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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 52


Chapter 52 ’’North Qing's Phoenix House’’

Once the ship was well on the waterway, Feng Shen returns to the cabin where the servants and the old elder stands waiting.

’’Damn things! Where's the people on duty today!’’ The beard coming off of the yellow clothed elder was quivering due to anger.

If they didn't encounter a person of great fortune today, their young lord would've been dead by now.

’’Young master please punish us.’’ The group wearing servants attire kneeled in unison, their voices powerful and strong. Clearly these people aren't some commoner like they make themselves out to be, likely some sort of well-trained army division.

These servants understood it very well. If not for the help of the girl today, their families back at home in North Qing would likely face capital punishment by the Emperor himself: DEATH TO ALL RELATIVES!!

(Note: Author likes to use Chinese words that have no gender basis so don't pay too much heed if its male or female at first.)

’’Teacher, their carelessness is unintentional.’’ Feng Shen speaks with a good temper.

Some of the still standing servants were secretly relieved by the tone.

Seems its true on what they say, this young lord is a benevolent person and a real loser if he's going to tolerate his subordinates after nearly losing his life.

’’Young master, the state has their state laws, and the family has their family rules. Our Phoenix Manor's rule cannot be broken by their hands.’’ Yellow robed elder stretched his face, the typical look of a sour old prune.

And thus begins the usual hush and fuss of this old man. One moment he's talking about what could've have happened, the next how he can't face the great ancestors of the Phoenix house, and eventually rambling onto saving the world and etc.

’’If so, then take the three over there as an example.’’ Frail to begin with, Feng Shen found his head a little heavy after touching water.

In a random point of his fingers, he ended up pointing to the three men standing next to him.

The three at the other end of his finger all froze in that second. In no time at all, these three guards pounced like wild animals onto the floor in a begging position.

’’Mercy young master, we are innocent, we weren't on duty today.’’ Making a face full of innocence, the three didn't show the slightest sign of wanting to struggle.

’’If the three of you aren't on duty then why did you three appear on deck? Drag them out and execute them with the rod.’’ Raising his right hand up to his forehead in a supporting position, his face looked like he would collapse at the slightest breeze.

Yet, deep in those eyes, a flash of coldness flickered through without anyone noticing.

Not long after the three guards were dragged out, the screaming pleas for mercy quickly came to an end.

’’Young master, are you unwell again? Do you want to take another slice of the Red Yang Ginseng?’’ Seeing the condition of his young lord, yellow clothed elder quickly tasked a servant to pull an overcoat out from the storeroom.

’’I'm not sure if it's because the cold sickness in my body became aggravated, but I feel like the Red Yang Ginseng isn't as affective as before.’’ Waving his hand, Feng Shen looked a little green on his face.

He's been a medicine jar since he was but a child, whether or not its affective, he will know with one taste.

’’Young master, you don't have to worry. You're an auspicious person so the heaven's will one day see to it that you are cured.’’ Yellow clothed elder sighed inside, cursing at why the heavens would punish this exquisite hearted boy with an incurable disease.

If not for Feng Shen's sudden frost attack, these people wouldn't even consider stopping midway at Glass City.

Let's hope this visit to Glass City will help improve the young lord's condition.

Glass City was one of the ten famous cities in Da Xia and got its name from the Glass Water Lake next to it.

Due to the delay on the road today, it wasn't until nightfall that the Ye family's convoy arrived at the city, a time where the lantern's about to be lit.

And from afar, they can already see the lights coming off of the two lighthouses at the entrance where several people were waiting for them.

’’Fifth brother.’’ Hearing the call of big uncle, Ling Yue raises her curtain to peer out. Standing in front was a man of good stature trotting over to their spot. This person was Ye Gu's fifth son named Ye Huang Xuan.

Speaking of this Ye Huang Xuan, he can also be regarded as oddity in the family. Normally every member of the Ye family would train in martial art from young, but this person didn't take that route and refused to continue his training. As a result, he's been sent into the city alone for studying.

Fortunately, this Ye Huang Xuan didn't disappoint. After he finished his studies, his talent in business was quickly revealed and thus his stay in the city became extended with no end in sight.

One look down and Ling Yue could see that this fifth uncle was different from the rest.

His cultivation wasn't high, only somewhere between eight to ninth level in the constitutional domain. However, those eyes were amiable and gave off the cleverness required of a businessman.

’’Big brother, you've finally come, and Ye saint too, you are here!’’ Ye Huang Xuan's been stationed at Glass City for so long that he still didn't know about Ling Yue's situation.

So, when this fifth uncle saw Ling Yue jumping down from the carriage, this guy was genuinely surprised by her appearance, ’’Eh? When did our main family come up with such an outstanding niece?’’

’’You can't recognize her right. This is third sister's daughter, Ling Yue. Father tasked me to bring her along so she can broaden her spectrum.’’

Making a long story short, Ye Huang Yun went over how she became smart, how she took first place in the mountain hunt, and how she saved their mine by figuring out it's the Ice Freezing Grasses fault.

’’Now that really is a great achievement, worthy of celebrating. Come, come, come, let me be the host today. We will go to the finest restaurant the city has to offer, Drunken Immortal for dinner.’’ Ye Huang Xuan and Ye Huang Yu (mother) had a good relationship since they were kids, so he had a very good impression towards Ling Yue.

Once inside ’’Drunken Immortal’’, Ye Huang Xuan immediately brought the menu over for Ling Yue to pick what she liked. However, one look down, everyone from home immediately cursed at the outlandish price.

’’Fifth uncle, the stuff here in the county sure is expensive. This dish here alone is two silver. If we order a full table, the total won't be lower than a hundred and twenty silver.’’ Ye Saint could feel his heart aching very badly.

’’Haha, you kid, to think you would help fifth uncle save money. Let me explain why. This Drunken Immortal restaurant isn't some ordinary place, it only serves medicinal meals. After eating, not only will you expel some of the impurities inside your body, it will also improve your cultivation by making it easier to train. Even the members of the Alchemist Association inside Glass City would come eat here.’’ Ye Huang Xuan broadly smiled, casually ordering a few dishes in the process.

After the dishes came up, Ye Huang Yun and Ye Saint couldn't stop praising the flavor, calling it a feast of the century. Likewise, Ling Yue also picked up a piece with her chopstick to feed Little Squeak on her shoulder.

Taking a sniff, Little Squeak immediately turned his head away, showing a ’’I'm not interested bossy attitude’’.

That sort of face amused the two elders in the family endlessly.

It can't be helped. Little Squeak's stomach has long been spoiled by Ling Yue's spirit fruits and vegetables inside her dimensional space.

Ling Yue was also smiling inside because if this stuff here at the Drunken immortal can sell for such a high price, wouldn't her produce inside the Red Mist Sky sell for an exorbitant price?

’’Ling Yue, forgive fifth uncle for being blind, but that baby fox of yours is a spirit beast, right?’’ Ye Huang Xuan have long noticed Little Squeak crouching on Ling Yue's shoulder.

’’If you have time, you can go to the spirit beast store in the city to check its breed.’’

’’Squeak.’’ Hearing that proposal, Little Squeak became very unhappy. He didn't want to be confused with those inferior spirit beasts.

After not seeing each other for so long, it's to be expected that the two brothers would have a lot to talk about. Just when their chats were getting into a high mood, several men wearing blue robes walked in on them.


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