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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 57


Chapter 57 ’’Blue Patterned Xuan Yin Dan Pill’’

Blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pill?

When the words came out, the guests who had been disinterested by the name returned their attention to the show.

For a martialist, it's imperative that they know how important a medicinal Dan pill was for improving their cultivation, especially for something like the Xuan Yin Dan pills which greatly benefits a user in breaking through to the lower celestial realm.

For a place the size of Glass City, which family doesn't have at least one child trying to break into the lower celestial realm?

The Dan pills on the mainland are divided into nine ranks with a subdivision of ordinary (lowest) , blue patterned (second lowest) , yellow patterned (third highest) , and red patterned (highest) to showcase their quality.

In Glass City, the majority of medicinal pills on sale in the market are usually in the lower tier market, fourth rank and lower with most of it being ordinary pills. Also, this field was mostly monopolized by the Alchemist Association with very few products making it into a third-party reseller.

Starting from the blue pattern and up to the yellow pattern, the Alchemist Association will only supply it to the royal family or some local officials for consumption, meaning average citizens will have nearly no possibility of buying one without connection.

Then finally that leaves the red patterned Dan pills, the rarest and finest one can make. Only a senior alchemist would have a possible chance of succeeding in making one due to its complexity and experience needed to achieve the results.

Yet this time in the Treasure Assembly Hall, they are bringing out a set of blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pills, that's huge news!

’’If a martialist consumes a blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pill, they will be able to absorb the Dark Yin energy hidden in the heavens and earth for ten days to strengthen their veins and tendons. So, everyone, ready yourselves and your pockets. the starting price will be at five hundred silvers per pill.’’ The shopkeeper for the auction was clearly a veteran when it came to enticing the audience. One explanation down and the people's interest were roused.

One must know, an ordinary Xuan Yin Dan pill can only last for three days before the effects wear off, and those are normally sold for two hundred silver in the Alchemist Association, making this a great buy.

Ling Yue was also shocked and surprised on the side by the asking price. She only took the pills out in hopes of making a decent profit, but out of her expectations, the value was far higher than what she imagined. It's no wonder the Alchemist Association inside Glass City was so fat that even oil could be churned out.

One bidding down, the first pill got sold for eight hundred silvers, then the second and third were sold for eight hundred and nine hundred respectively.

’’Everyone, of the five blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pills we have here for sale today, only two remains. We intend to auction these two off as a set! If anyone is interested then this is your last chance. Remember, the Alchemist Association won't sell any Dan pills of this fine quality to normal folks so don't miss this opportunity!’’ The shopkeeper suddenly had a change of mind at the last minute and pulled out this stunt.

Those that were still hesitant over the high calling price couldn't keep still anymore, raising the atmosphere of the bidding war to a whole new level.

’’A thousand silver’’

’’A thousand and one hundred silver. ’’

’’ A thousand and two hundred silver. ’’

’’ A thousand and five hundred silver!’’

Like Ling Yue herself, all of the other guests were looking over at the source of that wealthy individual due to the sudden price hike.

From among the crowd, a man in green clothes stood up. When the shopkeeper overseeing the auction saw the identity of this buyer, his face instantly changed because the individual in question had a cauldron emblem with a five embroidered to his chest area. This man was none other than the vice-president of the Alchemist Association.

The members of the Alchemist Association are also joining in on the bid?

So what happened was that the vice-president only came today to procure some herbs for the association, but when he heard a rare product like the blue patterned Dan pill was on the item roster, he had a sudden change of heart and joined in.

In his mind, he wanted to see what sort of people would dare go behind the Alchemist Association's back and concoct these blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pills.

The guests were abuzz, even the Alchemist Association is making a move, seems those blue patterned pills are the real deal.

But with the Alchemist Association stepping forward, the other martialists and families in Glass City can only back down instead, leaving the man in green uncontested. These blue Xuan Yin Dan pills may be precious, but it's still nothing more than just two pills.

In the end, those two pills were taken away by the Alchemist Association in Glass City for a thousand and five hundred silver.

In reality, this price had far exceeded the actual value of these blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pills, but it's not like the vice president wanted them for self-use, it's for studying.

Giving a quick calculation, Ling Yue figured after the fee reduction, she will still get a thousand three hundred and fifty silver. That number was far higher than her expectations.

If a second-rate blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pill can sell for such a high price, then it's no wonder the shopkeeper back at Autumn Maple Town would say a fifth rank medicinal pill will cost tens of thousands of gold.

After the blue patterned Xuan Yin Dan pills were all sold, what came next were a half a dozen weapons and armors of decent quality. Surprisingly, there were also some nine to eighth grade martial tablets up for sale.

Ling Yue already had the ’’Lightning Burst Fist’’ and the ’’Jade Flower Hand’’ techniques in her arsenal, so toward these other techniques, she didn't hold much interest.

Like her, the woman in red didn't bid for anything either.

Then when the auction finally reached the tenth piece for sale, the Fire Viper eggs, Ling Yue made her move.

’’There are thirty Fire Viper eggs here, harvested by a mercenary group after they slayed a pair of Fire Vipers in their cave den. Fire Vipers are a second rank spirit beast. When their eggs are hatched, the baby snakes can either be raised into fine pets or be used in medicinal purposes. Thirty Fire Viper eggs, they will be sold as a whole. Starting price will be a thousand silver!’’ As soon as the shopkeeper announced the pricing, Ling Yue immediately called SCAM!

She originally thought her pills would allow her to make a decent profit, but now that things have come to this, she can only resort to using the sack of gold she got from the river incident.

But then again, the Fire Viper eggs was indeed worth that price. After all, a spirit beast was still a spirit beast. If one can bring the eggs to an animal store and have them hatched, the pricing for the baby snakes will be quite a number.

That's already excluding the fact that in the Alchemist Association's hand, those alchemists can turn these eggs into medicinal pills, flipping the price several folds or more!

’’A thousand one hundred silver. ’’

’’ A thousand three hundred silver. ’’

Sure enough, not long after the bidding war started, only the Alchemist Association and several pet stores inside Glass City remains in the competition.

This steep climb in pricing didn't stop until the pricing reached an eye popping price of two thousand and two hundred silver, then it gradually slowed down.

After all, instead of breaking the bank for these eggs, its more feasible to simply hire a mercenary team to find another batch for themselves in the jungle.

’’Two thousand and three hundred silver.’’ Seeing the timing was right, Ling Yue calls out her bid.

Seeing someone suddenly calling out a price, those attending the auction all looked over to the source. Finding a young girl sitting there, these people were all curious as to what her background was to dare go against the Alchemist Association.

But then that's when they saw the woman in red next to Ling Yue.

Noticing the woman, even the Alchemist Association's vice president had a change of expression because they all thought Ling Yue had come with her due to their close seating.

Naturally, the woman in red also noticed the inquiring gazes by the crowd. Not saying a word, this woman only picked up her cup and started to sip the tea inside.

Its unsure why to Ling Yue, but after she made her bid, the entire crowd went silent like a flame being clipped out. In the end, she won the thirty Fire Viper eggs using two thousand and three hundred silver.


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