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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 42


Chapter 42 ’’The wonderful use of the dimensional space’’

Only after finishing the first remedy session for her mother did Ling Yue feel relieved enough to return to her room.

Sitting cross-legged, she once again began absorbing the Red Yang Ginseng to restore her Yuan energy reserve.

She's noticed it by now, aside from the first giant surge of breakthroughs when she first absorbed the ginseng's essence, the efficiency has greatly diminished afterwards. Nevertheless, it should still be enough to see her through to the ninth rank of the constitutional domain.

Moving her mind, Ling Yue enters the dimensional space Red Mist Sky.

It's only been a few days since she came here, but there's already a drastic change to this place.

Wafting a seductive aroma of Qingmu fruits from the trees, the entire field was filled with flowers and fruits she transplanted from before.

Conveniently picking off a peach nearby, she bites down to find the juiciness of the flesh were many times more refreshing than those outside.

Even better, these peaches had trace amounts of Yuan energy hidden inside. If people were to consume these year-round, whether it be for health or cultivation reasons, it would greatly benefit the user.

Sadly, the size of this Red Mist Sky was limited, hindering the production of all these spirit fruits and grasses.

Think up to here, Ling Yue suddenly thought: if the fruits and vegetations in here can go through a mutation after only a couple of days, what would happen if I bring in Big Yellow and other animals?

Remembering how bizarre and unusual Little Squeak was, Ling Yue didn't delay and promptly went off to bring Big Yellow inside.

At first Big Yellow was a little hesitant to look around due to the unease of coming into this unfamiliar environment, but it didn't take long for him to discover the abundant amount of Yuan energy in the air. Exalted over this finding, Big Yellow began to dash around the place.

’’Squeak!’’ When Little Squeak saw how the fella was running around his territory so casually, our little fur ball wouldn't have it. Immediately jumping out of Ling Yue's dress, Little Squeak started to chase after Big Yellow from behind.

Ling Yue fell into a laughing fit at this. Ever since they met that golden masked man at the cave, Little Squeak's been acting good up until this point where he reverted back to his old naughty self.

Watching the two fellas running around this place, Ling Yue don't know why, but she got an inexplicably pleasant feeling from all this.

After spending a good amount of time watching the two playing together, Ling Yue suddenly recalled it was about time she brought another batch of Qingmu fruit to the medicine shop.

Harvesting a batch, Ling Yue first handed over some fresh fruits and vegetables to Granny Liu before heading off to the market.

As usual, she first disguised herself before heading into the medicine shop where she's warmly welcomed by the shopkeeper.

Handing the products over, Ling Yue inquired again about the fifth rank medicine pill. She may have the spirit smoke right now, but it's still too early to be happy. If possible, she would rather have the medicine just in case.

Unfortunately, the shopkeeper still didn't have any news regarding to what she wanted.

’’Shopkeeper, where's the Ice Freezing Grass that I want?’’ While Ling Yue and the shopkeeper was having a conversation, an arrogant and presumptuous voice interrupted their dialogue.

Coming inside the medicine shop were two new customers.

Hearing the sound, Ling Yue hurries to turn her back against the two and pretended to look at the other herbs. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper quickly apologizes and hurried up to welcome the new customers.

The ones to come into the medicine shop was none other than Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian, the two people Ling Yue didn't want to meet the most.

She still doesn't know the background of Master Lian yet, but she does know Song Guang Zhi's the young master of the Song House. There shouldn't be any reason for someone like that to visit a medicine shop in town.

’’Young master Song and Master Lian, the Ice Freezing Grasses you ordered are all prepared and ready. Would you like me to send it over to the Song manor or would you like to take them with you now?’’ The shopkeeper says this respectfully.

Ice Freezing Grass?

Ling Yue remembers that among some of the medical records left behind by Mr. Red Mist, there's a mentioning of this herb.

The herbs on the mainland are all different in nature, like for example the Red Yang Ginseng which will only grow in environments of searing heat.

As for the Ice Freezing Grasses, this type of spirit grass falls into the water property family.

This kind of grass can reduce heat and fire in one's body. If planted inside a courtyard during the summer, it can gather the water vapor in the air, thus making its surroundings much cooler.

(Explanation time: the heat and fire in the body is part of a medicinal terminology used in eastern medicine. Separated into heat and cold, the doctors will prescribe medicine based on one's body balance to make it reach equilibrium.

Therefore, many of the wealthy families would plant some of these Ice Freezing Grasses inside their home.

But the timing of the season right now was only at spring, neither hot nor cold. What's more, Song Guang Zhi's a young lord of a wealthy household, there's no way someone like that would come out in person to make a purchase like this.

There's something amiss about this. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Ling Yue started to get suspicious.

’’One thousand Ice Freezing Grass, send them all to the Song Manor, remember to not be late.’’ Paying the bill, the two was about to leave when, ’’Wait.’’ Just as Ling Yue thought the two was done, Master Lian suddenly turns around and comes up to her.

Feeling her heart pumping, Ling Yue was very afraid right now for her identity might have been figured out. Hidden inside her sleeve was the dagger, ready to be thrown at any moment.

’’These Qingmu fruits aren't bad, I will take them all. Remember to send them over with the Ice Freezing Grasses.’’ Not allowing any explanation, Master Lian points to the batch of QIngmu fruit just brought over Ling Yue.

Master Lian was a quasi-alchemist so his sight was bound to be keen. The quality of these Qingmu fruits are remarkably good, even back in the county, one would not necessarily find such fine goods.

Loosening the tension in her heart, Ling Yue exhales deeply, seems he only fancied the Qingmu fruits.

The shopkeeper frowned with great difficulty. He didn't want to but he couldn't refuse and can only send it over to the Song House along with the Ice Freezing Grasses.

Waiting until Song Guang Zhi and Master Lian left, the shopkeeper was still sighing with great regret.

’’Shopkeeper, you don't need to worry about the Qingmu fruits. I will sell you some more in two days. But who were those men, and why are you being so respectful to them?’’ Ling Yue's proposal delighted the shopkeeper. Without the Qingmu fruits, the supply of liniment inside his shop will be out again.

’’Customer, you don't know, that Master Lian is a member of the Alchemist Association inside the main county. Small businesses like ours can't afford to offend big characters like that.’’ It's been some time since the two worked together so the shopkeeper trusted Ling Yue to a certain extent, giving her a decent amount of information pertaining to Master Lian and his correlation with the Alchemist Association.

After listening to the shopkeeper's word, Ling Yue now understands how great the Alchemist Association was.

This organization was the only power capable of standing toe to toe with Da Xia's military, and the status of its members are equal to an official of the state. Due to the harsh conditions of entry, a backwater place like Autumn Maple Town has for many years lacked the fortune of producing a alchemist.

’’If customer is really interested, you can go to the main county and have a look in the future. Over there is a branch of the association. The medicine and weapons they sell are far superior to what our small little town can produce.’’ After the shopkeeper finished his words, Ling Yue nodded in affirmation and left the medicine shop.

By now the Song family's carriage was long gone, but due to the deep impression she got from the shopkeeper, she ended up walking towards home with a stomach full of questions.


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