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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 59


Chapter 59 ’’Been Followed’’

’’If were just talking about monetary value, then of course the Dragon Saliva Metal is worth more. Unfortunately this piece right here is too small that it can't even be used to forge a projectile weapon, let alone a defensive dagger for a lady.’’ The woman in red makes it sound like a great regret.

Not even a dagger?

Now Ling Yue's excitement weakened quite a bit.

’’Though this can't be directly used to forge a nice weapon due to its limited quantity, but if added to another alloy during the forging process, it will greatly enhance the final product and create a yellow class weapon.’’ The vice president of the Alchemist Association didn't forget to chime in this piece of information at this time.

Among weapons, the classification was usually divided into five different classes: Heaven (highest), Earth, Black, Yellow, and ordinary classes. For yellow class weapons, its well known that unless you are a five cauldron alchemist, it's unlikely one will be to forge a weapon of such fine quality. That's already excluding the fact that even then the chances of failure remains very high.

But as long one adds a small amount of Dragon Saliva Metal during the forging procedure, the rate of success increases dramatically.

’’That's why despite its small quantity, the value of this piece of ore here remains at two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand silver.’’ The woman in red and the vice president both gave an accurate estimate of the pricing.

Knowing this was a very rare Dragon Saliva Metal, the two immediately called for the shopkeeper. Like the two, the manager of the place also became shocked, unsure what to make of it.

’’Shopkeeper, are you able to introduce the owner of this piece here to me? I would like to purchase this Dragon Saliva Metal at a high price.’’ After losing the Aloeswood already, the already depressed woman in red wanted to get this instead for her father.

’’Shopkeeper, we the Alchemist Association is also willing to pay a high price to buy.’’ Coming across such a rare allow, the vice president couldn't back down either and wanted to buy too.

He was still lamenting over the fact that he had lost the Fire Viper Eggs earlier, but now that something like this has appeared, he's certain the president himself will be very pleased with him if he can bring this back to the association.

The two kept circling around the shopkeeper in order to find out the owner of this Dragon Saliva Metal.

’’Dear guests, both of you are regulars at our Profit House so you should also know of our rules. I'm sorry, unless the owner intends to sell, we cannot divulge their information. The most we can do is transfer your messages to the other side.’’ The shopkeeper professionally shook his head and politely refused their request.

No matter what, these two could never have imagined that the owner of what they sought after so much was right next to them.

Hearing their pleas, Ling Yue could only secretly stick out her tongue like a guilty rabbit.

After the treasure assembly came to an end, Ling Yue paid her fee and received the Fire Viper eggs from the Profit House.

’’Young mistress, is the Dragon Saliva Metal and blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pills all from your hands?’’ The one at the reception was no longer the same one from before, instead, it's the manager that was overseeing the auction.

After knowing Ling Yue could easily bring out such fine Dan pills and a very rare ore in one go, he's determined that this girl was not a simple person. However, to take this little girl as a high-class alchemist just didn't seem right.

’’Both are from my master, he's a hidden world expert.’’ Ling Yue had long thought of an excuse if asked.

’’So that's why. May I trouble young lady to inform your master if it's possible to sell his blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pills and other medicines at our Profit House in the future? If he's willing, our Profit House is willing to enter a deal. We will take twenty percent of the profit and he will take eighty.’’ Over the years, the Alchemist Association has been monopolizing the sales of Dan pills and other important cultivation medicines in Glass City, hence the reason why the Profit House wants to take a share. The only issue was that they never had any presentable Dan pills to bring out.

Now that there's Ling Yue's master in the scene, the Profit House will have something to challenge the monopoly of the Alchemist Association.

Thinking it over, Ling Yue figured she did need a place to sell her products, and the Profit House was undoubtedly the most suitable place for her.

’’Shopkeeper, I really like to promise you, but my master only makes Dan pills once per month, and each time there's only fifty pieces.’’ Glass City was after all pretty far from home. If she wants to sell her pills here, she will need to limit it once per month, otherwise she can't keep up by going back and forth so often. Besides, fifty pills would be enough to land her tens of thousands of silvers per month.

’’In addition, I also need the Profit House to do me a favor. I need help figuring out how to process the Dragon Saliva Metal.’’ Ling Yue tried it before with her cauldron. No matter what she did, her spirit smoke and cauldron simply can't bend the ore to her will. In the end, she needs to come up with a different plan.

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’’Miss, please give our Profit House three days' worth of time, we will definitely notify you of a refining method.’’ The manager didn't hesitate and directly accepted every demand she made.

When she came out of the Profit House again, Ling Yue's sight quickly caught onto the woman in red from earlier. Based on her appearance, the woman's mood seems to be quite glum right now.

It can't be helped, the woman in red did have some pretty bad luck today. Losing the century old Aloeswood first, then losing the Dragon Saliva Metal afterwards, this gave her quite the headache in coming up with a birthday gift for her father.

Hurrying over, ’’Sister, are you still worrying about the birthday gift?’’

Seeing the newcomer was the same little girl from earlier, the woman in red smiles, ’’That's right, I've already thought about this for half a month already. In a place as big as Glass City, I can't even find a gift that meets my desire.’’

What famous top ten city, this backwater is no different from a ghost town if anyone asks me.

’’May I know if your father is interested in wine? My family has a nice collection of hundred-year monkey wine. If you don't mind, I can send some over for sister.’’ Feeling the connection with the woman in red at first sight, Ling Yue offers up her wine as compensation for the information she got regarding her Dragon Saliva Metal.

She still had three jars of the monkey wine in her possession, and since her mother now has the Xuan Yin Dan pills, it doesn't matter if she give some of it away to this lady.

’’Hundred year monkey wine? Your family really has some?’’ She immediately became jubilant over the news.

Her father was of military origin. If she looked back at it, the best gift can only be wine because ever since they moved to Glass City, her father's been complaining about how the wine here tasted like horse urine, insipid to the tongue.

Just that, the hundred years monkey wine wasn't something so easily obtainable even if one wanted it. Does this little girl's home really have such a rare wine?

The woman in red originally wanted to go along with Ling Yue to fetch the wine in person, but she had to return home as soon as possible to inform his father of the blood stain on the century old Aloeswood, thus leaving her in a predicament.

’’If elder sister is free at another time, feel free to visit me at the Ye manor located at the Green Lake Alley. When you arrive, just state my name and the residents should know what to do.’’ Ling Yue can see the dilemma in the woman's face so she was very considerate in proposing this.

’’Then I have to thank sister. Oh yes, I almost forgot to introduce myself, I am called Lan Caier, twenty this year, feel free to call me sister Lan. When I'm not as busy I'll be sure to find little sister again.’’ After Lan Caier took her leave, Ling Yue also left for home because it was getting a bit late.

Just as she was walking away, the fat merchant and his partner from the auction came out from a corner and started to follow her.

Not making a scene as she continued to walk forward for a while, Ling Yue suddenly made a dash into the alleyway up ahead.

’’Keep up with her.’’ The fat man and the rat faced partner chases after Ling Yue with no intent of losing her.


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