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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 50


Chapter 50 ’’Drowning Boy’’ (Upper)

On the next day where the weather was fine and dandy, Ye Huang Yun had already prepared the four cartloads of ore for transport this morning.

This big uncle was truly a considerate one, for a male anyways. Knowing this was Ling Yue's first trip away from home, he had set aside a carriage for her to ride in comfort.

Unlike Ye Saint, whose fortune lies in being the forward scout in the searing heat.

Getting on the carriage, the first thing Ling Yue did was sweep the convoy to familiarize herself with everyone. Aside from big uncle himself and Ye saint big cousin, everyone else were the elites of the family where the weakest being fourth rank and the highest a lower celestial martialist of the branch families.

Looking at this escort lineup, it can be said the Ye family brought out everything for this run.

a large batch of sixty percent Yuan Iron bars and a small amount of Xuan Yin Jade ore, it's no wonder Ye Gu would put so much emphasis on this.

After the Ye family's convoy left the town, it didn't take long for the Song family to catch wind of this news.

’’Ye Huang Yun left with a convoy now. So strange, where did they get the ores from after the Seven Slope Mine was ruined?’’ Song Mo Shi and his son was full of suspicion after hearing this piece of information.

’’Perhaps it's some of their reserved inventory from previous years. Don't worry Lord Song, I got some eyes and ears in the city. When the time comes, we can just inquire about the situation when they get there.’’ Master Lian didn't believe the Ye family could smelt those rusted ores into bars considering the level of skills in this dump.

’’Father, I heard that dumb girl who caused brother's death is also with the convoy. Do you want me to go kill that kid?’’ Song Guang Zhi's been brooding over his young brother's death the entire time, unable to let it go.

’’Why bother doing it yourself, you will only get yourself stained with the stench of blood. Just an unwanted child. Spend some money and have a person in the county deal with her in secret. If we sell her to a brothel and have her become a prostitute where hundreds of men can play with her every day, then I would like to see how much face the Ye family would be left with afterwards.’’ Song Mo Shi sinisterly says this.

A fifth rank martialist, that's common sauce in the county. As long as that Ye Huang Yun and his men doesn't pay attention, it be easy to deal with that unwanted child. Getting revenge and humiliating the Ye clan, what an easy job of killing two birds with one stone!

’’Oh father's mean are always the cleverest. Child will go get it done right away.’’ Song Guang Zhi hurriedly went down to make the order.

Unknowingly, it's been over four months since Ling Yue was reborn into her current self. Like her constantly improving self, the weather was also getting hotter and hotter as the season came into midsummer.

Taking advantage of the cool early morning to depart on their journey, things didn't continue as nicely for everyone once it hit noon. While Ling Yue could stay inside her carriage to keep cool, the one doing the scouting ahead of the group, Ye Saint, wasn't so fortunate.

While his father's attention was grabbed, Ye Saint secretly slipped into Ling Yue's carriage to get away from the heat.

’’WAHH, little cousin, how come your carriage is so cool!’’ Ye Saint's dry throat only lacked the image of smokes coming out to indicate how parched he was. Therefore, the second he got onto the carriage, he immediately felt the cool sensation hit him.

Carefully looking around, he found that the cool air was sourced from the Ice Freezing Grass planted inside a small pot on the corner. And inside the carriage was a small desk, prepared with a plate of fresh looking fruits and a bowl of cold mung bean lily soup. Just looking at this setup made him feel very relaxed.

’’It's all thanks to the Ice Freezing Grass you gave me. Here big cousin, have some melon.’’ Ling Yue hands Ye Saint a slice of cantaloupe. One bite down, Ye Saint can only feel the mellowly sweetness permeate his mouth like never before.

’’So gooddd~! Where did you buy this melon from? When I get back I also want to buy some.’’ From the day of his inception, this was the first time Ye Saint tasted a cantaloupe of this quality. Not only did it quench the heat from his body, his spirit also became rejuvenated with energy.

Pinching her lips to one side, Ling Yue murmured to herself, of course, this is from my Red Mist Sky. If you weren't my relative, I wouldn't even let you have a taste.

Just as they were enjoying their chitchat, big uncle suddenly cried out Ye Saint's name from the outside, causing the poor kid to slip back out instantly to avoid being reprimanded.

So due to the hot weather being too intense, Ye Huang Yun had decided to temporarily take a break next to the riverside where they can rest behind the shades of the trees. Once the afternoon rolls around, they will continue on their journey again.

Coming to a halt, Ling Yue also got off the carriage to get some air like everyone else.

Ahead was a wide river covered with reed grasses, and in the middle of the water were several gray feathered ducks playing around happily.

Due to the heavy downpour a while back, the river's level was very full right now and flowing exceptionally fast.

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’’Oh no, someone's in the water!’’ All of a sudden, they could hear the exclaiming cry for help from one of the passing ships.

Raising her head to look ahead, she can see someone had fallen overboard from a ship carved in the image of a dragon, phoenix duet.

Her eyes were keen. Aside from catching the glimpse of when the person fell overboard, she also noticed the fleeting sight of a suspicious figure moving away on the ship.

Following closely, several people from the ship in question jumped into the water without hesitation.

But the water was simply too fast. After a long period of salvaging, these men finally managed to raise a single person above water.

Falling into a total mess, faint cries for ’’help’’ and ’’doctor’’ could be constantly heard aboard the chaotic ship.

Sailing their vessel to the river bank, several panicking individuals disembarked hastily. Among them were a polite looking elderly old man in yellow clothes. When this person saw the Ye family's convoy, he ran over for help.

’’Dear gents, is any of you here a physician? His high.... My young lord just drowned in the water. Is there anyone here who knows first aid?’’

’’Elder, we have a doctor in the team, but he only knows some bruise healing techniques and such.’’ Ye Huang Yun can tell by the elder's outfit that they are from a wealthy family from somewhere. In this situation, its best they don't offend the other side if they can.

Due to the significance of the mission, Ye Gu had specifically ordered their family physician to tag along.

Nevertheless, their doctor was still invited aboard the ship to have a look. But before long, this healer was already shaking his head.

’’There's nothing I can do. He's been under the water for far too long, I can't save him.’’

’’Big uncle, I've seen a way to save a drowning person in a book I read. Why don't I try it?’’ Ling Yue chambers in at this moment.

’’Ling Yue are you sure?’’ Ye Huang Yun can tell the background of these people aren't common. A bit uneasy inside, he didn't want this girl to be caught up in some trouble.

’’Young lady, if you have any way then please go ahead. Our young master absolutely cannot face misfortune.’’ Yellow clothed elder still had some doubts because the girl was still very young.

But the young lord's life was at stake. With no other methods left, he can only grasp at straws and give Ling Yue a try.

’’Big cousin, you come aboard with me.’’ Ling Yue winked at Ye Saint. Like that, the two youngsters followed the elder onto the vessel.

Once inside the ship's cabin, Ling Yue could already smell a strong incense aroma permeating the room. And based on the layout of the furnishings, she can tell this person was far more important than what her big uncle took them for.

Ahead was a bed in front with a person lying there, surrounded by guards and attendants on all sides.

’’The air needs to be circulating for those who suffered from drowning. Have any irrelevant people leave and give us some space.’’ Ling Yue's voice had an irresistible power to it. Hearing her command, the old elder immediately sent the servants and guards away.

Only by clearing the room did Ling Yue and Ye Saint get a closer picture of the ’’unlucky young lord's’’ appearance.

They originally thought the unlucky fella would be fated to have a short lived looking face, but at first glance, even a man like Ye Saint felt his heart going nuts like it's about to explode.

What a handsome man!

Ling Yue could already be regarded as a beauty, but this man on the bed, it's better to call him a man of the heaven's. To make things worse, the young lord was at most only a teenager, barely even an adult yet.

Somewhere between sixteen to seventeen years of age, those features can only be called perfect. Like a portrait, the brows were sharp, the nose straight and high, the lips full, and the skin was so clean and white that you can't even make out the pores.

In the corner of his eye, there was a little cinnabar mole, making his angelic face more humanistic and wild.


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