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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 5


The Sly Emperor's Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 5

After a day of practice, Ye Ling Yue returned to her room. She was curious as to see what changes 'Grand Mist Sky' had undergone after she had broken through.

Her consciousness slightly moved and Ye Ling Yue entered 'Grand Mist Sky.'

It was still a li large, however, the mist seemed to have lighten up a little. However, she still was unable to see what was within the white mist.

Ye Ling Yue's gaze landed on the Vital Condensation Grass. After seeing the situation clearly, Ye Ling Yue couldn't help but open her eyes wide in shock. She had not been hallucinating. It had only been three days, yet the once strand of Vital Condensation Grass has turned into a field of them. Additionally, each piece of Vital Condensation grass was strong and healthy, and was long enough to reach Ye Ling Yue's knees. There were even a couple of strands that carried light green seeds. In just three days, the strand of Vital Condensation Grass had grown seeds and turned into a small field of grass.

The vital energy in'Grand Mist Sky' was more abundant that the outside by a couple times. The speed of plant growing in the 'Grand Mist Sky' was also faster than the outside by nearly 100 times. If she had changed that into medicinal grass, or even any plant of the Ginseng Spirit Plant type, then wouldn't she make a fortune? However, she had barely any money. Where would she get the money to buy the expensive Ginseng Spirit Plant? Ye Ling Yue helplessly shook her head.

’’I should first uproot a couple strands of Vital Condensation Grass to see if I can take it from 'Grand Mist Sky' to sell to improve the conditions in our house.’’ After thinking of the food that the three ate, she walked up and uprooted a couple strands of Vital Condensation Grass.

Just as the medicinal grass touched her head, Ye Ling Yue only felt the black cauldron mark on her hand shake. The grass turned into a stream of green light and was sucked into the black cauldron mark. After a few breaths, the Vital Condensation Grass had turned into a jade green medicinal liquid.

’’This is medicinal liquid?’’ Ye Ling Yue sniffed the medicinal liquid. Compared to the Vital Condesation Grass, the medicinal liquid was far more concentrated.

Because she didn't know the name of the liqiud, Ye Ling Yue decided to call it Vital Condensation Liquid. Ye Ling Yue was sure that with it, the time she would take to break through to the third rank of the constitution domain would shorten by a lot.

However, Ye Ling Yue also realized that after the black cauldron mark had refined the medicinal grass, the color of it had faded a lot and she also felt a little dizzy. After the black cauldron mark refined, it expended a lot of vital energy. With Ye Ling Yue's current cultivation base, she most likely would only be able to refine once a day. Afte she left the 'Grand Mist Sky,' Ye Ling Yue sat down and began to recover her vital energy. Suddenly, she was awoken by the sound of fervent steps.

’’Little Miss, come quickly. Third Miss was called over by the family head.’’ Liu-ma's face was dark with worry.

Ye Huang Yu had broken Ye Qing's hand and Ye Qing's father, Ye Huang Cheng, and Ye Huang Yu already had a bad relationship. This time, he had definitely told the Ye family patriarch, Ye Gu.

Ye family patriarch, Ye Gu, is Ye Huang Yu's birth father, and had once had high hopes for Ye Huang Yu. He had been extremely opposed to Ye Huang Yu's marriage to Ye Ling Yue's father, however Ye Huang Yu did not listen to him. In the end, she had been abandoned. The daughter and father pair both had stubborn personalities. In all these years, the two had not spoken at all. This time, Ye Huang Yu had acted rashly and heavily injured Ye Qing. There was a high possibility of Ye Gu using family rules to deal with this.

After Ye Ling Yue heard, she immediately sat up. She thought for a while and then changed into wide robes. She ran towards the Ye family main hall.

’’Little Miss, come back.’’ Liu-ma called from behind her, however, she was unable to stop Ye Ling Yue.

The Ye family main hall was filled with silence.

The Ye family patriarch, Ye Gu, sat on the taishi chair in the middle. A couple males stood beside him. Ye Qing had an emaciated look and had to be supported in order to be able to stand next to the Fourth, Ye Huang Cheng. The father and son pair both viciously glared at Ye Huang Yu.

The Ye family can be considered a rather large family in Qiufeng District. Ye family's forefather had once controlled the whole Qiufeng District when he had found a big iron ore mine. For Ye Gu's generation, in just the main family branch there are a total of five. Of them, only Ye Huang Yu is female. The rest are all male. For Ye Ling Yue's generation there are 7 males and 6 females.

This time because Ye Huang Yu had heavily injured Ye Qing, all five heirs had arrived in the hall. After Ye Huang Yu had entered Ye Gu's eyes had been half-closed and he had also not spoken at all.

Ye Gu was already around 50 years of age. Because he constantly practiced martial arts, his face was red and had a short beard. He seemed not to be much different from a 40 year old.

’’Father, this time, you must help Qing'er. After two months, the Ye family's tournament is beginning. Qing'er had been progressively advancing and I had originally hoped for him to enter the top three, however, because both of his hands have been broken, not only can he not participate but in fact cannot practice martial arts at all.’’Ye Huang Cheng had a daughter and a son. His daughter was learning martial arts outside of the family all the time, while Ye Qing, his only son, was most favored by him.

’’Kneel down!’’ Ye Gu suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were like that of a falcon as they stared at Ye Huang Yu.

Ye Huang Yu was once the woman he thought most highly of. When she was three, he had personally taught her martial arts step by step. She was supposed to be Ye family's pride, however, she had ruined everything. She didn't listen to the other people and married that heartless man and was then abandoned by her husband's family. Her cultivation base had regressed and had let the whole Ye family lose their face.

This matter of Ye Huang Yu harming Ye Qing was not something he could ignore. When met with her father's reproach, Ye Huang Yu justify her actions and only stood there like a javelin.

The other three heirs were all silent. The Ye Huang Cheng father and son pair all had looks of happiness over Ye Huang Yu's misfortune believing that Ye Huang Yu was sure to be doomed.

Seeing as Ye Huang Yu had still not knelt and nor had she apologized, Ye Gu's expression worsened. Ye Huang Yu was obviously challenging his power as the patriarch.

’’The ones who should be kneeling are them!’’ Ye Ling Yue rushed inside. In all the years that Ye Ling Yue had stayed in the Ye family, the amount of times she had met the Ye family patriarch, Ye Gu, could be counted with one hand. Her arrival broke the main hall's stalemate-like atmosphere.

All of gazes of the Ye family members landed on Ye Ling Yue. The people all went into an uproar. Wasn't that the retarded girl Ye Ling Yue? The most shocked one, though, was Ye Gu. His eagle-like eyes shrunk as he began evaluating Ye Ling Yue.

A small and delicate oval-like face. A pair of bright eyes.

She, was his granddaughter, that retarded girl Ye Ling Yue?

Ye Gu remembered that the last time he had seen Ye Ling Yue, she was black and small like a monkey. However, today, although Ye Ling Yue was not tall, she was solid and most especially, her pair of moon-shaped eyes revealed spiritual aura.

’’Ling Yue, who let you come?’’ When Ye Huang Yu saw her daughter she quickly attempted to push her outside. The family rules of the Ye family were very heavy. Just interrupting the patriarch was enough for Ye Ling Yue to have to be punished with a couple zhang.

(a type of punishment in ancient China in which one is hit by wooden sticks as viciously as possible)

’’According to Ye family's family rules, the punishment befalls the people in the wrongdoing. My mother was not wrong and should not have to kneel. The ones that are wrong are them. The ones who should kneel are also them.’’ Ye Ling Yue had no fear as she pointed towards the Ye Qing father and son pair.

’’Little bastard, you accused us wrongly. You mother went against the family rules and harmed by son which is an act of bullying the weak. She should be punished with 20 zhang.’’

’’Bullying the weak? What a Ye family family rule! Then let me ask you, Ye Qing and Wang Gui, all these that I have gained over the years, what sort of punishment should you have? They took money from the monthly pension and also hid their acts of bullying the weak, what punishment should they have?’’ When Ye Ling Yue finished speaking, she lifted the sleeves of her robe. The sound of breaths being sucked in filled the hall.

When Ye Ling Yue had lifted her sleeves, it was evident that all over her skin there were multi-shaped scars. There was whip marks, fist imprints and scalds. On some of the scars there was a blackish purple color, suggesting that the wounds were old ones.

In these 10 or so years, that weak and thin girl had lived like that?

’’Bastard!’’ Ye Gu's palm slammed into his taishi chair, completely shattering it. His face was full of outrage. He was deliberately cold to the Ye Huang Yu mother and daughter pair, however they still had a flesh and blood connection. Ye Huang Yu was his daughter and Ye Ling Yue was his granddaughter.

’’Father! Children don't understand these things.’’

’’Patriarch, please have mercy.’’

Ye Huang Cheng and Steward Wang both kneeled on the ground.

Ye Huang Yu's feelings were hurt greatly. After being abandoned, her heart had turned into dust and she had lived in her own world. She hadn't even known that her daughter's body would have so many scars.

’’Ye Huang Cheng, you raised a good son!’’ Ye Huang Yu was like a furious lioness. She was about to charge over, however, she was stopped by Ye Ling Yue.

’’Mother, I will avenge myself.’’ Ye Ling Yue held back a cold smile. Her gaze passed over Ye Huang Cheng, Ye Qing and Steward Wang.

If they ate something that was hers, then they sooner or later would have to spit it out.

All the people that she had looked at felt a chill down their spine. Wasn't she only a 13 year old girl? Yet her eyes had shown such a thick and sharp murderous aura.

As Ye Huang Cheng kneeled on the ground, the coldness of the ground seeped into his bones.

Leaving the Ye family mother and daughter pair alive would - in the end - still bring misfortune. I must find a way to eradicate them.


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