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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 406


Chapter 406

Chapter 406 ’’Reunion’’

’’Save me, save me!’’ Xia Hou Hong cries out for help repeatedly .

His people are all dead now and the cracks and tremors are only getting worse . In his desperation, the bastard actually attempts call for Ling Yue and the others to help him .

In response to this shameless act, the girl only gave him a cold hard look of contempt .

’’Lan Ling Yue, if you save me now then I will promise you anything! I will make you my wife, make you the future queen!’’

Instead inciting anyone to help him, it only made the prince even more despicable in the eyes of others .

’’Is this person an idiot?’’ A'bone murmurs this to herself, amazed by how shameless the boy was .

Not wanting to waste anymore time on the dead man, Ling Yue instructs A'bone to order the birds to move away from this destroyed wetland . And as soon as they did so, it didn't take long for Xia Hou Hong's pleading voice to disappear too . His dirty body was soon devoured by the bottomless chasms that was popping up one after the other .

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’’Look over there, that ninth rank python is... . ’’ Following that cry, the eyes of the group quickly fell upon the giant pit where the python continues to make its last struggle .

If the snake wasn't injured to begin with, it might be able to put up a fight against the devastating blows of the elements . But since it wasn't, it's just a matter of time before the creature gets destroyed by the earthly spikes and the giant golden sword that had just condensed above the sky .

’’What is going on here, why is this elemental trial so abnormally powerful?’’ Afraid to get anywhere close to the epicentre, Ling Yue attempts to get an answer by asking her peers .

’’Chief, if I'm not mistaken then it's likely a double elemental trial . ’’ Amazed by the destruction laid before him, the old monster confidently answers the girl .

As someone who's experienced something similar because of his mutated fire element, Jin Wu Monster can somehow relate to the two individuals currently enduring the pain of their tribulation .

There are many kinds of elemental trials out there in this world: earth, gold, wood, water and fire . But to incur the same element more than once, that's not very common and was considered a rarity .

’’I suspect this elemental trial is caused by more than one individual, likely two at least . And as fate would have it, their elements are beneficial to one another . You see those lights? The gold represents the metal element and the brown color represents the earth, they are complementary to one another, hence the reason why the power is so destructive . ’’ Issuing out a sigh, the old monster wanted to say his his prayers for that python .

He can see the snake holds the water attribute, the weakest element against the earth . Now adding in the metal element too, it's pretty much a death sentence at this point .

’’So you mean?’’ Elated at the hint, Ling Yue promptly casts her eyes over to the snake's bulging belly where it was suddenly struck by an enormous earth spike from below!

Squealing in terrific pain, the python begins rolling around the rubbles as if the movement alone would be able to sooth that pain . Unfortunately for the creature, the end wasn't anywhere close to being finished yet .

As if being beckoned by the noise, the giant sword that's been hovering above the air started to move . Striking down at blistering speed, the blade completely decimates the head like it was nothing, leaving nothing behind but a twitching headless corpse .

Finally, after a good full minute of eerie silence, Ling Yue could no longer wait and ordered A'bone to land for her . There, by the side of the snake's ruptured belly, a strange noise quickly drew them to the spot .

Though still covered in mucus from head to toe, and their clothes in tatters, Ye Huang Yu and Nie Feng Hang nevertheless appears to be fine . They were in the middle of supporting each other after climbing out of the stomach when the group found them .

’’MOTHER!’’ Before Ye Huang Yu knew it, a it, a pair of tender hands had wrapped itself around her waist, encouraging this mother to return the action in kind .

Due to how weak the pair of lovebirds were after their ordeal, the group can only take a temporary rest nearby while the man and woman regained their energy . However, this extended time did give Ling Yue a better understanding of what occurred .

According to the information given, Nie Feng Hang has managed to break into the second element while Ye Huang Yu also did the same . Despite the woman being in the Dan realm, the spirit core of the snake had directly allowed her to jump a level and skip the first element and into the second one, making her a user of both earth and metal now .

Though Ye Huang Yu's power wasn't a duo element like Nie Feng Hang's metal or whatever, but it still drew the envy of the old monster after listening to the story .

’’If you are so envious then why don't you find a double-headed python too and give it a try?’’

Shrinking his neck at the tease from the wild girl, Jin Wu Monster reaction said it all - he's not prepared to experience anything that drastic .

What's more, the only reason the pair was able to survive such an occurrence was due to their love for one another . If it was only himself, the old monster can say for certainty he be smite into ashes smite into ashes by the end of it .

’’Now that the double-headed python and the prince is killed, especially the prince, it would surely alarm the Court . After we go back, I fear we would have to head in for a debriefing . ’’ Nie Feng Hang's biggest worry now was Ye Huang Yu's identity . If they head into the palace, there bound to be others who could perceive her disguise .

’’Uncle Feng Hang, you need not worry . That Xia Hou Hong is not the king's true blood . ’’ Going in clear detail, Ling Yue passes on the information she got from the boy .

As much as she wanted to call the man her stepfather immediately, there are formalities to be had still .

’’Are you serious? Now this really is a scandal! So Consort Luo has been in bed with another man all along . Such a crime is worthy of the death penalty . ’’ As a nobleman, this general understands full well how important bloodline was to the royal family .

They won't allow anyone with the slightest chance of being a bastard take the throne, even if proven otherwise in the future . Also, the forces that's backing the individual will also be dragged down in the process . Take the Hong House for example . Since they are the biggest backer of the bastard prince, they would be the first to go regardless of their history .


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