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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 54


Chapter 54 ’’Bizarre illness’’

A city of night life and red lanterns, this was the image Glass City from above.

Taking advantage of the extra glow in the darkness, the paper crane flew deep into a winding street where both sides were planted with purple bamboos. Surprisingly enough, only a lonesome mansion took up this whole street where normally it be crowded with buildings.

Glazed tile roofing, vermilion painted columns, one look in and you would find every corner of this yard hidden with guards in the darkness.

If not for the ’’Phoenix Mansion’’ plague hanging above the front door, one might really mistakenly take this place as the governor's mansion with this level of security and style.

While inside the Phoenix mansion, a celestial looking old man in green clothes was busily giving a teenage boy a diagnostic. In-between his eyes, a constant flicker of intellect would surface.

’’President, how is the body of the young master?’’ Standing beside the bed was the very same yellow clothed elder from noon, and the boy lying on the bed was Feng Shen, the sickly young lord.

’’Rest assured, Feng youngster is only unwell due to a little cold. I have here ten heart recuperation pills. Take one every morning with some warm wine, then he will certainly get better on the tenth day.’’ This old man in question was the president of the Alchemist Association branch in Glass City, also an eight cauldron Alchemist by his own right.

Because he and Mr. Mu (yellow clothed elder) are good friends for many years, he was immediately invited over for a house visit upon learning Feng Shen was unwell.

’’Then what about the young lord's cold constitution sickness?’’ Mr. Mu looks at the president with a hopeful face.

President Liao shakes his head, a sign of his inability to help.

Speaking of this Feng Shen, he truly was a misfortunate child. He's been plagued with a cold constitution since birth, and according to the diagnostic of the other physicians, he's not going to live past twenty.

Towards a body like that, it's no wonder the North Qing's emperor would have him come down to Da Xia for nursing.

’’Teacher, you should not make things difficult for President Liao. I know my body best.’’ Moving in a spot to support his body better, a layer of shadow hovers in his eye.

His appearance now was no different from a broken ceramic doll, one touch and he would shatter.

If the number one senior alchemist of the North Qing kingdom, Chen Hong Ru, cannot do anything about Feng Shen's illness, why would someone from this little place like Glass City have someone capable?

Just as everyone inside the room was brooding over this fact, a momentary noise of paper flapping drew their attention. Under the dim light of the lanterns, a paper crane flew in from the window and began circling around President Liao.

Feng Shen have long heard about the paper cranes. Unlike normal people, alchemists would infuse their spirit force into a paper crane and send it off to the recipient.

’’It's the Alchemist Association's messenger crane.’’ President Liao smiles and plucked the paper crane into his hand.

After the crane was unfolded, all that's written there were these small letters: ’’Member alchemist Huang suffers from unknown poison, please speedily return for treatment.’’

After reading the letter, the little paper crane self-ignited into flames on its own into ashes.

Considering the ability of Alchemist Song, the number of times a single paper crane can be used remains limited to one use only.

Even so, Feng Shen was sparkling in his eyes, looking intrigued by the stuff.

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Due to being weak all his life, and the fact that he suffers from an incurable disease, this trip down to Da Xia would be his furthest outing in all his years.

Pity he's been strained on the journey, and falling into the water made his conditions even worse, otherwise Feng Shen would've loved to go have a stroll through the city.

After reading the content of the paper crane, President Liao's complexion changed: ’’Forgive me you two, there's some urgent matter at the association so I'll take my leave first. Since young master Feng has taken a liking to these paper cranes, let me help with that. I got here an unused paper crane infused with my spirit force so I hope it can help with your boredom.’’ This president's a veteran when it comes noticing others intent. Knowing Feng Shen was interested in something like a paper crane, he would want nothing more than to please this young lord.

And of course, President Liao's personal paper crane can't be compared to something normal. Made of paper gold, it glistened under the lanterns light when looking at it.

Not being polite, Feng Shen accepts the gift right away.

Worried over the matter back at the base, President Liao scampered back to the Alchemist Association in haste.

By now Master Huang was very close to his dying breath, leaving only his upper portion still fine while his lower half in a skeletal form.

’’President, you are finally back!’’ When they saw the president return, Master Song and everyone else reacted like they just met a savior.

’’This is?’’ Gasping, he mutters, ’’This is poison from the evil alchemists of the central plains.’’ As expected of a president. One look down with his overcast face, he unexpectedly recognizes this poison.

Evil alchemist?

The couple of alchemists in the room were all startled, their faces changing color at the word.

It's well known, alchemists on the continent are separated into several kinds: some specializes in making Dan pills, some in making devices, and some specializes in making poison. The so called evil alchemists are what specializes in making poison.

Only thing was that the evil alchemists who practice evil sorcery and poison are usually active in the central plains, why would they suddenly visit Glass City?

’’Huang, hurry and speak, what sort of people did you provoke?’’ Master Song hurries to question the poor guy.

’’President, I've been wronged, I didn't provoke anyone. I was only eating at Drunken Immortal tonight. Everybody saw this and can be my witness.’’ Huang looked deathly pale and his words were weak without strength, ’’President, you must save me.’’

’’What you contracted is a deadly water poison. Because the poison's deep into your bones already, the only way to save you now is to remove your lower half.’’ President Liao couldn't do any more. He himself knows, this Huang fella had some poor behavioral habits and had likely offended someone without realizing it. He can only consider this incident as a lesson for this Huang so he won't make the same mistake again.

Issue was, he couldn't think of an evil sect in the central plains that could concoct such a deadly water poison.

After hearing the punishing words from the president, Master Huang couldn't accept reality and directly fainted away.

Unbeknownst to President Liao, the so called ’’evil alchemist’’ he's talking about had just arrive at Ye Huang Xuan's home at this moment.

Sneezing loudly at being mentioned behind her back, Ling Yue wipes her nose before entering the room.

Ye Huang Xuan have long married in Glass City, so as accommodation, the members of the Ye family were welcomed into his home for the remainder of their stay.

Very warm and very enthusiastic, every one of fifth uncle's family was very welcoming. After a few words of greeting and politeness, Ling Yue finally went back to her room.

’’I wonder how that alchemist Huang is doing.’’ Pricking her brow, she recalls back to the situation at the restaurant and how miserable that Huang fella looked.

This was her first time using poison on another person, but she had to admit, the recipes from Lady Jade Poison hand sure is amazing.

If she can masterfully use her poisons at the critical moment, it's a very good secret weapon against any formidable opponent she might encounter in the future.

Back when she was still at Autumn Maple Town, she was limited due to the lack of herb varieties in that area, hence the reason why she couldn't try any poison concoctions.

But now that she's at Glass City, things will be completely different. When tomorrow rolls around, she will head into the city and scour the place for any possible ingredients.


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