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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 47


Chapter 47 ’’Ant poison, save people’’

Upon learning the Song family's misfortune, the majority of the Ye family members were snickering a laugh.

The Song family may have been compensated with some other mines in the mountain, but compared to the old one, the yields from these new locations were very insignificant.

As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around.

During this period, the Ye family's moral had taken a big boost by the amount of high quality Yuan Iron bars they were making in the lava pit.

For this reason, the elders of the family have come to a decision to sell some of these bars to help fund the purchases of medicine and equipment's for the younger generations in the family.

’’Huang Cheng, I still have one thing for you to do. In the next few days you are to assemble the best iron smelting masters in our forge and train as much as possible for the upcoming smelting conference. No matter what, our Ye family must take first prize.’’ Ye Gu's eye flicked a strange light.

Military... To think after so many years our Ye family would have another chance to deal with the military again. Whether or not we can restore the family's glory back to its peak period will depend entirely on this.

Ye Gu's face was unusually dignified and no one could figure out what he's thinking right now.

The smelting conference haven't been officially announced to the public yet, and both Ye Gu and Song Mo Shi didn't disclose the news to their families either, leaving Ling Yue oblivious to this fact.

After the rusting incident, Ling Yue did as her mother demanded and stepped up her cultivation training to see if she could break into the ninth rank of the constitutional domain.

Aside from cultivation, she would also help her mother do the massage therapy every few days.

Under Ling Yue's treatment, the majority of the black spots inside Ye Huang Yu have been healed by the spirit smoke, leaving only the arteries and veins to repair.

Adding in the spirit fruits and vegetables of the dimensional space, Ling Yue have a premonition, it won't be long until her mother becomes fully cured.

In order to prevent the emergence of the Ice Freezing Grasses again, Ye Huang Yun (big uncle) had asked Ling Yue to visit the mine once in a while to assess the area.

As usual on this day, Ling Yue was wandering around in the mine looking for anything suspicious. Ever since the poisoning incident, the Song family's been behaving a lot better.

Without finding anything out of the norm, she was just about to leave the place when a loud miserable cry reached her ears from the depths of the mine.

Immediately, she dashed inside, heading towards the direction of that voice.

What she found were heaps of scattered ores, overturned carts, shovels on the floor, and a half-opened mining well further down the hole.

Finding several miners at the epicenter, one of them holding his leg in serious pain, she can tell this man was poisoned by how swollen that leg looked and the purplish-blue face he made. Obvious symptoms of someone being poisoned according to what she learned from the manuals.

’’What's the matter?’’ As soon as she appeared, the miners came huddling over like they just saw a savior.

’’Zhou Fu just found a sealed well nearby. As soon as he opened it, he got bit by a small bug that crawled out and then became like this.’’ One of the miners rushes to explain.

The bitten miner was still holding his leg, but it's obvious his consciousness was becoming hazy and unclear.

Hurriedly ordering some of the workers to move the guy over to a part where there's more light, she takes a look at the pupils to find a bit of reaction still left in the man. Then moving downwards, she checks the injured leg.

At the ankle area, a little wound looking like it's been bitten by an ant was there.

Quickly taking out her flying dagger, she cuts into the wound to bleed it, causing a foul-smelling fluid to leak out and causing the surface of the ground to instantly freeze into a layer of frost upon contact.

What a powerful deadly Yin poison, to think this area had such a formidable poisonous bug!

Secretly shocked inside, she's more sensitive to these types of things due to her cauldron, which was able to sense the dark Yin energy in this world.

’’You guys first look after him, I'll come back after having a look.’’ Sweeping her gaze around, she makes her way towards the well.

By the well, she noticed that there were several large ants crawling out of the opening. About three to four times the size of a regular ant, the front came equipped with a giant pair of sharp pincers at the mouth.

The key is always with the source, remembering the notes about poisons from Mr. Red Mist's codex, Ling Yue figured the antidote must lie with these bugs.

Looking at their appearance, these ants must have originated from somewhere not far from the well.

One swing of her fist, a blue streak of lightning came flying out and instantly ended the ants life.

Pinching a couple of the ants up, Ling Yue quickly used her cauldron to refine them into powders to sprinkle onto the miner's wound.

As soon as the powder came into contact with the wound, the purplish-blue shade quickly faded from the miner's face and the leg also didn't look so swollen anymore. Most importantly, the breathing rhythm of this worker returned to normal, a very good sign.

Seeing how easy Ling Yue managed to cure the guy, the few workers looking from the side were all astonished by this feat. Muttering to themselves, these people now takes this girl as a miracle worker at this point.

’’Go lift him out, then pour some salt water on the wound and then pass him two silvers as compensation. Make sure he doesn't do any heavy laboring for the next ten days.’’ Only after her orders were made did the miners carry the injured man out.

’’Little young Miss, do you want us to seal that well?’’ Several miners came up to the well with her, ready to close the underground lid for good.

This underground well is obviously made by the Song family years ago. Likely due to the infestation of the poisonous ants that they sealed it with this giant slab of iron cover.

Today, the miner called Zhou Fu not only accidentally dug up this well, he also made a crack on the cover lid.

’’No need, let me see first.’’ At that, Ling Yue squats her body down and places her right hand over the crack.

As soon as she got close, the cauldron in her hand got a reaction as if a biting cold from underground was shooting up to her. If she had to make a comparison, it's like at the bottom of this well was a giant fridge box.

And the longer her hand touched the lid, the stronger the cold became.

This level of chill, even a lower celestial martialist would have a hard time fending off this bone chilling cold. It's no wonder the Song family specially sealed it back then.

But Ling Yue's different, she can swallow all sorts of Yin and Yang energies in this world with her cauldron. Based on her experience with the Red Yang Ginseng, she estimates she can stay down there for approximately two hours for exploration.

’’Open the well lid, then all of you turn back, I want to survey what's down there.’’ She suspects there's something special going on here so she's determined to have a look.

The miners all objected to this idea once they heard it. All of them knows, this young lady now was currently the most favored individual in the family.

Not saying much, she only waves her hand to motion the crowd to retreat. Condensing her Yuan energy at her foot, she sends an ultra-powerful kick at the heavy weight lid to send it flying.

Then in a duck, she jumps into the well.

Worried for her safety, those who saw this immediately ran to notify the members of the Ye family.


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