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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 41


Chapter 41 ’’Healing Mother’’

Ling Yue was no more than a fifth rank martialist in the eyes of everyone. It was dangerous enough to be able to face a Silver Claw Eagle King, not to mention there's still a peak form fourth rank spirit beast involved. Just listening to the story made Ye Gu's face stern up.

’’Grandfather, the truth is, the spirit beast wasn't killed by me. By the time I fell into that cave, I had fallen into a coma for two days. When I awoke again, the monster was already dead.’’ Ling Yue omitted the parts related to the golden masked man.

’’From the looks of it, other powerful masters had passed by while you were unconscious. But Ling Yue, for you to kill a Silver Claw Eagle King is already a great fortune.’’ Ye Gu exhales.

’’Grandfather, there's one more thing. When we were hunting in the mountains, we found that the Song family were using this kind of arrow.’’ Under Ling Yue's hinting, Ye Saint brings out the Yuan Iron Arrow and hands it over to Ye Gu.

After looking it over, Ye Gu's complexion abruptly changed. Calling over Ye Huang Yun (big uncle) and Ye Huang Cheng (hated uncle) over, the three immediately began discussing the issue.

Seeing the elders were busy, Ling Yue and Ye Saint seized the opportunity to relieve themselves from the room.

’’Father, this is strange. The Song family's ironmaking skills have always been inferior to ours, how can they produce something of this fine quality?’’ Ye Huang Yun (big uncle) furrowed his brow after having a look at the arrow.

’’Elder brother, this arrow may not necessarily be the Song family's work. It's likely they hired some big commerce association to help produce these arrows.’’ Ye Huang Cheng's voice was full of disdain, ’’However, the Song family's good days are coming to an end. Now that we won the mountain hunting contest, the right to excavating the Northern Seven Slope Mine now belongs to us.’’

The Northern Seven Slope Mine had the highest concentration of Yuan Iron in the entire mountain range. Ever since the Song family won the contest three years ago, they have managed to stand on equal footings with the Ye family in their ore trading ability.

And now that they lost the Seven Slope Mine, it was no different from the Song family losing a right arm.

’’The world is hard to predict. In the next few days the two of you are in charge of overseeing the mine exchange. Be sure to get it done as soon as possible and pay close attention to the Song family in the meantime.’’ The more Ye Gu looks at the arrow, the more tightly wound his forehead became. Something about all this just didn't seem right to him.

Once Ye Huang Cheng got out of the main hall, he immediately took notice of his son, Ye Qing, looking dejected on one side.

’’Useless thing, can't even come out on top of a dumb woman. If your sister were here then there's no way that punk lass would get a chance to show off in front of us.’’ Although they got the Northern Seven Slope Mine out of all this, but just knowing it was due to Ling Yue's effort annoyed him to no ends.

Since little that woman has been standing above my head, why must her daughter also be stronger than my son.

After hearing the word ’’sister’’, Ye Qing's expression looked even more depressed.

Father's heart always valued sister, while I, don't hold much of a position at all.

’’Fortunately Liu One will be returning in half a year, then we will see how that Ling Yue will continue to clamor,’’ Ye Huang Cheng coldly grunted and stopped paying attention to Ye Qing.

Back at the Qiaochu quarter, Ling Yue was busily going over the details of the mountain hunt with her mother.

’’Ling Yue, your victory in the mountain hunt this time is based on your luck, not your abilities. Starting tomorrow you are to double your efforts in your training tasks. Other than going to the forge each day, you are not to wander around.’’ Seeing her daughter coming back safe and sound, also getting a reward, Ye Huang Yu couldn't be anymore happier.

But then her motherly worries for Ling Yue surfaced again.

Everyone in the Song family are dangerous rats. After losing the mining rights to the Seven Slope Mine and a Song Han, those cowards will no doubt pin the blame on her own daughter.

It's easy to avoid a gun out in the open and difficult to dodge a hidden arrow. If-if only I still had the strength from back then.... Then I wouldn't need to fear the Song family. But now.... Thinking up to here, Ye Huang Yu's brow tightly locked up.

’’Mother, why are you curling your brows again? Are your injuries acting up again? Daughter recently learned a good set of massage therapies, let me give mother a try.’’ As she says this, Ling Yue pulls her mother into the room.

’’Where did this child learn so many flowery things from?’’ Knowing it's her daughter's good intent, she simply couldn't say no and obediently lay down on the bed.

Ever since she was wounded, the bones and muscles would always suffer from aching pains during the spring and autumn season. But ever since she drank the monkey wine brought back by Ling Yue, she's been feeling a lot better with less frequent relapses in pain. Nevertheless, it's still not possible if she wants to restore her original strength.

With her mother lying on the bed, Ling Yue first performed a set of hand massages she learned from the manuals left behind by Mr. Red Mist.

One massage down, Ye Huang Yu closes her eye due to comfort and fell into slumber. Only now does she know her daughter wasn't making false words.

Seeing this, Ling Yue quietly invokes her spirit smoke inside the cauldron.

So, after Ling Yue absorbed part of the Red Yang Ginseng a while ago, she also noticed the spirit smoke itself had also grown stronger and was much handier to control - from the initial silk like strand to a pinky size.

Before the cauldron can only see the black spots inside Big Yellow's body, but this time she's going to test her limits, she's going to see if she can perceive into the human body.

Once the spirit smoke entered into Ye Huang Yu's body, the normally foggy image that should've appeared inside Ling Yue's mind began to gradually clear up.

Overjoyed by this, Ling Yue focuses in her concentration and began to maneuver her mind across her mother's body.

’’This is?’’ Ling Yue found that everything inside her mother's body was perfectly healthy, the only exception being the couple of big black spots at her vital points.

The black spots, whether it be size or color, was far more serious compared to Big Yellow (dog).

’’It's these, these are the reasons why mother suffered so much for all these years.’’ Ling Yue mutters this to herself.

Because there are too many black spots, Ling Yue couldn't clear them all in one go and could only choose the one closest to the dantian area for consumption.

When the spirit smoke drew close to the black spot, it quickly launched a deadly offensive and began its work. Probably half an hour later, Ling Yue was pouring in sweat. It's all worth it though for that specific black spot was now cleaned and healthy.

By the time Ye Huang Yu woke up again and saw her daughter's fatigue face, she became unceasingly remorseful. As a mother she's been careless, forgetting her daughter should be resting after just returning from the mountain hunt.

’’Mother, is your body more comfortable now?’’ The black spots inside her mother was far more difficult to manage than Big Yellow's;therefore, she urgently wants to know if her efforts were effective.

Quietly invoking the energy inside her body, Ye Huang Yu discovered her body was much better than before, and the Yuan energy wasn't having as much difficulty flowing through her veins. Towards this finding, she's in fact pleasantly surprised.

Looking at her mother's healthier appearance, Ling Yue was also smiling inside. As long as she can do this several more times, it won't be long until she can completely help her mother recover!


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