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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 405


Chapter 405

Chapter 405 ’’Snatch Up the Earth Class Spirit Artifact’’

’’You never seen this before right? Look carefully you Da Xia runt, this is a high level artifact that can only be found in our North Qing and can easily injure a reincarnation master of the third element with one blast . If not for your alchemic beast taking the blow for you just now, you would've been dead on the ground by now . ’’ Cheeky in his words, Big Ear once again realigns his aim at Ling Yue, ready to take the second shot .

Black Yuan Cannons are made of pure Moon Iron with the nickname ’’reincarnation killer . ’’ Of course, if there's a pro then there's a con . Due to the enormous cost involved with its construction, very few are fortunate enough to wield one of these devastating weapons and are usually reserved for military use during big battles .

’’If you are not a denizen of Da Xia then who are you?!’’ Ling Yue's fully aware of her homeland's capabilities . There's no alchemist able to create a device so intricate and powerful, not to her knowledge anyways .

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’’Fine, I'll tell you the truth so you can die happy;after all, you are a dead person anyways . Yes, I am not a denizen of Da Xia but an agent from North Qing tasked by my lord to assist the young master here . ’’

While Big Ear proudly states his origin, the illegitimate prince also cackles sinisterly from the side .

’’Lan Ling Yue, let me tell you a major secret, I was never the king's blood! My true father is a legendary figure of North Qing . With his assistance, it's just a matter of time before I take the throne and turn that Xia Hou Qi into my personal plaything . ’’ Since the girl was alone here with no help in sight, the bastard figured there's no way they can lose and decides to spill the bean on everything .

Xia Hou Hong is actually not of royal blood? Ling Yue became astounded by the news for its too explosive .

’’Big Ear, kill her . ’’ Unrestrained in his laughter now, Xia Hou Hong firmly believes it's his win .

’’Yes, its time to kill indeed . ’’ Also laughing without restraint, Ling Yue suddenly reveals a confident grin: ’’Xia Hou Hong, I really need to thank you for this huge gift . That Black Yuan Cannon, I'll take it and put it to good use . ’’

Startled by the statement, both men were stunned by what they heard . Is this wench stupid or something? It's already come to this and she's still being so pompous in her words .

But just as Big Ear was ready to make his shot, a sudden rustling sound from behind had caught his attention . Before he knew, a series of vines were squirming out from hiding and snatched him by the throat, thus lifting him into the air as result .

These flowery tentacles were truly deadly . Pricking that flesh with its thorny pins, it was but a brief minute before Big Ear's body became deprived of nutrient . In the end, only the dried up husk of the man's former self remains... .

So who was this ambusher that's been lying in wait? Of course it's the little carnivorous plant plant Qiu Tian .

Though the sunflower was technically also a plant like any other here, but this was a jungle! Imagine a forest filled with tropical plants suddenly popping out a sunflower . That would be a total standout no matter how she tries to hide herself .

As to why the carnivorous flower would be hiding in wait, it has much to due with Ling Yue's precautionary measures . After learning about the special abilities of the two fellas currently in service to the prince, she knew it's just a matter of time before they caught up .

Her senses may be good after breaking into the Dan realm, but that doesn't mean she can just remove any traces of her movement .

’’Monster, what kind of monster is that!’’ Upon witnessing the tragic death of his last subordinate, Xia Hou Hong was already scared out of his wits .

’’Squeak (Who are you calling a monster . Compared to you, Little Qiu Tian is cuddly cute!)’’ It was at this moment that Little Squeak and Little Crow also leaped out from their hiding spots .

Suddenly, the prince seems to have recalled something important upon seeing the two miscreants .

’’ are Red Thirteen!’’ Never in his wildest imagination would Xia Hou Hong think to match the boy who have caused him no shortages of pain back in the Tai Yi School to be the very same girl here .

Now it made perfect sense . Whether it be their tricks or schemes, they are nearly identity in their dirty nature .

’’That's right, I am Red Thirteen and Red Thirteen is me . Too bad though Fake Prince, those who knows too much are prone are prone to a short life . How would you like to have a taste of this Black Yuan Cannon?’’ Fiddling with the device in her hand, Ling Yue was very pleased by the new arsenal in her possession .

’’Don't kill me please, we can call it even and be at peace . How about it? That-that Black Yuan Cannon, consider it my gift! That's right, my gift for your trouble! If you let me go this time then I guarantee you, there will be a limitless amount of resources at your disposal in the future!’’ Fearing for his life, the boy pleads like a crybaby .

I don't want to die in a place like this!

’’You can keep whatever offer you have to yourself, I'm not interested . However, I am quite interested in the refining method of this cannon though . Speak! Who is your true father!’’ Ling Yue suddenly raises her voice to show the boy who's in charge here .

’’I-I don't know either . My mother only told me he's a big figure in North Qing . Aside from that, I know nothing else . ’’ Talk about regret . Xia Hou Hong really wished he knew more so he can spill everything just to save his own life right now .

’’If you don't talk soon then I will... . ’’ Pausing in her words, Ling Yue subconsciously looked up into the sky as per her instincts told her .

Unlike earlier where the sky was pitch white and blue, it has drastically darkened like a sea of stormy clouds . Even so, there shouldn't be any reason to be alarmed;after all, it was the season of heavy rain of heavy rain . Issue though was that something just didn't sit well with her . Something's nagging at the back of Ling Yue's head .

Then it struck her . It's the very same feeling she got when her godfather Lan Ying Wu, as well as Little Qiu Tian, broke through into the reincarnation realm!

’’Such power, it's far stronger than the time when Godfather made a breakthrough . ’’

While she was busy wondering who could rouse such a big commotion in the sky, her senses suddenly picked up another power erupting from below in the earth . The tremors were faint at first, but it quickly grew to the point where even her dagger was resonating to it .

’’Earth-earth earthquake!’’ Panicking at the rumbling ground, the prince soon lost his balance and had to start crawling on the floor due to all the cracks across the surface .

Crckk -

Roaring out at the heavens, spike after spike starts shooting above ground, thus destroying everything within a ten mile radius .

’’An elemental trial! Someone is trying to make a breakthrough into the reincarnation realm! Wait, that's not right... the source of this disturbance, its all coming from within the python's body!’’ Jin Wu Monster cries out in astonishment, shocked by the huge gathering of energy that's quickly converging on point .

Finally arriving on scene was Ling Yue's companions . As the oldest among the group, it was the old monster who first realized how dangerous the situation was for everyone . They must leave immediately!

’’Chief!’’ After getting the instruction, A'bone was the first to rush to Ling Yue's side in order to pick up the girl . They must escape before its too late .


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