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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 56


Chapter 56 ’’Treasure Assembly Hall’’

As soon as Ling Yue came down from above, she got some good news: the Alchemist Association finally agrees to buy their sixty percent Yuan Iron.

For many years, this was the first time the Alchemist Association recognized their Ye family's product.

’’This is too great, I'll ready a letter for father as soon as we return. This time our Ye clan can finally be proud.’’ Ye Huang Xuan's flushed face was full of excitement.

’’Fifth uncle, the Alchemist Association's buying price is lower than the other chambers of commerce by twenty percent, aren't we losing money by doing so?’’ Ye Saint continues to grumble over the lower selling price.

This sort of reaction can't be blamed on this boy because these sixty percent Yuan Iron bars are only possible after the family went through great efforts to make.

’’Silly boy, the Alchemist Association's approval is far more important than some money. As long as we are the Alchemist Association's supplier, our Ye family will be able to later purchase their weapons and Dan pills at twenty percent discount. You kids won't feel it right now, but once you step into the lower celestial, or upper celestial realm, then you will understand how great the role of having superior weapons and pills to use is.’’ He continues to explain as he left with the two kids in toe.

Seeing her fifth uncle was still in a moment of great joy, Ling Yue took the opportunity to ask if she can take a stroll through the market alone. Her excuse, she wants to buy some trinkets and accessories for the sisters back at home.

Not thinking much of it, Ye Huang Xuan and Ye Saint went back first and left her to do what she wanted.

Making a stroll through the streets, Ling Yue visited some of the shops to purchase the city's specialty products and some cosmetic powders and stuff. With the excuse cleared, she inquired about the towns largest chamber of commerce: Profit House.

Earlier her fifth uncle have mentioned it already, the Alchemist Association only provides finished products for sale. If she wants to buy herbs in bulk, or sell Dan pills and medicines, she will need to use the Profit House.

Unlike the Alchemist Association's ancient and old atmosphere, the Profit House was located in the most bustling commercial avenue of the city with unmeasurable amount of traffic running through it.

’’Shop assistant, I want to buy these medicinal herbs on this list, can I ask if the Profit House have them for sale?’’ As soon as she entered the door, Ling Yue got straight to the point and handed a worker her list.

Listed above was around thirty to forty types of medicinal herbs.

As soon as the shop assistant saw the names on the list, the worker promptly looked back up at Ling Yue to find the girl was still but a juvenile.

It's not the shop assistant being picky, it's just that the herbs in question are all sorts of poisonous bugs, poisonous weeds, and the amount she was asking for was very high too. No matter how this worker looked at it, he had a difficult time connecting a small dainty looking girl with these difficult to handle poisonous items.

’’Can it be the Profit House don't even have this little amount of medicinal herbs?’’ Seeing the delay on the man, Ling Yue became a little discontent.

’’Guest, I won't keep it from you. Generally, we would have all sorts of medicinal herbs in stock, but these things, especially the Fire Viper Egg, is not something our Profit House have at the moment.’’ The man sounded a little embarrassed.

’’What if I was willing to buy at a high price?’’ Taking out a few pieces of silver, she tosses it over.

Sparkling money, who doesn't love it? Thinking it over for a minute, the shop assistant finally comes up with a solution.

’’Guest, the Profit House really don't have the Fire Viper Egg. However, there's an auction taking place at the Treasure Assembly Hall today. As it so happens, someone wishes to release a batch of Fire Viper Eggs at the event.’’

The Treasure Assembly Hall was a specialty of the Profit House.

As long as the goods are valuable, one can always consign the Profit House to sell it in their Treasure Assembly Hall.

Though the Profit House won't delve into the background of the goods when placed in their care, but once sold, the Profit House will take ten percent as rumination fee. Also, any information pertaining to the seller and buyer remains confidential, making this sort of business very profitable.

Aside from consignment, the Treasure Assembly Hall also offers appraisal services with a ten percent fee. If successful, whether or not the owner wishes to continue selling it in the Treasure Assembly Hall depends entirely on the guest.

Listening to the shop assistant's explanation, Ling Yue suddenly thought of something because she also had something she needs to appraise.

From the treasury vault of the Ye family, she still doesn't know what's the uses are of that mysterious ore.

Though Ling Yue had used her spirit smoke to clarify its internal structure earlier, but when it came to processing and refining the ore, she was shocked to find it imperceptible to her will.

Not willing to send it to the Alchemist Association with the risks involved, she can only rely on the Treasure Assembly Hall for help.

Thinking it over to weigh the cons and pros, Ling Yue eventually pulled out her mysterious ore and several Xuan Yin Dan pills she made. Upon receiving the items, the Profit House did as usual and treated her like a paying customer and took her to the fifth floor of the building where the Treasure Assembly Hall was located.

The fifth floor was a huge hall around four to five hundred feet in size and had gorgeous furnishings. The floor was covered in the finest animal rugs and the walls were decorated with jade corals all along the surface. What extravagance!

By the time Ling Yue was led into this place, the was already packed with around sixty people, among them were young and the old.

In addition to the guests, Ling Yue also sensed a couple of biting cold Yuan forces scattered across the hall.

When compared to Ye Gu who was also an upper celestial martialist, these forces wouldn't be inferior in any way.

Seems there are quite a few masters hidden in this place.

Randomly choosing a seat to sit in, Ling Yue just so happens to land herself next to a woman in red. About twenty years of age with apricot eyes and a peachy cheek, this lady was very pretty.

Seeing Ling Yue, the red clothed woman didn't act strange and nodded in greeting. Since there are still some time between the start of the auction, it didn't take long for the two girls to start chatting it up.

’’Is this the first time little sister came to the Profit House?’’ Red clothed woman was somewhat intrigued by the fact that Ling Yue didn't come with an elder due to her young age.

’’I just came to Glass City not long ago. When I heard the Profit House is an interesting place, I decided to come have a look.’’ Ling Yue didn't think much of it and casually answered the question.

’’Then you came right. The things in the Profit House isn't bad at all. Also, if little sister got deep pockets, you can get all sorts of rare things here.’’ The red robe woman seems to be of exceptional background with good insight. A few sentences down, she managed to divulge most of the key information's pertaining to Glass City's situation.

As they were busily chatting away, their conversation was interrupted by a shopkeeper of the Profit House.

’’Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Treasure Assembly Hall. The twenty-three items on display during the first half of the show are all for sale under consignment by our customers. Each product is marked with their reserved prices, and if anyone is interested, feel free to bid for it at the lowest price call of one hundred silver.

At the mention, the shopkeeper points to the numbered items indicating the products for today's sale.

Coincidentally, the first item of the show turns out to be Ling Yue's very own Xuan Yin Dan pills.

She doesn't have a concrete idea of their value, but in recent days after many trials and failures, her Xuan Yin Dan pills are of much greater quality compared to when she first dabbled in alchemy.

Removing the ones set aside for herself and her mother, the rest will be sold like the batch today.

When the guests saw that the product taken out was but some Xuan Yin Dan pills, many of the audience didn't take much heed to it because back at the Alchemist Association, they can easily procure a piece for two hundred silvers.

’’The first item for today's auction is five pieces of Xuan Yin Dan pill. If there's anyone here with a family member who's about to break into the lower celestial realm or is already one, then do pay attention now. These are no ordinary Xuan Yin Dan pills, these are blue patterned, completely different from those sold at the Alchemist Association!’’ The shopkeeper seems to have noticed the neglect by the customers so he casually picked one up to let the audience get a clearer look.


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