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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 408


Chapter 408

Chapter 408 ’’Extortion’’

Ye may be a very common surname in Da Xia, but in North Qing - especially among the higher level alchemists - this surname was a very big taboo .

The reason? It's because the current leading figure of North Qing's alchemist field was Master Hong Ru . The man only recognized one foe as his rival in his entire lifetime, and that was Ye Nameless of Da Xia from five hundred years ago .

Though most of the information pertaining to the person has long been mostly lost, even his descendants are said to be very poor and rundown now, but one can never be too careful .

Can it be, this girl is disguising herself under a new surname but is in fact related to that Ye Nameless?

Despite the myriad of thoughts running through his mind, the elderly alchemist remains calm and peaceful in his smile . Furthermore, he did not discriminate against the girl just because he's in a superior position, something not commonly found in those with power .

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’’Chief Yue really is young and promising . Only fourteen and already a seven cauldron alchemist . Oh where's my manners, allow me to introduce myself . My name is Wei Bo, a nine cauldron alchemist of the Dan Palace . ’’

Going dark in her eyes, Ling Yue never expected the foe to see through to her cultivation with a single glance . She's been keeping the fact that she's formed a Chaotic Core to herself the entire time . Whether it be the Alchemist Tower or her mentor Longyu, none are aware of her breakthrough yet . Therefore it's not hard to imagine how unsettling it was to have someone point it out without her consent .

What? This wench broke through to the seven cauldron level? This girl is moving too fast . Humph, no matter, she's still incomparable to my daughter Ming Yue . She's but a lowly ranked loser at the eighth hundred place while my daughter was at the top holding the third place!

Hong Fang was absolutely shocked at first, but when thinking back to her own daughter's achievement, that initial surprise was dampened greatly .

’’So senior is Master Wei Bo of the Dan Palace, greetings to you . I often hear about you from Alchemist Mei on many occasions . ’’ Since the other side was willing to stay polite, she figured she do the same . There's no need to make enemies if she can avoid it . Besides, the comment wasn't just for show, she did hear it firsthand from Alchemist Mei back in the Royal Hospital .

According to what the woman told her, while Alchemist Mei was away in North Qing learning about the wonders of alchemy, it was exactly this Master Wei Bo who lectured her on how to refine the reincarnation pill .

All in all, the recipe may have been supplied by Ling Yue, but without the tutorship of this senior, it's very likely Alchemist Mei might not have been able to come remotely close to achieving her goal .

’’Alchemist Mei? Are you talking about Miss Mei? Can it be, is she the one who produced the reincarnation pill within Da Xia?’’ The elder was stunned by the news .

’’Yes, the reincarnation pills currently circulating within Da Xia is created by Alchemist Mei . She specifically mentioned to me that without Sir's help, she would've never been able to achieve what she has today . ’’ Nodding in earnest, Ling Yue states the truth .

Wei Bo was exactly the one tasked in investigating the Dan Dragon and the reincarnation pill incident . He's done with the former already, but in regards to the ladder, he hasn't got a clue . Now to learn the reason was in part thanks to his own doing, this senior can finally rest at ease .

At the very least the matter wasn't as per Lord Hong Ru thought... .

’’The Dan Palace will always welcome the young and talented . If Chief Yue is free in the future, please feel free to make a visit to us in North Qing . I'm sure there are a lot of things you would find very interesting in our studies that you can't find here in Da Xia . ’’ Without further ado, Wei Bo went ahead and proposed the return of the snake's carcass .

The creature may have been killed but he must retrieve the body regardless . There's too much time and material investment to take a total loss .

’’Is Master Wei Bo certain the snake is the Dan Palace's property?’’ Despite knowing the answer already, Ling Yue nevertheless asks again .

’’That is of course . If Chief Yue doesn't believe me then I would like you to check on the serpent's abdomen . It should have the markings of our Dan Palace . ’’

’’Then that's perfect . Returning a lost item to their rightful owner is perfectly within reason;however, before I do that though, I like to like to first discuss the matter of compensation and accountability . ’’ Her words completely startled the elder and everyone else present .

Hong Fang knew the girl was up to no good when she barged in on them, but he never expected something... . something so extortionary . This wench has finally lost it, she's actually trying to blackmail the Dan Palace!

’’Someone come, bring over the ledger book for me . ’’ Enthusiastic in her tone, Ling Yue flicks her finger to direct Jin Wu Monster to run over .

’’Mr . Wei Bo, I won't keep it from you . Because of the Dan Palace's mistake in releasing the python, our Da Xia has suffered tremendous loss during this period . Here, I've listed the damages one by one in the book . Please have a look . ’’

Upon seeing that ultra thick ledger, the elder knew this can't be good . His hands were practically shaking by this point for he finally understood . What confirmation? More like the girl was trying to make sure he take responsibility and become the scapegoat for compensation!

The losses on the ledger book are as follow:

One hundred and thirty villagers dead .

Two hundred and thirty two livestock lost .

Fifty homes destroyed .

Elite soldiers' death toll at nine hundred and eighty .

Military horses at three hundred and twelve .

One hundred and ninety weapons destroyed .

If going by those numbers and the proposed compensation rate on the book, it stands to reason it will cost the Dan Palace tens of thousands of gold alone for Da Xia's military . That's already ignoring the part about the herdsmen village and the rest of the rest of the book that he didn't read yet .

The Dan Palace may be rich to its core, but not even they can ignore such a huge sum, especially when the numbers might even reach the ’’million’’ mark if they are to accept everything indicated by the girl .

’’Chief Yue, this sum is no small number . You see...’’ Steeling his shaky hand, Elder Wei Bo attempts to further haggle the issue at hand like someone in the market .

’’Mr . Wei Bo, I can see you are a reasonable person so I won't beat around the bush . Whoever raised the beast that caused so much damage should be the one to foot the bill . Moreover, the reason I listed only this much is out of careful consideration for North Qing and Da Xia's national relationship . I already excluded the mental damages incurred by the civilians and soldiers! Even if we bring the case up in North Qing's Court, I'm sure your ruler would have nothing to say against our reasoning . ’’ Like a gushing waterfall, her words were direct and lethal .

To have the problem suddenly lifted to the height of diplomatic relationship, not even this senior could remain unfazed . Sweat begins to leak out of that old forehead .

’’Let's do this . The number is simply too enormous for me to make the decision . Allow me to first consult with the Dan Palace on the matter before I give Chief Yue an answer . ’’ Feeling the scorching heat burning on his brow, Wei Bo quickly scurries away without a second thought on whether or not he should be yielding here .


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