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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 51


Chapter 51 ’’Drowning Boy (Lower)

’’My goodness, to think there's such a good-looking person in this world!’’ Ye Saint exclaimed.

’’Miss, please come forward and see, is there still hope for my young master?’’ Yellow clothed elder was already accustomed to this sort of flattery so he didn't find it odd.

Regardless of men or women, child or elder, they would always lose themselves into a daze against his young lord's natural born facial gift.

But as the old man took another look at Ling Yue, he was secretly amazed inside over the girl's ability to stay calm. Aside from the first flicker of surprise, the girl didn't show the slightest sign of being captivated, unlike her male cousin over there...

And then there's that command she gave after entering the room. The style, the aura, that's not something a girl of her age should have.

Walking forward, Ling Yue took the liberty of helping the ’’unlucky young lord’’ test his pulse.

At the moment her fingers touched the boy's skin, she immediately flinched and stiffened her hand. Never in her life did she experience something so cold. Compared to this, the chill from the Xuan Yin Jade was nothing.

Secretly amazed by her findings, she promptly invoked her spirit smoke to enter the boy's body.

As her consciousness slowly infused into her cauldron to become the spirit smoke, a powerful repulsion from the boy's body rushed over to her, knocking her out like a giant wall.

’’Miss, I forgot to mention the young lord is born with a cold constitute, making his body temperature much lower than the average person's.’’ This elder has seen many physicians react the same way as Ling Yue did here. Due to the shock of the initial diagnostic, the doctors would always retract their hands very quickly.

cold constitute? As if it's that simple.

Ever since she was reborn into the new her, there's never been anything that could contend with her spirit smoke or her cauldron.

What secret is there inside the teenager's body?

Shooting the boy another glance, she can see the eyes were shut tight without a spec of red on the lips, and the breathing pulse has stopped to a halt, it's no wonder their own physician says its hopeless.

Thinking for a moment, Ling Yue tasked Ye Saint to untie the ’’unlucky young lord's’’ collar and remove the waist belt.

’’Big cousin, you carry this guy back to shore and then place him on your back with the head side down. Then go run for two minutes around the shore.’’ Ling Yue's order baffled both Ye Saint and the yellow clothed elder.

What sort of treatment is this, it's unheard of!

’’This cannot do. My young lord's body is invaluable.’’ Green clothed elder repeatedly shook his head.

’’No matter how invaluable a body is, a dead man is a dead man. You want a living person or a dead person, you pick.’’ Ling Yue glanced at the elder after saying this, not in the slightest bit keeping her attitude in check.

Stumped in his throat over the questioning, this elder couldn't retort and became somewhat displeased. After all, in his younger years he's also someone of great power and influence, when has someone been so rude to him and be upfront like so?

The radiant heat of the summer sun was as intense as ever.

Ye Saint didn't dare disobey Ling Yue's command and for the next two minutes, he carried the teenage boy like a fool on the river bank.

’’Little cousin... did we succeed yet? I'm going to faint soon from fatigue.’’ Ye Saint never expected this young body to be so heavy. After running around without break, he's about to collapse soon.

’’Lift him up for me.’’ Waiting until her big cousin straightened the boy again, she gave the teenager two punches on the chest.

’’You, what are you doing!’’ The yellow clothed elder and his subordinates were scared silly by Ling Yue's sudden attack.

This girl is actually beating the young lord!

Cough... Cough

At this moment, the comatose teenager suddenly came to and threw up several mouthfuls of water. From that pale complexion, blood returned to his skin.

Flickering his eyelid, the teenager slowly opened his misty eyes that could melt a person's heart if he gave them a longer glance.

’’My lord, you are finally awake!’’ Yellow clothed elder, including the servants and such, all came huddling over to surround the young boy.

Hurrying to task his men to bring over an ornamental box, the elder pulls a piece of ginseng out and places it inside the boy's mouth.

Upon seeing the content of the ornamental box, Ling Yue's brow twitched so slightly.

Am I mistaking it? Isn't that exactly the same Red Yang Ginseng I saw inside the lava pit?

Feeling the beating in her heart going faster, the image of that golden masked man surfaced in her mind once again.

Can it be, the reasoning for that mysterious man to find the Red Yang Ginseng was to save this ’’unlucky young lord’’?

Isn't this a little too coincidental?

After consuming three slices of the ginseng and restoring some of his vigor, the boy could finally talk again after hearing the story from the old elder.

’’Teacher, I've worried you. Earlier I felt a little stuffy inside the cabin, so to get some air, I went up to the bow. Maybe it's the waves. After a little shake, I suddenly found myself going dizzy, and then all I knew was that I fell into the water.’’ The young man's voice sounded very sweet like playing a string instrument.

Based on that set of tone, this boy clearly didn't realize he's been pushed overboard.

But at least he knows it's the Ye family, mainly Ling Yue, who saved him after the elder went through the trouble to explain.

’’Thank you miss for saving my life.’’ The teenager came up to Ling Yue and performed a thank you gesture.

When he looked up again, this teenager finally got a good look at the girl's appearance: about thirteen to fourteen years of age, tender skin, smooth forehead revealed by the rolled-up hair, small nose, and eyes like the crescent moon, a real beauty in the making.

The teenager has seen enough ladies and girls from noble houses and the palace before, but never a beauty like this one here. If he had to describe her, she's like a natural summer breeze, comfortable and warm.

What's more, he never expected his benefactor to be of such young age.

Losing himself into a daze for a moment there as he stared at her, Ling Yue didn't be polite and did the same to this handsome boy. Noticing he's been rude, the boy retracted his gaze and became flustered at his own lack of manners.

’’Mr. Mu, please take a bag of gold and hand it to this girl.’’ The teenager found his chest to be stuffier than ever, finding it difficult to breath as normal.

One bag out and its gold? What sort of background do these people have?

’’Then thank you.’’ Ling Yue didn't try to refuse it because she's about to enter the county, a time where she lacks money the most.

If this unfortunate young master didn't meet her today, then he would've likely been dead by now after drowning in the water for so long. It's all thanks to Mr. Red Mist's codex and the strange remedy he left behind.

Ye Saint was so envious right now for everything always seems to land on this younger cousin of his. Besides, the one running around like a fool in the heat was him, all she did was say a few words... Sniff, sniff, so unfair!

’’My name is Feng Shen. I will be recuperating in Glass City for the next while. If miss is free in the future then feel free to find me at my Phoenix Manor located at Zi Zhu street.’’ After a few polite words, the teenager left for his ship under the clustering escort of his men.

Glass City, isn't that the destination their Ye family needs to head to?

If there's a chance, I will really need to figure out what secret lies in that teenager's body.

While she mused over these plans, the image of the ship soon disappeared from sight following the flowing trail of water.

’’Ling Yue, we should also be making our way too.’’ With this incident coming to an end, the heat from the sun wasn't as violent anymore. And seeing the day wasn't early anymore, afraid they might not make it before sun down, Ye Huang Yun urges everyone start moving again.


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