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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 49


Chapter 49 ’’Small success in alchemy’’'

Undoubtedly, this discovery of the Xuan Yin Jade Vein was the Ye family's biggest in the past hundreds of years since their establishment.

Pleasantly surprised, Ye Gu and his two sons immediately climbed the well in order to see for themselves. Once inside and standing in front of the massive vein, the three knew then what Ling Yue said were true.

’’Father, this really is the greatest news. This time the Song family won't be able to compete with us for sure.’’ Ye Huang Yun (big uncle) marveled at the river like jade vein running through the ground.

’’Yes, as long as we sell the Xuan Yin Jade here into the market, let's not mention Autumn Maple Town, even the people in the county won't dare underestimate our family.’’ Ye Huang Cheng (hated uncle) could feel the Yuan energy in his body boiling when he absorbed some of the dark Yin energy inside this place.

’’No, I do not intend to exploit this jade vein for a while. This jade vein will be our Ye family's hope to once rise again.’’ From his initial joy, Ye Gu reverts back to his cool and calm house master self.

Looking around the cave passage, Ye Gu thought, I'm an upper celestial and yet I still find this vein to be intolerably cold. To think that child Ling Yue can make her way over here with that level of cultivation.

From that alone it's not difficult to see Ling Yue's perseverance and courage was far higher than an average person's.

’’Father, are you planning to use this jade vein as a place of cultivation for the children's in the future?’’ Ye Huang Yun was more in line with his father's mindset.

’’Yes, I intend to mine a small part of the jade vein and send it to the main county. With the Xuan Yin Powder medicine that we will get after refinement, I intend to have the fifth rank or higher children in the family partake on the medicine to boost their cultivation. From today onwards, all descendants of the Ye family, including you two, must enter this vein to train.’’ Ye Gu's mindset was far more profound than his children.

In his eyes, sixty percent Yuan Iron was already enough for the Ye clan to become number one in Autumn Maple Town, but if they went to the county's main city without a master to preside over their family, then it be no different from sending a sheep into a wolf's den.

After all, the value of a mysterious jade vein meant the rise of numerous masters and countless amount of wealth.

’’Father is right, the matter with the Xuan Yin Jade vein must be strictly confidential, I will inform Ling Yue when I go out.’’ Ye Huang Yun also approves of his father's word.

’’Huang Yun, the next time our family go to the county, I intend to let Ye Saint and Ling Yue tag along. The two of them are already among the best in the younger generation of the family. I want the two of them have a look and broaden their mind's spectrum.’’ Ye Gu's word startled his son greatly.

Ye Huang Cheng was very depressed over the fact that Ling Yue could go to the county. Originally this opportunity was saved for his son Ye Qing after he fought greatly during this period.

But there's no denying that Ling Yue achieved many great things for the family. Towards this choice, Ye Huang Cheng couldn't find fault in his father's decision.

Once both sons have left the vein, leaving only Ye Gu behind, a string of emotions surfaced in the old man's eye.

Coming up to the wall where the thickest part of the vein showed, ’’My ancestors, all of you in the heavens must bless my Ye family, we will reclaim our glory and rise once again.’’ At that, Ye Gu sends a decisive punch at the rocks, causing his knuckles to bleed as a result. Despite the drops of blood leaking down his hand, Ye Gu didn't show the slightest sign of pain.

Meanwhile outside of the Seven Star Mountain.

After coming out of the icy cold well, Ling Yue had gone straight towards home in a trotting pace because she had something important to do.

As the old saying goes, ’’one must always seize any opportunity that presents itself’’, this was a perfect fit for Ling Yue. When she first saw the Xuan Yin Jade Vein, there's no way she would offer up everything to the family. That's simply not logical for our little girl here.

Once inside her quarters where no prying eyes could see her, she immediately entered her dimension space Red Mist Sky.

It can't be helped that she would react this way. That vein was so long and huge anyways, it's not like anyone would notice if she took some. With that in mind, she had swiped her hand at the finest parts she could find and now, over a thousand pieces of the precious ore was inside her straw houses.

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Due to the spirit smoke's treatment over this period, Ling Yue's mother have largely been healed with only the veins and tendons needing repair.

If only relying on Ye Huang Yu's (mother) own effort to make up for the lack of dark Yin energy to heal, the timeframe would likely require over five to six years. Towards this wait, Ling Yue couldn't handle it.

Therefore, she thought up a plan: she's going to use a medicine called Xuan Yin Dan pill. Speaking of this pill, its only slightly better - one rank to be exact - than the Vitality Condensing Liquid.

But towards a lower celestial martialists that have injured their tendons and veins, this was the best tonic and medicine. Towards making this Xuan Yin Dan pill, she will require large amounts of Xuan Yin Jade ore.

Problem was, this would be Ling Yue's first time attempting something like this.

Picking up a piece of ore, she controls her spirit smoke to gobble up the rock. After some moments later with a ’’poof’’ sound from her cauldron, out came a greyish lump of thing.

’’Fail?’’ She sighs. As expected, making Dan pills was far harder than making elixirs.

(note: Dan means pill in Chinese but I added it in there to differentiate this from future stuff that's coming)

Not discouraged, she continues the process again by grabbing another ore.

Scrapping over six pieces later, Ling Yue's cauldron finally spat out a ruggedly lump that carried some similarities to a Dan pill.

’’Xuan Yin Dan Pill?’’ She became overjoyed. Though the lump was unsightly for a pill, but this thing was indeed a finished product that meets minimum standard!

By the time she achieved her first success, the day was already coming to an end. Determined to succeed, she decides to have another attempt tomorrow.

In the following days, Ye Gu never disclosed the discovery of the jade vein to the public so this gave Ling Yue a brief opening to focus on her alchemy.

With the Red Mist Sky's sufficient Yuan energy in the air, she was both absorbing it and improving her alchemic skills at the same time.

From her original feat of ruining six pieces of ore to make one pill, she now only needs to waste one to make a proper Dan pill. What's more, unlike before, the Xuan Yin Dan pill was much smoother and shinier than ever.

By the seventh day in, the pills she made was no longer the plain old common things she produced thus far: there's a blue pattern on the surface. According to what she learned from Mr. Red Mist's codex, low-grade medicinal pills would have a blue pattern on the surface to indicate its quality, meaning her alchemy has improved greatly like leveling up!

As usual, after she came out of her dimensional space, Ling Yue mixed one of her Xuan Yin Dan pills into her mother's drinking water. But just when she's about to carry this out, she was greatly startled by the huffing voice behind her.

’’Ling Yue, its good I finally found you! Tomorrow morning you are to come with me and my father into the city.’’ Ye Saint was sweating profusely when he walked in on her, his face grinning to the bones.

During these past few days, Ye Saint have been running around left and right looking for her because this cousin of his was so difficult to locate. After finally catching this little disappearing girl, Ye Saint couldn't resist muttering some bothersome complaints to vent his steam.

’’Go into the city?’’ Her attention was immediately hooked.

’’Yes,’’ grandfather said to let us experience more things and to learn the Yuan Iron trading business from fifth uncle.’’ Their fifth uncle was the fifth son of Ye Gu, whose responsibility was to oversee the family's business in the city. Therefore, this uncle would stay year-round inside the county without returning.

After learning there's a Alchemist Association inside the county, Ling Yue's been eager to go there to see if there's any good opportunities. Now that the chance has presented itself, she's not going to let it go.


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