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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 60


Chapter 60 ’’Who's exactly the villain again?’’

In front was a long alleyway. Running inside, Ling Yue didn't stop until she reached a dead-end followed by two snickering thieves making an evil grin.

’’Why are you following me?’’ Ling Yue pretends to be frightened with her timid voice.

’’Why? Say little girl, who told you to be so blind to provoke those you shouldn't.’’

Back when the Song family decided to seek help in finishing off Ling Yue inside Glass City, the power they sought out turns out to be the Sea Mountain Gang. To be more accurate, it's the young boss (son) of the gang. After accepting the request from the Song house, the young boss then handed off the task to a sixth rank martialist inside the gang, Tyrant Three Fist, to do the dirty work.

Spending a few days inside the city searching for Ling Yue, this hired hitman eventually did find his target, but because Ling Yue was constantly escorted by the members of the Ye family, he couldn't make his move.

Then when today came around, he finally got his long-awaited opportunity.

At first he only intended to come out with his sworn brother, the fat merchant from earlier with a surname Chen, to scam the woman in red with the century old Aloeswood. But when they got seen through and failed to achieve the desired result, Tyrant Three Fist became depressed and fuming.

That's when he saw her, the target from the portrait handed to him by the young boss.

’’Big brother, I see this girl is so white and dainty, let me enjoy myself first to sooth my addiction. Then when I'm done, we can sell her off to the Red Emerald Brothel.’’ Fatty Chen was coveting Ling Yue's body after seeing how fine her face was.

The young boss said it already, this young girl from the Ye house here was but a fifth rank martialist. A few swings in and we can easily subdue her.

’’You damn fatty, you are too impatient in your character. Fine, let's do as you say. I'll take the first watch out there to make sure no one comes in. Remember not to kill her by being too rough.’’ Tyrant Three Fist chuckles a bit before strolling out to the mouth of the alleyway.

Fatty Chen was also a fifth rank martialist like Ling Yue, but he's a man, and the foe was but a little girl who's new to the ugliness of the world. No way he will lose to an amateur.

Step by step, this Fatty Chen corners in on Ling Yue like a predatory wolf in heat.

But it was at this moment he noticed the strange smirk surfacing on the girl's face.

From mid-air, a cold sharp object came shooting down from above.

Back outside the alleyway where Tyrant Three Fist was waiting, this hitman suddenly hears a painful loud shriek by his sworn brother. Hurrying back inside, what welcomed him was fatty Chen lying on the floor in pain, his left hand decapitated on the ground.

’’Fatty, what is going on?’’ Tyrant Three Fist looks up at Ling Yue. Instead of the fearful and dainty appearance like before, only a dagger was floating in the air next to the smirking girl.

’’This girl tricked me!’’ Fatty Chen only had a head full of perverted thoughts earlier so he's quite angry right now due to the extreme pain he's suffering.

Not hesitating, Tyrant Three Fist tosses the fatty a bottle of blood mending powder.

’’Brother, let's go in together, I want to shred this girl into pieces.’’ Fatty Chen only had one thought in his mind and that was to kill the girl in front of him. He may be overweight, but he's still a fifth rank with a very flexible body.

Making a pincer attack, the two were about to make the pounce when the dagger next to Ling Yue shot out like a deadly winding snake.




Shrinking his neck, Fatty Chen can only feel something cold zooming past his hair in the next second. Next thing he knew, all of his hair was sliced off, leaving his head bald and empty.

What a powerful flying dagger! If I had shrunk my neck one second slower, the thing to be sliced off wouldn't be just my hair!

Against two full grown adults, the flying dagger didn't have any trouble dealing with them. In minutes, both thugs were forced into a corner with no room to retreat.

By now Tyrant Three Fist has realized this dagger wasn't something to be taken lightly like he originally thought. Under an electric zapping sound, his hand becomes engulfed in a layer of Yuan energy that looked like burning flames.

The martial technique practiced by Tyrant Three Fist was a move called the Flaming Fist, a decent ninth grade technique. Using this move, this hitman was able to make a name for himself early on in his career while staying in Glass City due to his signature three punch K.O. habit.

Sending the punch out, a fierce flame intertwined with the flying dagger, trapping it and making it unable to move.

Taking advantage of this opening, Tyrant Three Fist then dashes forward like an eagle, his fists blooming with balls of flames in each hand.

’’Idiot.’’ Showing disdain in her voice, Ling Yue flexes her spirit force and commands the dagger to go on a killing spree with a wave of her hand. First was Fatty Chen, piercing into the disgusting man's heart.

In collaboration with her dagger's attack, Ling Yue's fingers reformed into a claw shape and went straight for the hitman coming her way.

Eighth grade martial technique, Jade Flower Hand!

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In the exchange Tyrant Three Fist can only feel his strength draining out of his punch. Like an unknown draining force, the fire element that he gathered were nearly eliminated.

Like an eagle catching a chicken, this hitman couldn't move at all under the suppression of Ling Yue's powerful spirit and Yuan force.

Then in a cracking sound, both his arms were dislocated by pure raw strength. Kneeling on the ground, Tyrant Three Fist could no longer retaliate like a helpless civilian.

This kind martial art, that's no fifth rank martialist!

That's at the very minimum a seven or eighth rank martialist!

Looking back at the already dead Fatty Chen in the pool of blood, Tyrant Three Fist then looked back up at the demonic girl in front of him, who exactly is the real villain here?

’’Speak, who sent you.’’ Ling Yue sends a kick right up into the hitman's back. Who knows what sort of vital point she managed to land on, but this kick caused the guy's whole body to convulse in pain.

’’No one sent me.’’ Tyrant Three Fist still had some balls left in him, refusing to answer at all, ’’If you got the ability then end it.’’

Not wrangling or intimidating him, Ling Yue walked up to the fatty's corpse and pulls out one of her bottles.

In the next moment, a little drizzle of syrupy fluid poured out. From what used to be a perfectly good corpse was now but a pool of foul smelling water after being decayed in rapid speed.

’’Did you get a clear look yet? If you don't speak then your ending will be the same as him.’’

Gasping in cold fright, Tyrant Three Fist never seen anything this horrifying. He's a man that's lived his life along the knife's edge all his life, but never have he seen such vicious means in dealing with an enemy. Rather than calling this girl a human, she's better off being called the soul reaper.

’’I'll speak, I'll tell you, it's the Song house from Autumn Maple Town. Song Guang Zhi and our young boss are old acquaintances, so he commissioned us to kill you. You better wisen up and let me go, otherwise our young boss will never let you go. He's a third rank lower celestial master, you hear me?!’’ Tyrant Three Fist thought that by throwing the young boss's cultivation level out would have an effect and scare the girl.

But who would've have guessed, Ling Yue's reaction would be....

’’Didn't you say...’’

’’I did not say I will let you go after you talk.’’

After hearing the last sentence before his death, Tyrant Three Fist's body slowly drooped down like the spark of life leaving his eyes.


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