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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 53


Chapter 53 ’’Unique Poison’’

Just a second ago this lively establishment was still bustling with noise from the diners, but once this arrogant group of men entered the place, the restuarant quieted down almost immediately.

Uniformly dressed the same, these people wore green robes etched with a square pattern and a yellow sash on their waist. As for the one leading the group, this man also had a cauldron shaped emblem with a number two stitched to his chest area.

’’It's the people from the Alchemist Association.’’ Ling Ye had sharp ears so she could hear the whispering words among the diners.

The moment these people entered the door, they promptly went towards the table seating the Ye family.

’’This table is Master Huang's spot, hurry and hand it over.’’ Their high and might attitude started everyone sitting on the table.

Upset, Ye Saint wanted to attack the insolent man when Ye Huang Xuan (fifth uncle) secretly shook at him. Making a smile, this businessman stands up instead.

’’It turns out to be Master Huang, I'm sorry, we will move right away.’’ At that, he performs a slight bow at the leading figure of the pompous group.

’’And here I was wondering who it might be. Ye Huang Xuan, why is the Ye family sending Yuan Iron into the city again? Let me tell you now. Don't bring those garbage scraps into the Alchemist Association again, we won't take anything less than fifty percent.’’ This Master Huang was a member of the Alchemist Association and had a few prior dealings with Ye Huang Xuan.

’’How can someone like you talk like that?’’ Young and reckless, Ye Saint was about to go reason with the arrogant person when his father forcefully pulled him back.

Until their Ye family can take down roots in this Glass City, it's not sensible to offend the Alchemist Association during this period.

Slowly standing up, Ling Yue intentionally walked past Alchemist Huang's side and sprinkled something onto the man's robe using her sleeve as a cover.... When the group of men sat down, they randomly ordered a bunch of dishes and started to indulge themselves in the food.

’’Fifth uncle, why are you letting those guys go?’’ Once the Ye family members found another table to sit, Ye Saint made a face full of indignation.

’’Ye Saint, listen to your fifth uncle, the Alchemist association is not something our family can provoke.’’ Knowing this was the first time the kids came to this city, Ye Huang Xuan patiently explained the situation to the two.

Different from Autumn Maple Town that's located under the Seven Star Mountain, Glass City was built next to the Glass Water Lake. With a prosperous economy comes a complex power structure.

The strongest four powers in Glass City, aside from the governor of the county, there's the Alchemist Association, Profit House, and the Gang of Mountain Sea making up the powers among the people. Aside from the last two, the governor and the Alchemist Association were the powers most people didn't want to offend.

The governor has the support of the military behind its back and the Alchemist Association controls the majority of Dan pill sales in Glass City.

Earlier in the years, the Alchemist Association have always rejected the Ye family's iron because their purity rate only reached forty percent.

As for the origins of the alchemist profession in general, now that's a long story.

The so-called alchemist was but a special group of people in Da Xia who's proficient in spellcraft, medicine, smithing, and fortune reading. Unlike martialists who cultivates their dantian with Yuan energy, alchemists specialize in cultivating their spirit force.

Generally speaking, alchemists are divided into quasi alchemists, alchemists and senior alchemists, of which the middle-class alchemists are divided into one cauldron to nine cauldron.

Because of the scarcity of people who can train with their spirit force in Da Xia, an alchemist's status in this kingdom was usually higher and more respected than some ordinary officials. Like the president of the Alchemist Association of Glass City for example. The man was said to be an eight cauldron alchemist, and according to the rumors, it's said that even the governor must be courteous in front of the president.

With this explanation down, both Ling Yue and Ye Saint understood why their fifth uncle wouldn't want to provoke the Alchemist Association.

’’You see that Master Huang over there? He's a member of the Alchemist Association branch in Glass City. Earlier when our family tried to sell our Yuan Iron to the association, it was that person who oversaw the buying process. Because I refused to give him some benefits, the man's been constantly aiming trouble at us.’’ Speaking up to here, Ye Huang Xuan couldn't resist shaking his head.

The underhanded darkness in the business field wasn't something he liked to talk about in front of the kids, so he simply shut his mouth and stopped talking.

Ye Saint may be angry after hearing this, but he can only suppress it into his heart.

As for Ling Yue, she had other thoughts instead after hearing the history of the Alchemist Association.

So as long as one cultivates their spirit force then they can become an alchemist?

The only issue was, she doesn't know what level her spirit force was at yet, a quasi-alchemist or an alchemist. Perhaps she will need to make a visit to the Alchemist Association building to know.

But before that, she needs to first have a good time greeting this Master Huang.

Turning sharp in her eyes, the corner of Ling Yue's mouth curled into a wicked smile as she counted down in her heart.

One, two, three...

On the table, Master Huang and the others were busily drinking and devouring the meat, then suddenly, Master Huang's buttocks began to itch.

One scratch in and it could no longer be stopped with the itch worsening every time. Eventually, Master Huang ended up scratching a piece of flesh right out of his butt, sending blood pouring out of the wound.

This scene was absolutely terrifying for everyone involved, both for the victim and the audience.

Falling into a panic, Master Huang and the people he came with all looked horrified at the sight.

’’Quick, send Master Huang back to the Alchemist Association.’’ In flutter of panic, the group grabbed Master Huang and made a run for their base.

Witnessing this scene, the members of the Ye family were stunned silly. One moment things were just fine, then the next it looked like they just got cursed.

Meanwhile on the side, Ling Yue was snickering a cold laugh, that's what you get. My family isn't so easily bullied so have a taste of my fury!

That's right, the stuff Ling Yue sprinkled on Master Huang's robe was in fact the Ice Freezing Poison she concocted back at home.

If the Ice Freezing Poison can cause a metallic ore to rust away and dissolve, what would happen if it's sprinkled on a human's skin?

Festering into an itch, the poison will cause the victim to scratch away the dead cells in the flesh until he kills himself from destroying his own body. Or the flesh itself will rot away until nothing's left, either way, its death at the end.

Once Master Huang was sent back to Alchemist association, the tragic cries of his pain quickly alerted the residence and caused a middle-aged man to briskly walk over.

The man also wore a square patterned green robe with a yellow sash, but unlike Master Huang, this newcomer had a number three embroidered on his cauldron emblem at the chest area. Clearly this person was a three cauldron alchemist.

’’Master Song, you must hurry and come look at Master Huang. We were just eating at Drunken Immortal and this happened.’’ The group who brought Master Huang back here all had an ugly expression plastered to their faces, none daring to go touch the sickly individual.

(Just to be clear, it's just a naming coincidence, he's not from the Song House)

In the timeframe needed to send him here, Master Huang's lower half was a total mess by now with most of his flesh on the legs rotting and bloody, even the bones that were exposed turned gray!

’’What a violent poison! Quick, use the origami birds to inform the president.’’ In the long years of living in Glass City, this was the first time Master Song encountered such a terrible poison.

Against this level of poison, Master Song can't claim he can cure it with only his mediocre ability.

While he orders the people to bring Master Huang down to a better room, he also took to folding a yellow paper into an origami bird for passing the message. After a few chanting words, the small little paper bird flapped its wings and came to life. Flying out the window, this neat little bird flew high into the air and went towards a certain location inside Glass City.


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