paper crane was the exact same one given to Feng Shan by the president of the Alchemist Association.

Ever since the last time where he had nearly drowned in the river, Feng Shan's been under house arrest by the old elder in order to recuperate from his cold.

At first Feng Shan only released the paper crane out of boredom because he didn't know anyone in Glass City, hence there were no specific recipient for the letter. But as fate would have it, the paper crane ended up in Ling Yue's hand after she committed theft and murder. What an odd twist of events.

Therefore, Feng Shan was a little surprised to see the little paper crane returning so quickly after he initially released it. Fluttering around himself, the paper crane eventually lands on Feng Shan's palm.

’’Little thing, how come you are back again? You got wings to fly so why are you not soaring into the sky?’’

By now he had noticed the paper crane's been unfolded. Curious, he hurries to open it to find many unfamiliar words written over his poem.

’’If you aren't sick then quit bitching. Wake up you dimwit because it's boring listening to you whine.’’

Look at the handwriting, Feng Shan can tell this was clearly written by a woman, but this tone and attitude....

Breaking out into laughter, he has never experienced such a tone from anyone in his life thus far.

Even so... This woman is very interesting.

Picking up the brush, Feng Shen immediately wrote another line beside the girl's sentence.

After sending out the paper crane again, Feng Shen continues to stare out the window with anticipation in his eyes.

I wonder what sort of unruly stranger this girl is and what sort of reply she will give me.

’’Young Master, it's time to take the medicine.’’ When Mr. Mu enters the room, this elder just so happens to see his young lord facing the window with a touch of happiness in his mouth.

Am I hallucinating? Is the young master smiling?

Meanwhile, the golden paper crane soars into the sky above Glass City and heads toward the Ye manor as instructed.

Once back at home, Ling Yue got straight to work on the Fire Viper Eggs she procured from the auction. After two to three days of concocting various poisons by herself, there finally came news from the Profit House regarding the processing method for the Dragon Saliva Metal.

So, according the Profit House's finding, in order to refine the Dragon Saliva Metal, she needs a special herb called the Withered Wood Vine when she's smelting the ore to make it malleable. And as luck would have it, the Profit House had already prepared the herb for her in advance to show their sincerity.

With the Withered Wood Vine in her possession, Ling Yue can now refine her Dragon Saliva Ore.

Lan Caier already mentioned this to Ling Yue before. Due to the limited amount in her ore, she can't manufacture it into a weapon of suitable size.

As such, she began to think. After some time of going over her options, Ling Yue finally came up with a solution to her weapon's dilemma.


She will craft a needle!

Speaking of needles, the first thought to come into Ling Yue's mind was the type used by physicians when performing acupuncture on a patience;however, she already had the spirit smoke, making a needle like that pointless.

What she needs wasn't a needle to save people, but to KILL!

It's true she managed to kill Tyrant Three Fist this time, but his last words reminded Ling Yue of something important: she got lucky.

Due to Song Gaung Zhi's lack of information, they only sent some weaklings for the assassination, but next time won't be the same.

With the Mountain Sea Gang behind the Song House, it's a certainty eventually a upper celestial martialist will come knocking at her doors. At that time, what was she going to do then?

With Ling Yue's current strength, she can most definitely be a boss in Autumn Maple town, but here in Glass City, her ability was far from enough. Forget about protecting the Ye family, it would be a pipe dream to take revenge for herself and her mother.

If she's going to protect herself, then the only solution was to become stronger, much stronger. That's where the needles come in. She's going to learn Lady Jade Poison Hand's signature skill, the Ghost Sect's Thirteen Needle technique.


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